Filho, Walter Leal

New Developments in Engineering Education for Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

1. Comparing the Outcomes of Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Sustainability Content into Engineering Curricula Using Concept Maps
Elise M. Barrella, Mary Katherine Watson

2. A New Program in Sustainable Engineering: A Platform for Integrating Research and Service into the Classroom Through Global Engagement
Rachel A. Brennan, David R. Riley

3. Seeing Beyond Silos: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Education as a Means of Addressing Sustainability Issues
Edmond P. Byrne, Gerard Mullally

4. Implementing a Collaboration Activity in Construction Engineering Education
Caroline M. Clevenger, Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Moatassem Abdallah

5. Multidimensional Sustainability Assessment of Solar Products: Educating Engineers and Designers
Bas Flipsen, Conny Bakker, Martin Verwaal

6. Development of a Case-Based Teaching Module to Improve Student Understanding of Stakeholder Engagement Processes Within Engineering Systems Design
Carli D. Flynn, Mallory Squier, Cliff I. Davidson

7. A Practical Approach to Integrating Research and Education: A Course Experiment from KTH, Sweden
Fredrik Gröndahl, Daniel Franzen

8. Developing Global Preparedness Efficacy
Bhavna Hariharan, Sneha Ayyagari

9. Sustainability Science in Practice: Discourse and Practice in a University-Wide Transition Initiative
Jean Hugé, Tom Waas

10. An Edible Education in Sustainable Development: Investigating Chocolate Manufacturing in a Laboratory-Based Undergraduate Engineering Course
Alexander V. Struck Jannini, Christian M. Wisniewski, Mary M. Staehle, Joseph F. Stanzione, Mariano J. Savelski

11. Design and Early Development of a MOOC on “Sustainability in Everyday Life”: Role of the Teachers
Matty Janssen, Anna Nyström Claesson, Maria Lindqvist

12. Understanding Impacts: Community Engagement Programs and Their Implications for Communities, Campuses and Societies
Scott Jiusto, Richard F. Vaz

13. Developing Role Models for Engineering and Sustainable Development: Engineers Without Borders’ Global Engineering Certificate
Jessica W. Lam, Fraser J. Mah, Patrick B. Miller, Alexandra Meikleham

14. Systems Thinking for Dealing with Wicked Sustainability Problems: Beyond Functionalist Approaches
Johanna Lönngren, Magdalena Svanström

15. A Strategy to Incorporate Social Factors into Engineering Education
Stelvia Matos, Olga Petrov

16. From Caring About Sustainability to Developing Care-Ful Engineers
Diane P. Michelfelder, Sharon A. Jones

17. Sustainability in BioEnergy Academy for Teachers (BEAT): Changing Perspectives and Practices Toward “Greening” the Curricula
Madhumi Mitra, Abhijit Nagchaudhuri, M. S. Xavier Henry

18. Fostering Reflective Practice for Sustainable Professional Development: Lead by Design, a Pedagogical Initiative
Cecilia Moloney, Janna Rosales, Cecile Badenhorst, Jonas Roberts

19. D-Lab and MIT IDEAS Global Challenge: Lessons in Mentoring, Transdisciplinarity and Real World Engineering for Sustainable Development
Susan Murcott

20. What Do Programme Chairs Think About the Integration of SD in Their Programmes?
Iacovos Nicolaou, Eddie Conlon

21. Injecting Sustainability into Engineering Design Projects
Libby Osgood, Wayne Peters, Stephen Champion

22. Embedding Sustainability Principles into Engineering Education
Danielle Salvatore, Naoko Ellis, Susan Nesbit, Peter Ostafichuk

23. What Do Sustaining Life and Sustainable Engineering Have in Common?
Thomas J. Siller, Gearold R. Johnson, Wade O. Troxell

24. Principles, Implementation and Results of the New Assessment and Accreditation System “Engineering Education for Sustainable Industries” (QUESTE-SI)
Jurgis K. Staniškis, Eglė Katiliūtė

25. Developing Change Agency for Sustainable Development—Experiences from a New Chemical Engineering Course
Magdalena Svanström

26. Sustainable Development for Engineers Through a Thematic Restructuring of Experiential Learning
Paul M. Winkelman, Jason Penner, Ara Beittoei

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Engineering/Technology Education, Job Careers in Science and Engineering

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World Sustainability Series
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9 pages
Natural Sciences
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