Cortina, Lilia M.

Feminist Perspectives on Building a Better Psychological Science of Gender

Cortina, Lilia M. - Feminist Perspectives on Building a Better Psychological Science of Gender, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Building a Better Psychological Science of Gender: Reflections on Theory, Research, and Action
Lauren E. Duncan, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Lilia M. Cortina, Nicola Curtin

Part I. Theory and Research Taking Gender Beyond Difference

2. Scientific Weightism: A View of Mainstream Weight Stigma Research Through a Feminist Lens
Rachel M. Calogero, Tracy L. Tylka, Janell L. Mensinger

3. Death and the Real Girl: The Impact of Mortality Salience on Men’s Attraction to Women as Objects
Jamie L. Goldenberg, Kasey Lynn Morris

4. Embodiment and Well-Being: The Embodied Journeys of Girls and Women
Niva Piran

5. Feminist Perspectives on Gender Development: Contributions to Theory and Practice
Christia Spears Brown, Rebecca S. Bigler

6. Feminism and the Study of Masculinity: Unlikely Bedfellows?
Jennifer K. Bosson

7. Gendered Autobiographical Memory: Feminist Approaches to Theory and Method
Robyn Fivush, Azriel Grysman

8. The Development of Other-Gender Interactions: Behavioral, Biological, Cognitive, and Contextual Influences
Ryan D. Field, Carol Lynn Martin

Part II. Feminist Psychologists Reflect on Research in Their Subdisciplines

9. Digging Deeper: Research Practices and Recommendations for Exploring Intersectionality and Social and Cultural Influences on Personality, Identity, and Well-Being
Natalie J. Sabik

10. Adventures in Feminist Health Psychology: Teaching about and Conducting Feminist Psychological Science
Joan C. Chrisler, Jennifer A. Gorman

11. Intersectionality: Infusing I-O Psychology with Feminist Thought
Verónica Caridad Rabelo, Lilia M. Cortina

12. Voicing Academia: Developmental Psychology and the Loss of Voice
Patricia L. Waters

13. New Perspectives on Gender and Emotion
Kaitlin T. McCormick, Heather J. MacArthur, Stephanie A. Shields, Elaine C. Dicicco

14. Beyond Difference: Gender as a Quality of Social Settings
Meg A. Bond, Christopher T. Allen

Part III. From Theory and Research to Action: Best Practices in Feminist Psychological Science

15. Replacing Sexy and Skinny with Strong and Powerful: How Feminist Research on Media Depictions of Women Can Effect Change
Elizabeth A. Daniels

16. Mind the Thigh Gap? Bringing Feminist Psychological Science to the Masses
Tomi-Ann Roberts

17. Transnational Feminism in Psychology: Moving Beyond Difference to Investigate Processes of Power at the Intersection of the Global and Local
Shelly Grabe

18. Feminist Psychologists and Institutional Change in Universities
Abigail J. Stewart

19. Walking the Walk: Conducting Feminist Community-Based Research
Britney G. Brinkman

20. The Benefits and Risks of Feminist Practice as Early Career Scholars in Social Psychology
Nicola Curtin, Laura R. Ramsey, Julia Tran

21. Journeys Through Feminist Psychological Science: Lessons Learned and a Look to What Lies Ahead
Nicola Curtin, Lilia M. Cortina, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Lauren E. Duncan

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Gender Studies, Sexual Behavior, Self and Identity

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