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Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. General Track 1: Sustainable Design, Innovation and Services

1. A New CAD Integrated Application to Support Designers and Increase Design Sustainability
Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele, Barbara Cimatti

2. A Conflict Analysis and Resolution Method Based on Integrating the Extension and TRIZ Methods
Zhao Yanwei, Lou Jiongjiong, Ren Shedong, He Lu, Gui Fangzhi

3. Investigating the Regulatory-Push of Eco-innovations in Brazilian Companies
Paulo Savaget, Flavia Carvalho

4. Evolutive Scenarios for a New Concept of Sustainable Mobility
Patrizia Ranzo, Chiara Scarpitti, Rosanna Veneziano

5. Implications of Open Source Design for Sustainability
Jérémy Bonvoisin

6. Sustainable Supply Chain Management in a Circular Economy—Towards Supply Circles
Anna Aminoff, Outi Kettunen

7. How Does Sustainability Help or Hinder Innovation?
Vivian Tunn, Elies Dekoninck

8. A New Sustainable Product Development Model in Apparel Based on 3D Technologies for Virtual Proper Fit
Evridiki Papahristou, Nikolaos Bilalis

Part II. General Track 2: Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Technologies

9. Generic Approach to Sustainability Improvements in Manufacturing Ovens
Frederick Pask, Peter Lake, Aidong Yang, Hella Tokos, Jhuma Sadhukhan

10. Increasing Energy Potentials of Air-Jet Weaving Machines by Using Energy Efficiency as a Central Requirement in the Design Phase of the Weft Insertion Process
Corrado Grassi, Achim Schröter, Yves-Simon Gloy, Thomas Gries

11. Modelling and Verification of Energy Consumption in CNC Milling
A. Shokrani, V Dhokia, S. T. Newman

12. Optimal Cutting Parameters to Reduce Power Consumption in Face Milling of a Cast Iron Alloy for Environmental Sustainability
Xiaona Luan, Song Zhang, Gaoli Cai

13. Innovative Active Cross-Linking Agents for Sustainable Leather Manufacturing
V. Beghetto, L. Agostinis, R. Taffarello, R. Samiolo

14. An Approach to Electricity Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) in Irish Precision Engineering SMEs
John Cosgrove, Frank Doyle, Frances Hardiman, Gerard O’Farrell

15. Exploring the Scope of Industrial Symbiosis: Implications for Practitioners
Maria Holgado, Dai Morgan, Steve Evans

16. Towards Reverse Logistics Archetypes to Stimulate Manufacturers’ Usage of End of Life and End of Use Products
Serhan Alshammari, Peter Ball

Part III. General Track 3: Sustainable Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises

17. Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Based on Demand Forecasting—Supply Chain Sustainable Growth
Martin Hart, Pavel Taraba, Jiří Konečný

18. An Analysis of Indirect Water Withdrawal and Consumption in Automotive Manufacturing Facilities
Bert Bras, Andrew Carlile

19. How are Micro Enterprises Adopting Emergent Technologies?
Peter Dorrington, Franck Lacan, Samuel Bigot

20. Improving Performance of Eco-Industrial Parks
Bert Bras, Astrid Layton, Marc Weissburg

21. Product Change Management and Future Information Architectures
Ashley Morris, Rossi Setchi, Paul Prickett

22. Road-Mapping Towards a Sustainable Lower Energy Foundry
Hamid Mehrabi, Mark Jolly, Konstantinos Salonitis

23. Increasing Production Efficiency Through Electronic Batch Record Systems: A Case Study
Jacqueline L. Marsh, Daniel R. Eyers

24. A Method for Understanding Sustainable Design Trade-Offs During the Early Design Phase
Addison Wisthoff, Bryony DuPont

25. Achieving Sustainability in SME Manufacturing Operations via the Use of Flexible Integrated Technology and Product Symbiosis
Alan Davies, Michael Packianather, John White, Sajith Soman

Part IV. General Track 4: Decision Support and Sustainability

26. Business Model Experimentation for Sustainability
Nancy M. P. Bocken, Ilka Weissbrod, Mike Tennant

27. Design of Indicators for Measuring Product Performance in the Circular Economy
Percy Griffiths, Steve Cayzer

28. An Integrated Product Development Approach to Improving Sustainability Using Simulated Experiments: Manufacturing Case Study
Joseph Axiak, Paul Refalo, Emmanuel Francalanza

29. Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing as Supporting Tools for EVs Lightweight Design
Laura Zanchi, Massimo Delogu, Marcos Ierides, Harilaos Vasiliadis

30. The Characteristic Objects Method: A New Intelligent Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Manufacturing
Jarosław Watróbski, Wojciech Sałabun

31. Green Supplier Selection Framework Based on Multi-Criteria Decision-Analysis Approach
Jarosław Wątróbski, Wojciech Sałabun

