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Table of contents

Part I. Process-Spray Micro Scale: Elementary Processes at Phase Boundaries

1. Investigation of Elementary Processes of Non-Newtonian Droplets Inside Spray Processes by Means of Direct Numerical Simulation
Xingyuan Chen, Christian Focke, Holger Marschall, Dieter Bothe

2. Interfacial Engineering for the Microencapsulation of Lipophilic Ingredients by Spray-Drying
Stephan Drusch, Yvonne Serfert, Frederic Tamm, Hanna Kastner, Karin Schwarz

3. Structure Formation within Spray-Dried Droplets; Mathematical Modelling of Spray Polymerisation
Winfried Säckel, Ulrich Nieken

4. Acoustic Levitation: A Powerful Tool to Model Spray Processes
M. Junk, A. H. Halfar, M. Griesing, R. Sedelmayer, J. Laackmann, L. Cepelyte, W. Pauer, H.-U. Moritz

5. Movement and Hydrodynamic Instabilities of Particle-Laden Liquid Jets in the Centrifugal Field Influenced by a Gas Flow
Thomas Kalmbach, Simon Gramlich, Manfred Piesche

6. Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Coalescence and Agglomeration for Spray Drying of Solutions
Hai Li, Matthias Kuschel, Martin Sommerfeld

7. Particle Formation from Gas-Enriched Polymeric Melts and Polymeric Solutions
Jan-Martin Loth, Sabine Kareth, Andreas Kilzer, Marcus Petermann

8. A Real-Time Process Analysis System for the Simultaneous Acquisition of Spray Characteristics
Michael J. Klaiber, Zhe Wang, Sven Simon

Part II. Process-Spray Meso Scale: Process Analysis, Modeling and Scaling

9. Modeling and Simulation of Single Particle and Spray Drying of PVP- and Mannitol-Water in Hot Air
Holger Grosshans, Srikanth R. Gopireddy, Rana M. Humza, Eva Gutheil

10. Droplet-Stream Freeze-Drying for the Production of Protein Formulations: From Simulation to Production
Stefan Wanning, Markus Jäger, Sören N. Eggerstedt, Richard Süverkrüp, Alf Lamprecht, Matthias Dietzel, Matthias Kuschel, Ali Darvan, Martin Sommerfeld

11. Correlations Between Suspension Formulation, Drying Parameters, Granule Structure, and Mechanical Properties of Spray Dried Ceramic Granules
Susanna Eckhard, Sören Höhn, Manfred Fries

12. Statistical Extinction Method for the Inline Monitoring of Particle Processes
Florian Dannigkeit, Nico Schwarz, Siegfried Ripperger

13. Numerical Simulation of Monodispersed Droplet Generation in Nozzles
Otto Mierka, Stefan Turek

14. Spray Drying Tailored Mannitol Carrier Particles for Dry Powder Inhalation with Differently Shaped Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Mathias Mönckedieck, Jens Kamplade, Eva Maria Littringer, Axel Mescher, Srikanth Gopireddy, Mats Hertel, Eva Gutheil, Peter Walzel, Nora Anne Urbanetz, Martin Köster, Hartwig Steckel, Regina Scherließ

15. Pulverisation of Emulsions with Supercritical CO2

Pavlinka Ilieva, Andreas Kilzer, Eckhard Weidner

16. Superheated Atomization
Astrid Günther, Karl-Ernst Wirth

17. Direct Numerical Simulations of Shear-Thinning Liquid Jets and Droplets
Moritz Ertl, Bernhard Weigand

18. Integral Process Modelling and Simulation for Solid-Particle-Forming Spray Processes
Xing-Gang Li, Sören Sander, Udo Fritsching

Part III. Process-Spray Macro Scale: Process Function, Particle and Powder Properties

19. Hot Gas Atomization of Complex Liquids for Powder Production
Aljoscha Lampa, Udo Fritsching

20. Polymerization in Sprays: Atomization and Product Design of Reactive Polymer Solutions
Magnus Tewes, Urs Alexander Peuker

21. Investigation on the Usage of Effervescent Atomization for Spraying and Spray Drying of Rheological Complex Food Liquids and on the Resulting Particle and Product Properties
Agnes Kleinhans, Jewe Schröder, Philipp Stähle, Volker Gaukel, Heike P. Schuchmann

22. Experimental Evaluation and Control of Interaction of Gas Environment and Rotary Atomized Spray for Production of Narrow Particle Size Distribution
P. Walzel, A. Mescher, J. Kamplade

23. Processing of Functional Capsule Powder Particles Based on Multiple Emulsions Using a Prilling Process
Bipro Dubey, William Case, Erich J. Windhab

24. Analysis of Mechanisms for PVP-Active-Agent Formulation as in Supercritical Antisolvent Spray Process
Matthias Rossmann, Daniel Bassing, Iolanda Marco, Valentina Prosapio, Ernesto Reverchon, Eberhard Schlücker, Andreas Braeuer

Keywords: Materials Science, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer

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