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Dupuytren Disease and Related Diseases - The Cutting Edge

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Table of contents

Part I. Epidemiology and Patients Views

1. Treatment of Dupuytren Disease in Different Countries: A Welcome Address from the President of IFSSH
Zsolt Szabó

2. The Epidemiology of Surgical Intervention for Dupuytren Contracture in England
Joseph J. Dias

3. Favorite Options of German Hand Surgeons in the Treatment of Dupuytren Disease
Bert Reichert, Magnus Baringer

4. Trends in Dupuytren Treatment in the United States
Scott Hadley, Emerson Floyd, John Zhao, Philip Blazar

5. International Patient Survey (Part 1: Dupuytren Disease)
Wolfgang Wach, Gary Manley

Part II. Cellular and Extra-cellular Events, Pathogenesis

6. The Extracellular Matrix in Dupuytren Disease
David B. O’Gorman

7. Biomarkers of Postsurgical Outcome in Dupuytren Disease
Orla Jupp, Michael Pullinger, Tom Marjoram, Martin Lott, Adrian J. Chojnowski, Ian M. Clark

8. Tumour Necrosis Factor as a Therapeutic Target in Dupuytren Disease
Jagdeep Nanchahal, David Izadi

9. Contraction Versus Contracture: Considerations on the Pathogenesis of Dupuytren Disease
Hanno Millesi

10. Controversy: The Contracture in Dupuytren Disease Is an Active Process
Jagdeep Nanchahal, David Izadi

11. Controversy: The Contracture in Dupuytren Disease Is a Passive Process
Charles Eaton

Part III. Genetics and Associations

12. Human Genetic Studies of Dupuytren Disease: A Primer
Roel A. Ophoff

13. Network Analysis and Fine-Mapping GWAS Loci to Identify Genes and Functional Variants Involved in the Development of Dupuytren Disease
Kerstin Becker, Juanjiangmeng Du, Peter Nürnberg, Hans Christian Hennies

Part IV. Collagenase Injection

14. Collagenase Injection: Journey from Bench to Current Advanced Clinical Use
Lawrence C. Hurst, Marie A. Badalamente, Kerri Kulovitz, Maria Relevo

15. Efficacy of Using Local Anesthesia Before Collagenase Injection in Reducing Overall Pain Experience in Patients Treated for Dupuytren Contracture: A Quasi-Randomized Study
Jesper Nordenskjöld, Eva Ahlgren, Johanna Waldau, Markus Waldén, Isam Atroshi

16. Effect of Delayed Finger Extension on the Efficacy and Safety of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum Treatment for Dupuytren Contracture
Gary M. Pess

17. The Use of Dynamic Dorsal Splint for Dupuytren Rehabilitation After Collagenase Injection
Massimo Corain, Roberta Sartore, Roberto Adani

18. Prospective Multicenter, Multinational Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Concurrent Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum Injections to Treat Two Dupuytren Contractures in the Same Hand
Marie A. Badalamente, Lawrence C. Hurst, R. Glenn Gaston, Richard A. Brown, James P. Tursi, Ted Smith

19. Collagenase: What We May Never Know (A Discussion)
David Warwick

20. Controversy: Comparison of the Literature on PNF and CCH as Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Dupuytren Disease
Paul M. N. Werker

Part V. Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy (PNF)

21. Tips and Pearls for PNF and Collagenase: A Ten-Year Personal Experience
Gary M. Pess

22. Clinical Results of Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy for Dupuytren Contracture: Are There Significant Correlations Between Preoperative Dupuytren Diathesis Score and Contracture Recurrence?
Yoshihiro Abe

23. Effectiveness of Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy for Second or Higher Recurrence in Dupuytren Contracture
Margot A. Vlot, Paul M. N. Werker

24. Controversy: How to Treat Severe PIP Contractures? - Collagenase Treatment
Clayton A. Peimer

25. Controversy: How to Treat Severe PIP Contractures? - Surgical Correction
Caroline Leclercq

Part VI. Assessment

26. Correlation of Function with Deformity in Dupuytren Disease: The Condition-Specific Southampton Scoring Scheme Outperforms the Generic QuickDASH
David Warwick

27. Tonometry as an Outcome Measure for the Treatment of Early Dupuytren Disease
Catherine Ball, David Izadi, Jagdeep Nanchahal

28. The Intra- and Interobserver Agreement on Diagnosis of Dupuytren Disease, Measurements of Severity of Contracture, and Disease Extent
Dieuwke C. Broekstra, Rosanne Lanting, Edwin R. Heuvel, Paul M. N. Werker

