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Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainability and the Policy Landscape

1. The Meaning of Sustainability
John Sturges

2. The Patchwork Politics of Sustainable Communities
Quintin Bradley

3. What has Posterity Ever Done for us? An Ethical Framework for UK Climate Change Policy
John Bradley

4. The Rocky Road of Post-Capitalist Grassroots Experimentation
Paul Chatterton

Part II. Sustainability and Technology

5. An Evaluation of Thermal and Lighting Performance Within an ETFE Structure
Benjamin A. J. Martin, Dawa Masih, Benson Lau, Paolo Beccarelli, John Chilton

6. Double-Skin Façades for the Sustainable Refurbishment of Non-domestic Buildings: A Life Cycle Environmental Impact Perspective
Francesco Pomponi, Poorang A. E. Piroozfar, Eric R. P. Farr

7. Off-the-Shelf Solutions to the Retrofit Challenge: Thermal Performance
David Farmer, Chris Gorse, Dominic Miles-Shenton, Matthew Brooke-Peat, Callum Cuttle

8. African Energy-Plus Construction—A Case Study of House Rhino
Christopher Allen, Katharina Crafford

9. Smart Badge for Monitoring Formaldehyde Exposure Concentration
Houssem Eddine Fathallah, Vincent Lecuire, Eric Rondeau, Stéphane Calvé

Part III. Surveying, Measuring and Modelling

10. A Case Study of the Metrics of Capturing the ‘Green’ Improvements on a New Office Building
Chris Pottage, Howard Jeffrey

11. Building Surveys to Inform Assessment of Initial Conditions in a Property Prior to Thermal Upgrade
Melanie Smith

12. A New Experiment and Modelling Work to Jointly Identify the Building Envelope’s Thermal Parameters and a Physical Solar Aperture
Guillaume Lethé

Part IV. Measuring

13. Quantifying the Effect of Window Opening on the Measured Heat Loss of a Test House
Richard Jack, Dennis Loveday, David Allinson, Kevin Lomas

14. A Methodology for Identifying Gaps Between Modelled and Measured Energy Performance in New-Build Social Housing
Agnieszka Knera, James Parker, Alan Poxon

15. Evaluating Natural Ventilation in Future Climate Scenarios as Part of a Long-Term Non-domestic Retrofit Strategy for an Educational Facility
James Parker

Part V. Building and Infrastructure

16. Thermally Modelling Bio-composites with Respect to an Orientated Internal Structure
Joe Williams, Mike Lawrence, Pete Walker

17. Strength Related Geotechnical Testing of Lateritic Soil Prior to the Application of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation Treatment
Anthony J. Smith, Martin Pritchard, Alan Edmondson

Part VI. Water

18. Development of Sustainable Drinking Water Quality Solutions for Rural Communities in the Developing World
Martin Pritchard, Alan Edmondson, Tom Craven, Theresa Mkandawire

19. Management of Water Resources in the Amazon Region
Nicola Caravaggio, Martina Iorio

Part VII. Cities and Neighbourhoods

20. Overcoming Barriers to Making Cities More Sustainable: How Can Short-Term Thinking Help Achieve Long-Term Goals?
Rachel Huxley

21. The Rejuvenation of a Historical Neighbourhood in South Africa
Chuma Sineke, John Smallwood

Part VIII. Comfort, Behaviour and Payback

22. Modelling the Delivery of Residential Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings: Comparing How Occupancy Type Affects the Success of Energy Efficiency Measures
Erica Marshall, Julia Steinberger, Tim Foxon, Valerie Dupont

23. Analysing the Technical and Behavioural Shifts of Social Housing Tenants Following the Retrofitting of External Wall Insulation
Sara Lilley, Gill Davidson, Barry J. Gledson, Zaid Alwan

24. Switch, Don’t Save
Fiona Fylan, Chris Gorse, David Glew

25. Analyzing the Payback Time of Investments in Building Automation
Fisayo Caleb Sangogboye, Olaf Droegehorn, Jari Porras

Keywords: Energy, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings), Building Construction, Sustainable Development

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