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Characterization of Metals and Alloys

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Table of contents

Part I. Characterization of Steels Used in the Oil Industry

1. Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Grade X70 Steel Linepipe Produced by Non-conventional Heat Treatment
C. Natividad, R. Garcı́a, V. H. López, L. A. Falcón, M. Salazar

2. Corrosion Inhibition of X52 Pipeline Steel in Chloride Solutions Using Nonionic Surfactant
L. M. Quej, A. Contreras, J. Aburto

3. Effect on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Structural Steel Welded in Marine Environment
M. Flores, J. J. Ruiz, F. Macı́as, J. Acevedo

Part II. Characterization of Copper Alloys

4. Mapping of Polycrystalline Flow During Hot Deformation by In Situ Tension Test of Sheet Copper Alloy
J. D. Muñoz-Andrade, E. Garfias-Garcı́a, O. Vega-Hernández

5. Determination of the Activation Energy of Copper During In Situ Tension Testing by SEM
D. Morán Garcı́a, E. Garfias-Garcı́a, J. D. Muñoz-Andrade

6. Effect of Copper Additions on Secondary Carbide Precipitation in High Chromium with Cast Iron
F. V. Guerra, A. Bedolla-Jacuinde, I. Mejı́a, J. Zuno-Silva, E. Cardoso-Legorreta

Part III. Characterization of Steels Applying Heat Treatment

7. Thermal Behavior of an HSLA Steel and the Impact in Phase Transformation: Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Process Approach to Pipelines
P. S. Costa, F. A. Reyes-Valdés, R. Saldaña-Garcés, E. R. Delgado, A. Salinas-Rodrı́guez

8. Effect of Hydrogen on a Microalloyed Steel Permeate
D. C. Rojas Olmos, S. C. Carranza Florida, J. A. Ortega Herrera, M. A. Doñu Ruiz, N. López Perrusquia, M. Arredondo Ramı́rez

Part IV. Characterization of Thin Layers and Coatings

9. Mechanical Properties of SiO2 Coatings for Corrosion Protection of 304 Stainless Steel
J. Reyes Miranda, M. Aguilar Sánchez, E. Garfias Garcı́a, D. Y. Medina Velazquez, Á. de J. Morales Ramı́rez

10. Synthesis and Physical Properties Characterization of CdSe1−ySy Nanolayers Deposited by Chemical Bath Deposition at Low-Temperature Treatment
J. E. Flores-Mena, J. I. Contreras-Rascón, J. Diaz-Reyes, R. S. Castillo-Ojeda

Part V. Characterization of Materials Obtained by Mechanical Milling

11. Magnetic Properties and Kinetic of Crystallization in Amorphous GdxSm1−xCo5 Alloys Obtained by Mechanical Milling
J. L. Hidalgo, J. T. Elizalde, J. A. Matutes

12. Metallurgical Study of Mechanical Milling Mechanism in Eutectic Nanopowders: The Role of Heterogeneities
H. Rojas-Chávez, M. L. Mondragón-Sánchez, J. A. Andraca-Adame, D. Jaramillo-Vigueras

Part VI. Characterization of Materials for Medical Applications

13. Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Extracts of Mexican Medicinal Plants
J. L. López, C. Baltazar, M. Torres, A. Ruız, R. Esparza, G. Rosas

14. Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Powders Obtained by Sol-Gel Technique
Y. Jiménez-Flores, N. Camacho, J. B. Rojas-Trigos, M. Suárez

Part VII. Characterization of Materials for Industrial Applications

15. Microwave Assisted Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of M–TiO2 (M = Pt, Au) Photocatalysts
R. Hernández, S. M. Durón-Torres, K. Esquivel, C. Guzmán

16. Micromachined and Characterization of Cooled a-Si:B:H Microbolometer Array in the Terahertz Region
A. Orduña, C. G. Treviño, A. Torres, R. Delgado, M. A. Dominguez

17. Influence of Drilling Parameters by EDM on the HSLA Steel Microstructure
L. M. Zúñiga, H. M. Hernández, E. E. Granda, W. N. P. Hung, R. Muñoz

Part VIII. Characterization of Welding and Joining of Materials

18. Evaluation of Distortion in Welding Unions of 304 Stainless Steel with Elliptic Trajectory Using a Welding Robot
L. A. Carrasco-González, E. Hurtado-Delgado, F. A. Reyes-Valdés

19. Weld Bead Geometry of Ni-Based Alloy Deposited by PTA Process for Pipe Conduction of Shale Gas
C. Echavarria-Figueroa, F. Garcı́a-Vázquez, J. Ruiz-Mondragón, H. M. Hernández-Garcı́a, D. González-González, A. Vargas

Part IX. Characterization of Intermetallic Materials

20. Chemical Reduction Synthesis of Iron Aluminum Powders
N. N. Zurita-Méndez, G. Carbajal-De Torre, L. Ballesteros-Almanza, M. Villagómez-Galindo, A. Sánchez-Castillo, M. A. Espinosa-Medina

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Spectroscopy and Microscopy, Metallic Materials

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