Part V. Invited Session 1: Design for Additive Manufacture

32. Application of Sustainable Design in Additive Manufacturing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Stefan Junk, Werner Schröder

33. Evaluating Innovative CAD Techniques in the Creation of Conformal Cellular Structures
Shwe Soe, Wassim Jabi, Peter Theobald

34. An Investigation into the Quasi-Static Response of Ti6Al4V Lattice Structures Manufactured Using Selective Laser Melting
Qixiang Feng, Qian Tang, Shwe Soe, Ying Liu, Rossi Setchi

35. A Bottom-up Design Framework for CAD Tools to Support Design for Additive Manufacturing
Steven Goguelin, Joseph Michael Flynn, Vimal Dhokia

36. A Surface Modification Decision Tree to Influence Design in Additive Manufacturing
Eleanor Rose Gordon, Alborz Shokrani, Joseph Michael Flynn, Steven Goguelin, Jack Barclay, Vimal Dhokia

37. Additive Manufacturing Simulation Using Signed Distance Fields
Jack Barclay, Vimal Dhokia, Aydin Nassehi

Part VI. Invited Session 2: Sustainability and Resilience in Agri-food Supply Chains

38. Agri-food Supply Chain for Mitigation of Volatilities in the Role of Intermediary: A Case Study of a Mushroom Trading Company in Taiwan
Tzu-Yen Huang, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco

39. Exploring Dynamic Natural-Resource-Based Capabilities for Sustainable Agri-food Chains
Natalie McDougall, Beverly Wagner, Jillian MacBryde

40. Supplier Selection Processes: A Case Study in a Chinese Dairy Company
Xuanyi Ren, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco

41. Supply Chain Risk Management Identification and Mitigation: A Case Study in a Chinese Dairy Company
Canglong Yu, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco

42. Future Prospects of Sustainable Aquaculture Supply Chain Practices
G. Malindretos, I. Vlachos, I. Manikas, M. Chatzimanolakis

Part VII. Invited Session 3: Eco-design Through Systematic Innovation

43. QFD for a SME Network of the Wood Sector to Improve Competitiveness and Sustainability
Gilda Massa, Nicola Gessa

44. Using TRIZ to Combine Advantages of Different Concepts in an Eco-Design Process
Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi, Claire Vitoux, Malte Schöfer, Giacomo Bersano

45. Is TRIZ an Ecodesign Method?
D. Russo, M. Serafini, C. Rizzi

46. An Integrated Eco-Design Decision Making Tool
Awanis Romli, Paul Prickett, Rossitza Setchi, Shwe Soe

47. A Bridge Between CAD and LCA to Optimise the Life Cycle Inventory Phase
Marco Mengarelli, Sara Cortesi, Patrizia Buttol, Marco Marconi, Francesca Reale

Part VIII. Invited Session 4: Redistributed Manufacturing for Resilience and Sustainability

48. Can Re-distributed Manufacturing and Digital Intelligence Enable a Regenerative Economy? An Integrative Literature Review
Mariale Moreno, Fiona Charnley

49. Makespaces: From Redistributed Manufacturing to a Circular Economy
Sharon Prendeville, Grit Hartung, Erica Purvis, Clare Brass, Ashley Hall

50. An Exploratory Study of the Resilience of Manufacturing in the Cardiff Capital Region
Anthony Soroka, Mohamed Naim, Gillian Bristow, Laura Purvis

51. Design of an Integrated Assessment of Re-distributed Manufacturing for the Sustainable, Resilient City
Rachel Freeman, Chris McMahon, Patrick Godfrey

52. The Local Nexus Network: Exploring the Future of Localised Food Systems and Associated Energy and Water Supply
Julian Cottee, Alma López-Avilés, Kourosh Behzadian, David Bradley, David Butler, Clare Downing, Raziyeh Farmani, John Ingram, Matthew Leach, Andy Pike, Lisa Propris, Laura Purvis, Pamela Robinson, Aidong Yang

Part IX. Invited Session 5: UK-China Forum on Innovation for Green Manufacturing

53. Application of Multilevel Maturity in Collaborative Development Mode of Aircraft
Yao Huang, Qian Tang, Rui Chen, Shilong Wang

54. A Social Sustainability Assessment Model for Manufacturing Systems Based on Ergonomics and Fuzzy Inference System
Yang Cao, Shilong Wang, Lili Yi, Jie Zhou

55. Cloud Manufacturing Service-Oriented Platform for Group Enterprises
Ling Kang, Shilong Wang, Changsong Li

56. Mathematical Model of Multi-source Energy Flows for CNC Worm Wheel Grinding Machine Tools
Liu Pengxiang, Li Guolong, Cao Huajun

57. Fault Status Assessment for Fault Diagnosis of a Multistage Planetary Gear Set Based on Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Analysis
Guoyan Li, Fangyi Li, Dehao Dong, Jianfeng Li, Haohua Liu, Yifan Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Sustainable Development

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