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European Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in the 21st Century

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Table of contents

Part I. Principles and Approaches

1. Introduction: Remembering the Person: The Need for a Twenty-First-Century, Person-Centred European Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Textbook
John R. Cutcliffe, José Carlos Santos

2. Oxymoronic or Synergistic: Deconstructing the Psychiatric and/or Mental Health Nurse
John R. Cutcliffe, Chris Stevenson, Richard Lakeman

3. Service User Involvement and Perspectives
Marta Ferraz

4. Taxonomies: Towards a Shared Nomenclature and Language
Carlos Alberto Cruz Sequeira, Francisco Miguel Correia Sampaio

5. Theories of the Interpersonal Relationships, Transitions and Humanistic Theories: Contribution to Frameworks of Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in Europe
José Carlos Carvalho, Raul Alberto Cordeiro

6. An Introduction to the Art and Science of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
John Swan, Graham Sloan

7. Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytical Theory, Approaches and Clinical Relevance: Applying the Psychoanalytic Principles and Practices to Mental Health Nursing
J. Lopes, John R. Cutcliffe

8. The Biopsychosocial Approach: Towards Holistic, Person-Centred Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Practice
José Carlos Santos, Marie Bashaw, Will Mattcham, John R. Cutcliffe, Kelly Graziani Giacchero Vedana

9. Trauma-Informed Care: Progressive Mental Health Care for the Twenty-First Century
John R. Cutcliffe, Rodger Travale, Tyler Green

10. Competences for Clinical Supervision in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
John R. Cutcliffe, Graham Sloan

11. European and Worldwide Mental Health Epidemiology and Trends
Evanthia Sakellari

12. Mental Health Nurses and Responding to Suffering in the Twenty-first Century Occidental World: Accompanying People on Their Search for Meaning
John R. Cutcliffe, Jan Kare Hummelvol, Arild Granerud, Bengt Erikson

Part II. Settings and Contexts

13. Acute Inpatient Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Lessons Learned and Current Developments
Roland Sande

14. Community Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Contexts and Challenges—The Case of Nurse Prescribing and Recovery-Focused Interventions
Steve Hemingway, Neil Brimblecombe

15. Unearthing the Theoretical Underpinnings of “Green Care” in Mental Health and Substance Misuse Care: History, Theoretical Origins, and Contemporary Clinical Examples
John R. Cutcliffe, Rodger Travale

16. Nursing People in Prisons, Forensics and Correctional Facilities
Tommy Dickinson, Amrita Mullan, Kirsty Lippiatt, Julie Ann Owen

17. eHealth, Telematics and Telehealth
Nina Kilkku

18. Public Health and Ecological Approaches: The Example of eHealth for Adolescent Mental Health Support
Anttila Minna, Kurki Marjo, Välimäki Maritta

Part III. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Competencies and Ways of Working

19. Forming and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
Manuel José Lopes

20. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Core Competencies: Communication Skills
Cândida Loureiro, Helena Quaresma, José Carlos Santos

21. Group Work in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: The Case for Psychoeducation as a Means to Therapeutic Ends
Evelyn Gordon, Maeve Kenny

22. A Family-Focused, Recovery Approach When Working with Families When a Parent Has a History of Mental Health Problems: From Theory to Practice
Darryl Maybery, Andrea Reupert

23. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Mental Health Promotion: An Eight Steps Path
José Carlos Rodrigues Gomes

24. Therapeutic Milieu: Utilizing the Environment to Promote Mental Wellness
Tyler D. Green

25. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Nonphysical Competencies for Managing Violence and Aggression: De-escalation and Defusion
Hulya Bilgin, Zeynep Ozaslan

Part IV. Human Experiences of Mental Health Problems and Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Responses

26. Problems Affecting a Person’s Mood
German López-Cortacans, Carme Ferré-Grau, José Carlos Santos

27. The Person Experiencing Anxiety
Columba McLaughlin

28. Integrated Care – ‘Schizophrenia’: A Challenge for Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
David González-Pando, Fernando Alonso-Pérez

29. Human Experiences of and Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurses’ Responses to Problems Related to Dementias and Cognitive Impairment
Helena Quaresma, Cândida Loureiro, José Carlos Santos

30. Problems Related to Substance and Alcohol Misuse
Fatma Yasemin Kutlu, Gul Dikec

Part V. Specific Challenges

31. Problems Related to Eating, Nutrition, and Body Image
Christopher Modica

32. Suicide and Self-Harm
José Carlos Santos

33. A Systematic Perspective of Violence and Aggression in Mental Health Care: Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding and Conceptualization
John R. Cutcliffe, Sanaz Riahi

34. The Withdrawn or Recalcitrant Client
Richard Lakeman

35. Confronting Goffman: How Can Mental Health Nurses Effectively Challenge Stigma? A Critical View of the Literature
L. Bates, T. Stickley

Part VI. Special Populations

36. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents
António Jorge Soares Antunes Nabais, Lucília Rosa Mateus Nunes, John R. Cutcliffe, José Carlos Santos

37. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Care of the Older Adult: Mental Health in Old Age
Bengt Eriksson, Arild Granerud

38. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurses Care of the Client Who Presents with Both Mental Health and Substance Misuse Problems
John R. Cutcliffe, Rodger Travale, T. Green

39. Non-European and European Migrants in Acute Adult Inpatient Mental Healthcare: Dissociation and Identity
Yasmine Souiah-Benchorab, Stephen Adshead, Jean-Manuel Morvillers

40. Working with Individuals Who Are Homeless
Cheryl Forchuk

41. Mental Health Problems and Risks in Refugees During Migration Processes and Experiences: Literature Overview and Interventions
Cossu Giulia, Maura Galletta, Carta Mauro Giovanni

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