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Soil in Criminal and Environmental Forensics

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Table of contents

Part I. Criminal Soil Forensics: The Examination of Traces and Legal Context

1. Forensic Palynology: Checking Value of Pollen Analysis as a Tool to Identify Crime Scene in Semiarid Environments
M. Munuera-Giner, J. S. Carrión

2. Forensic Palynology: How Pollen in Dry Grass Can Link to a Crime Scene
Martina Weber, Silvia Ulrich

3. Geological Analysis of Soil and Anthropogenic Material. Three Case Studies
Rosa Maria Maggio

4. Forensic Soil Analysis: Case Study of Looting at a Roman-Visigothic Burial Vault
Enrique Santillana, Jose C. Cordero, Francisco Alamilla

5. Soil Comparisons Using Small Soil Traces, A Case Report
Stefan Uitdehaag, Frederike Quaak, Irene Kuiper

6. Forensic Comparison of Soil Samples
Jisook Min, Kiwook Kim, Sangcheol Heo, Yurim Jang

7. Reinstating Soil Examination as a Trace Evidence Sub-discipline
Brenda Woods, Chris Lennard, K. Paul Kirkbride, James Robertson

8. Methodology of Forensic Soil Examination in Russia and a View on the World Standardization Process
Olga Gradusova, Ekaterina Nesterina

Part II. Environmental Soil Forensics: Tools for Spatial and Chemical Analysis

9. Geographical Information Systems – A Working Example in the Brazilian Federal Police for Fighting Environmental Crime
Daniel Araujo Miranda, Daniel Russo

10. Forensic Characterization of Gasoline Releases Impacting the Environment
Gil Oudijk

11. A General Overview of Pesticides in Soil: Requirement of Sensitive and Current Residue Analysis Methods
Sevcan Semen, Selda Mercan, Munevver Acikkol

Part IIIa. Searches: Cooperation, Strategies and Techniques

12. A Study of pH as an Influencing Factor in the Survival of Human Remains at Sites Investigated by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains
N. A. McCullagh

13. Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Search and Location of Buried Bodies: A United Kingdom Context
Karl Harrison, Lorna Dawson, Gaille Mackinnon

14. Forensic Geophysics: How the GPR Technique Can Help with Forensic Investigations
P. M. Barone, C. Ferrara, E. Pettinelli, A. Fazzari

15. Filter Paper Adsorption and Ninhydrin Reagent as Presumptive Test for Gravesoil
Martien H. F. Graumans, Tim C. W. Heijden, Aleksandra Kosinska, Maarten J. Blom, Ben M. Rooij

Part IIIb. Burial Sites: Decomposition and Degradation Processes

16. Changes in Soil Microbial Activity Following Cadaver Decomposition During Spring and Summer Months in Southern Ontario
Heloise A. Breton, Andrea E. Kirkwood, David O. Carter, Shari L. Forbes

17. Soil Fauna and Their Effects on Decomposition Within Coniferous and Deciduous Tree Soil Samples
Rebecca J. Camplin, Damian Evans, Iain D. Green

18. Analysis of Decomposition Fluid Collected from Carcasses Decomposing in the Presence and Absence of Insects
Jenna L. Comstock, Helene N. LeBlanc, Shari L. Forbes

19. Forensic Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds from Decomposed Remains in a Soil Environment
Sonja Stadler, Jean-François Focant, Shari L. Forbes

20. GC×GC-TOFMS, the Swiss Knife for VOC Mixtures Analysis in Soil Forensic Investigations
Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto, Jean-François Focant

21. An Investigation of the Degradation of Polymeric Grave Goods in Soil Environments
C. Sullivan, B. H. Stuart, P. S. Thomas

Keywords: Biomedicine, Forensic Science, Geology, Soil Science & Conservation, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general

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