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Remote Sensing and Water Resources

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Table of contents

1. Foreword: International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Workshop on Remote Sensing and Water Resources
A. Cazenave, N. Champollion, J. Benveniste, J. Chen

2. Modelling Freshwater Resources at the Global Scale: Challenges and Prospects
Petra Döll, Hervé Douville, Andreas Güntner, Hannes Müller Schmied, Yoshihide Wada

3. On the Use of Hydrological Models and Satellite Data to Study the Water Budget of River Basins Affected by Human Activities: Examples from the Garonne Basin of France
Eric Martin, Simon Gascoin, Youen Grusson, Clément Murgue, Mélanie Bardeau, François Anctil, Sylvain Ferrant, Romain Lardy, Patrick Moigne, Delphine Leenhardt, Vincent Rivalland, José-Miguel Sánchez Pérez, Sabine Sauvage, Olivier Therond

4. On Creating Global Gridded Terrestrial Water Budget Estimates from Satellite Remote Sensing
Yu Zhang, Ming Pan, Eric F. Wood

5. Lake Volume Monitoring from Space
J.-F. Crétaux, R. Abarca-del-Río, M. Bergé-Nguyen, A. Arsen, V. Drolon, G. Clos, P. Maisongrande

6. The SWOT Mission and Its Capabilities for Land Hydrology
Sylvain Biancamaria, Dennis P. Lettenmaier, Tamlin M. Pavelsky

7. Toward a High-Resolution Monitoring of Continental Surface Water Extent and Dynamics, at Global Scale: from GIEMS (Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites) to SWOT (Surface Water Ocean Topography)
Catherine Prigent, Dennis P. Lettenmaier, Filipe Aires, Fabrice Papa

8. Assessing Global Water Storage Variability from GRACE: Trends, Seasonal Cycle, Subseasonal Anomalies and Extremes
Vincent Humphrey, Lukas Gudmundsson, Sonia I. Seneviratne

9. Groundwater Storage Changes: Present Status from GRACE Observations
Jianli Chen, James S. Famigliett, Bridget R. Scanlon, Matthew Rodell

10. Modeling Groundwater Depletion at Regional and Global Scales: Present State and Future Prospects
Yoshihide Wada

11. What Can be Expected from the GRACE-FO Laser Ranging Interferometer for Earth Science Applications?
Frank Flechtner, Karl-Hans Neumayer, Christoph Dahle, Henryk Dobslaw, Elisa Fagiolini, Jean-Claude Raimondo, Andreas Güntner

12. Subsurface Hydrology of the Lake Chad Basin from Convection Modelling and Observations
T. Lopez, R. Antoine, Y. Kerr, J. Darrozes, M. Rabinowicz, G. Ramillien, A. Cazenave, P. Genthon

13. Water and Food in the Twenty-First Century
Ghislain Marsily, Rodrigo Abarca-del-Rio

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Hydrology/Water Resources, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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Space Sciences Series of ISSI
Natural Sciences
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