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Simulation and Testing for Vehicle Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. XiL-Simulation

1. Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Multiphase DC/DC Converters
Sebastian Schulz, Hendrik Gerth

2. Integrating a SiL into a HiL Test Platform
I. Matheis, T. Dörsam, W. Hoffmann

3. RPCsim: Model-Based Analysis Within the Calibration-Process
Steve Laux, Sven Freitag, Frank Geschner

4. Continuous Development of Highly Automated Driving Functions with Vehicle-in-the-Loop Using the Example of Euro NCAP Scenarios
Raphael Pfeffer, Tobias Leichsenring

5. Finding Coupling Strategies of a Real-Time Capable Fourier-Transformation-Based Engine Model on a HIL-Simulator
Aras Mirfendreski, Andreas Schmid, Michael Grill, Michael Bargende

Part II. Early Development

6. Functional Engineering Platform—A Continuous Approach Towards Function Development
Christina Stadler, Thomas Gruber

Part III. Model-Based Software Test

7. Efficiently Testing AUTOSAR Software Based on an Automatically Generated Knowledge Base
Norbert Englisch, Roland Mittag, Felix Hänchen, Owes Khan, Alejandro Masrur, Wolfram Hardt

8. A Method for an Integrated Software-Based Virtualisation of System Inputs
Andreas Kurtz, Bernhard Bauer, Marcel Koeberl

Part IV. Test Data Generation

9. Usage Models for the Systematic Generation of Test Cases with MODICA
Peter M. Kruse, Jörg Reiner

10. TASMO: Automated Test Data Generation for Simulink Model Coverage
Benjamin Wilmes

Part V. Gear

11. Simulation of Gear Microgeometry for Gear Whine Noise Reduction in Passenger Car
Dnyaneshwar Shelke, Koji Sakurada

12. Wear Modelling for Remaining Lifetime Prediction of Dry Clutches
Daniel Strommenger, Clemens Gühmann, René Knoblich, Jörg Beilharz

Part VI. Hybrid + E

13. KlimaPro: Development of an Energy Efficient Operating Strategy for Carbon Dioxide Climate Systems Used in a Fully Electronic Bus
Franz Groth, Michael Lindemann

14. Model-Based Efficiency Improvement of Automotive Fuel Cell Systems
Sebastian Bilz, Matthias Rothschuh, Katharina Schütte, Ralf Wascheck

15. Hybrid Vehicle Simulation Addressing Real Driving Emissions Challenges
Theodora Zacharopoulou, Grigorios Koltsakis, Klaus Rüden

Part VII. Model-Based Development

16. Model-Based Control Design for Comfort Enhancement During Drive Off Maneuvers
Simon Eicke, Steffen Zemke, Ahmed Trabelsi, Matthias Dagen, Tobias Ortmaier

17. Successful Integration of a Model Based Calibration Methodology for Non-standard Corrections and Protection Functions
Nikolaus Keuth, Guillaume Broustail, Kieran Mcaleer, Marijn Hollander, Stefan Scheidel

18. Optimal Steady-State Base-Calibration of Model Based ECU-Functions
Yijiang Xie

Part VIII. Model-Based Test Benches

19. Mobile Online Connectivity Test Center In-lab Emulation of Real-Word Connectivity Environments for Virtual Drive Tests
Sondos Alaa El Din, Alexander Roy, Frank Klinkenberg

20. High-Dynamic Accurate Railway Catenary Emulation by Real-Time Mechanical Impedance Control for Pantograph Testing
Alexander Schirrer, Guilherme Aschauer, Stefan Jakubek

Part IX. Parameter Identification

21. Efficient In-Vehicle Calibration by the Usage of Automation and Enhanced Online DoE Approaches
Silja Thewes, Matthias Krause, Christoph Reuber, Markus Lange-Hegermann, Rafael Dziadek, Martin Rebbert

Part X. Simulation/Testing/Optimization/E/E Systems

22. Average Models for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits
Axel Kiffe, Thomas Schulte

23. Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Process for Modern E/E Systems
Tino Schulze, Jann-Eve Stavesand

24. Optimization of Modular Wiring Harnesses by Means of Regression Models for Temperature Prediction of Wire Bundles
A. Rius, A. Garcia, M. A. Díaz

Part XI. Test Driver Assistance Systems

25. Validation of Automated Driving Functions
Ruben Schilling, Torsten Schultz

26. Systematic Use Case Driven Environmental Modeling for Early Validation of Automated Driving Functionalities
Sebastian Siegl, Martin Russer

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering

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