29. Variation in Range of Movement Reporting in Dupuytren Disease
Anna L. Pratt, Catherine Ball

30. Use of Digital Photography and Mobile Device Application to Assess Finger Deformity in Dupuytren Disease
Daniel Gheorghiu, Vijay Bhalaik

31. Application for Determining the Degree and Diagnose Code of Dupuytren Contracture by Digital Photography
Andrei Zhigalo, Anton Lesniakov, Hvan Innokentiy, Alexander Silaev, Victor Morozov, Vitaliy Chernov

Part VII. Comparative Studies and Economics

32. Treatment of Dupuytren Disease: Where Are We Now?
David Elliot

33. Steroid Injection and Needle Aponeurotomy for Dupuytren Disease
Catherine McMillan, Paul Binhammer

34. Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dupuytren Contracture: Collagenase Versus PNF
Eva-Maria Baur

35. Comparative Effectiveness of Collagenase Injection for Dupuytren Contracture
Chao Zhou, Steven E. R. Hovius, Harm P. Slijper, Reinier Feitz, Christianne A. Nieuwenhoven, Hanneke J. Pieters, Ruud W. Selles

36. Short-Term Cost-Utility Analysis of Collagenase Versus Fasciectomy for Dupuytren Contracture
Rafael Sanjuan-Cervero, Nuria Franco-Ferrando, Jaime E. Poquet-Jornet, Francisco J. Carrera-Hueso, Pedro Vazquez-Ferreiro

37. An Easy Way for Clinical Validation of the Pharmacoeconomic Model in Dupuytren Disease
Rafael Sanjuan-Cervero, Nuria Franco-Ferrando, Jaime E Poquet-Jornet, Francisco J Carrera-Hueso, Pedro Vazquez-Ferreiro

Part VIII. Surgical Techniques and Recurrence

38. Preliminary Soft-Tissue Distraction with the Digit WidgetTM in the Management of Advanced Dupuytren Contracture at the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint
Solomon Azouz, Atanu Biswas, Anthony Smith

39. Is Recurrence After Treatment Predictable? Risk Factors in Dupuytren Disease
Maarten Nuffel, Ilse Degreef

40. Is Recurrence of Dupuytren Disease Avoided in Full-Thickness Grafting?
Ilse Degreef, Marieke Torrekens

41. The Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix in Dupuytren Disease
Gloria R. Sue, Deepak Narayan

42. Indications of the Continuous Extension Technique (TEC) for Severe Dupuytren Disease and Recurrences
Jane C. Messina, Antonino Messina

43. Experience in Treating Patients with Stage IV of Dupuytren Contracture (PNF vs. Fasciectomy)
Andrei Zhigalo, Alexander Silaev, Victor Morozov, Vitaliy Chernov

44. Controversy: Splinting for Dupuytren Contracture
Adrian Chojnowski, Wolfgang Wach, Ilse Degreef

Part IX. Related Diseases and Other Treatments

45. Introduction to Radiation Biology When Treating Hyperproliferative Benign Diseases
Franz Rödel, M. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt

46. Review of Radiation Therapy for Palmar and Plantar Fibromatosis (Dupuytren and Ledderhose Disease)
M. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt, Karin Piefel, Thomas Schneider

47. Splinting as a Therapeutic Option in Dupuytren Contractures
Ilse Degreef, Annelien Brauns

48. Treatment Options for Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
Marie A. Badalamente

49. International Patient Survey (Part 2: Ledderhose Disease)
Anne Schurer, Gary Manley, Wolfgang Wach

50. Peyronie Disease
Mels Driel

Part X. Future Paths of Research

51. The Next Stage of Clinical Dupuytren Research: Biomarkers and Chronic Disease Research Tools
Charles Eaton

52. The Future of Basic Dupuytren Disease Research
David B. O’Gorman

53. How Should We Fund Basic Research of Dupuytren Disease?
Dominic Furniss

54. Clinical Research: International Collaboration to Execute High-Powered Clinical Trials
Marie A. Badalamente

55. Patient-Rated Outcome Measures and Dupuytren Contracture
Joseph J. Dias

56. IDDB: An International Research Database of the Dupuytren Foundation
Charles Eaton

57. International Clinical Research – The Australian Perspective: A Personal View
Stephen G. Coleman

58. Open Questions and Potential Answers
Charles Eaton

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics, Radiotherapy, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Human Genetics

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