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Election Posters Around the Globe

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Table of contents

1. Posters: From Announcements to Campaign Instruments
Christina Holtz-Bacha, Bengt Johansson

2. Theoretical Perspectives on Visual Political Communication Through Election Posters
Stephanie Geise

3. Methodological Approaches to the Analysis of Visual Political Communication Through Election Posters
Stephanie Geise, Orla Vigsø

4. Australian Election Posters
Rodney Smith

5. Advertising Concepts in Posters of the Main Chilean Political Campaigns (1989–2013): The Same Ideas with Different Words
Rodrigo Uribe, Paula Walker, Marcos Chilet

6. Themes, Styles, and Tendencies of the European Political Poster. Analysis of the 2009 and 2014 European Election Campaigns
Edoardo Novelli

7. Election Posters in Finland: Cueing Emotions with Visual Imagery
Tom Carlson

8. French Electoral Poster Campaigns in the Twenty-First Century
Delia Dumitrescu

9. Indispensable and Very Much Alive: Posters in German Election Campaigns
Christina Holtz-Bacha, Eva-Maria Lessinger

10. Symbols, Slogans, and Charisma: Political Posters in India’s 2014 National Election
Lars Willnat, Roshni Verghese, Rashad Mammadov

11. Under the Banner of Democracy: Political Expression in Malaysia’s 13th General Election
Mustafa K. Anuar

12. Electoral Posters in Mexico: From Monochromatic Iconography to Multicolor Saturation
Julio Juárez-Gámiz

13. Election Posters in Poland: From Amateurish Leaflets to Professional Billboards
Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska

14. Election Campaign Posters: The Case of South Africa
Lynnette M. Fourie

15. Election Posters in Spain: An Old Genre Surviving New Media?
Roberto Rodríguez-Andrés, María José Canel

16. From Propaganda to Image Building: Four Phases of Swedish Election Poster History
Nicklas Håkansson, Bengt Johansson, Orla Vigsø

17. Framing Politics: The Enduring Appeal of the Poster in British General Election Campaigns
Chris Burgess, Dominic Wring

18. Election Posters in the United States After World War II
Steven A. Seidman

19. Election Posters Around the Globe: Conclusions
Bengt Johansson, Christina Holtz-Bacha

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Communication, Communication Studies, Electoral Politics, Comparative Politics, Media Sociology

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