Gallego, Francisco Ortegón

Trends in Differential Equations and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Approximate Osher-Solomon Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems
M. J. Castro, J. M. Gallardo, A. Marquina

2. Spectral Shape Analysis of the Hippocampal Structure for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
G. Maicas, A. I. Muñoz, G. Galiano, A. Ben Hamza, E. Schiavi

3. Characterizations of M-Banded ASSR Matrices
P. Alonso, J. M. Peña, M. L. Serrano

4. A Review of Numerical Analysis for the Discretization of the Velocity Tracking Problem
Eduardo Casas, Konstantinos Chrysafinos

5. Asymptotic Analysis of a Viscous Flow in a Curved Pipe with Elastic Walls
Gonzalo Castiñeira, José M. Rodríguez

6. A Two-Scale Homogenization Approach for the Estimation of Porosity in Elastic Media
Joaquín Mura, Alfonso Caiazzo

7. A Matrix Approach to the Newton Formula and Divided Differences
J. M. Carnicer, Y. Khiar, J. M. Peña

8. Long-Time Behavior of a Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes Vesicle-Fluid Interaction Model
Blanca Climent-Ezquerra, Francisco Guillén-González

9. Explicit Blow-Up Time for Two Porous Medium Problems with Different Reaction Terms
Giuseppe Viglialoro

10. Numerical Assessment of the Energy Efficiency of an Open Joint Ventilated Façade for Typical Meteorological Months Data in Southern Spain
Antonio Domínguez-Delgado, Carlos Domínguez-Torres, José Iñesta-Vaquera

11. Planning Ecotourism Routes in Nature Parks
Eva Barrena, Gilbert Laporte, Francisco A. Ortega, Miguel A. Pozo

12. Isometries of the Hamming Space and Equivalence Relations of Linear Codes Over a Finite Field
M. Isabel García-Planas, M. Dolors Magret

13. Advances in the Study of Singular Semilinear Elliptic Problems
Daniela Giachetti, Pedro J. Martínez-Aparicio, François Murat

14. Weighted Extrapolation Techniques for Finite Difference Methods on Complex Domains with Cartesian Meshes
A. Baeza, P. Mulet, D. Zorío

15. High Order Nyström Methods for Transmission Problems for Helmholtz Equation
Víctor Domínguez, Catalin Turc

16. Algebraic Inverse Integrating Factors for a Class of Generalized Nilpotent Systems
Antonio Algaba, Natalia Fuentes, Cristóbal García, Manuel Reyes

17. WENO Schemes for Multi-Dimensional Porous Media Flow Without Capillarity
R. Bürger, F. Guerrero, M. C. Martí, P. Mulet

18. Time Dependent Scattering in an Acoustic Waveguide Via Convolution Quadrature and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map
Li Fan, Peter Monk, Virginia Selgas

19. Location of Emergency Facilities with Uncertainty in the Demands
Luisa I. Martínez-Merino, Maria Albareda-Sambola, Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía

20. Regularized Inversion of Multi-Frequency EM Data in Geophysical Applications
Patricia Díaz Alba, Giuseppe Rodriguez

21. Total Positivity: A New Inequality and Related Classes of Matrices
A. Barreras, J. M. Peña

22. Applications of

mathcal{C}^{infty }

-Symmetries in the Construction of Solvable Structures
Adrián Ruiz, Concepción Muriel

23. Travelling Wave Solutions of a Generalized Variable-Coefficient Gardner Equation
R. Rosa, M. S. Bruzón

24. A Second Order Local Projection Lagrange-Galerkin Method for Navier-Stokes Equations at High Reynolds Numbers
Rodolfo Bermejo, Laura Saavedra

25. Finite Element Approximation of Hydrostatic Stokes Equations: Review and Tests
Francisco Guillén-González, J. Rafael Rodríguez-Galván

Keywords: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis

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