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Mineral Deposits of North Africa

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Table of contents

Part I. Regional Overview

1. Geologic and Metallogenic Framework of North Africa
Mohammed Bouabdellah, John F. Slack

Part II. Porphyry, Skarn, and Epithermal Deposits

2. Degassing as the Main Ore-Forming Process at the Giant Imiter Ag–Hg Vein Deposit in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Gilles Levresse, Mohammed Bouabdellah, Alain Cheilletz, Dominique Gasquet, Lhou Maacha, Jordi Tritlla, David Banks, Azizi Samir Moulay Rachid

3. The Polymetallic (W–Au and Pb–Zn–Ag) Tighza District (Central Morocco): Ages of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Events
Magali Rossi, Leïla Tarrieu, Alain Cheilletz, Dominique Gasquet, Etienne Deloule, Jean-Louis Paquette, Hassan Bounajma, Tristan Mantoy, Lofti Ouazzani, Lahcen Ouchtouban

4. The Bou Madine Polymetallic Ore Deposit, Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco: Evolution from Massive Fe–As–Sn to Epithermal Au–Ag–Pb–Zn±Cu Mineralization in a Neoproterozoic Resurgent Caldera Environment
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Gilles Levresse

5. U/Pb Ages of Magmatism in the Zgounder Epithermal Ag–Hg Deposit, Sirwa Window, Anti-Atlas, Morocco
Ewan Pelleter, Alain Cheilletz, Dominique Gasquet, Abdellah Mouttaqi, Mohammed Annich, Quentin Camus, Etienne Deloule, Lofti Ouazzani, Hassan Bounajma, Lahcen Ouchtouban

6. Edough-Cap de Fer Polymetallic District, Northeast Algeria: II. Metallogenic Evolution of a Late Miocene Metamorphic Core Complex in the Alpine Maghrebide Belt
C. Marignac, D.E. Aïssa, A. Cheilletz, D. Gasquet

7. Skarn to Porphyry-Epithermal Transition in the Ouixane Fe District, Northeast Morocco: Interplay of Meteoric Water and Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Raouf Jabrane, Daoud Margoum, Mohammed Sadequi

Part III. Hydrothermal Vein-Type Deposits

8. The Bou Azzer Co–Ni–Fe–As(±Au±Ag) District of Central Anti-Atlas (Morocco): A Long-Lived Late Hercynian to Triassic Magmatic-Hydrothermal to Low-Sulphidation Epithermal System
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Lhou Maacha, Gilles Levresse, Omar Saddiqi

9. Edough-Cap de Fer Polymetallic District, Northeast Algeria: I. The Late Miocene Paleogeothermal System of Aïn Barbar and Its Cu–Zn–Pb Vein Mineralization
C Marignac, D. E. Aïssa, E Deloule, A Cheilletz, D Gasquet

10. Re/Os Age Determination, Lead and Sulphur Isotope Constraints on the Origin of the Bouskour Cu–Pb–Zn Vein-Type Deposit (Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) and Its Relationship to Neoproterozoic Granitic Magmatism
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Lhou Maacha, Michel Jébrak, Mohammed Zouhair

11. Geology, Fluid Inclusions, and Geochemistry of the Aouli Sulphide±Fluorite±Barite Vein Deposit (Upper Moulouya District, Morocco) and Its Relationships to Pangean Rifting and Opening of the Tethys and Central Atlantic Oceans
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Daoud Margoum

12. Geology and Mineralogy of the El Hammam REE-Rich Fluorite Deposit (Central Morocco): A Product of Transtensional Pangean Rifting and Central Atlantic Opening
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Oussama Zemri, Michel Jébrak, Andreas Klügel, Gilles Levresse, Lhou Maacha, Abdelaziz Gaouzi, Mohamed Souiah

Part IV. Orogenic and Granitoid-Hosted Gold ± Rare-Metal Deposits

13. A Review of Gold Mineralization in Mali
David M. Lawrence, James S. Lambert-Smith, Peter J. Treloar

14. Nature and Geodynamic Setting of Late Neoproterozoic Vein-Type Gold Mineralization in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: Mineralogical and Geochemical Constraints
K. I. Khalil, A. M. Moghazi, A. M. El Makky

15. The Hoggar Gold and Rare Metals Metallogenic Province of the Pan-African Tuareg Shield (Central Sahara, South Algeria): An Early Cambrian Echo of the Late Ediacaran Murzukian Event?
C. Marignac, D. E. Aïssa, L. Bouabsa, M. Kesraoui, S. Nedjari

16. The Granitoid-Related Tiouit Gold Deposit, Saghro Inlier, Eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco): Neoproterozoic Mineralization by a Polyphase Late-Magmatic to Hydrothermal System
M. Bouabdellah, F. Chekroun, A. Alansari, D. Margoum

Part V. Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits

17. Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide–Oxide Gold Deposits of the Nubian Shield in Northeast Africa
C. Tucker Barrie, Mohamed Abu Fatima Abdalla, R. Daniel Hamer

18. Geologic, Hydrothermal, and Geochemical Relationships Between Bimodal Magmatism and Massive Sulphide Mineralization in the Central Jebilet-Guemassa Province (Western Moroccan Hercynides)
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Mohammed Hibti, Lhou Maacha, Mohammed Zouhair, Francisco Velasco

Part VI. Mississippi Valley-Type and SEDEX Deposits

19. Geology, Geochemistry, and Current Genetic Models for Major Mississippi Valley-Type Pb–Zn Deposits of Morocco
Mohammed Bouabdellah, Donald F. Sangster

20. Tectonomagmatic Context of Sedex Pb–Zn and Polymetallic Ore Deposits of the Nappe Zone Northern Tunisia, and Comparisons with MVT Deposits in the Region
Sophie Decrée, Christian Marignac, Riadh Abidi, Nejib Jemmali, Etienne Deloule, Fouad Souissi

Part VII. Sediment-Hosted Iron and Manganese Deposits

21. The F’derik-Zouérate Iron District: Mesoarchean and Paleoproterozoic Iron Formation of the Tiris Complex, Islamic Republic of Mauritania
C. D. Taylor, C. A. Finn, E. D. Anderson, D. C. Bradley, M. Y. Joud, A. Taleb Mohamed, J. D. Horton

22. The High-Grade Imini Manganese District—Karst-Hosted Deposits of Mn Oxides and Oxyhydroxides
Augustin Dekoninck, Rémi Leprêtre, Omar Saddiqi, Jocelyn Barbarand, Yans Johan

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Mineral Resources, Mineralogy, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Economic Geology

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