Barceló, Juan A.

Simulating Prehistoric and Ancient Worlds

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Table of contents

1. Simulating the Past for Understanding the Present. A Critical Review
Juan A. Barceló, Florencia Castillo

2. Multi-scale Agent-Based Simulation of Long-Term Dispersal Processes: Towards a Sophisticated Simulation Model of Hominin Dispersal
Ingo J. Timm, Fabian Lorig, Ericson Hölzchen, Christine Hertler

3. An Agent-Based Model of Resource Distribution on Hunter-Gatherer Foraging Strategies: Clumped Habitats Favor Lower Mobility, but Result in Higher Foraging Returns
Marco A. Janssen, Kim Hill

4. Testing Brantingham’s Neutral Model: The Effect of Spatial Clustering on Stone Raw Material Procurement
Simen Oestmo, Marco A. Janssen, Curtis W. Marean

5. Population Spread and Cultural Transmission in Neolithic Transitions
Joaquim Fort, Neus Isern, Antonieta Jerardino, Bernardo Rondelli

6. Modelling Routeways in a Landscape of Esker and Bog
Yolande O’Brien, Stefan Bergh

7. Modelling Cultural Shift: Application to Processes of Language Displacement
Neus Isern, Joaquim Fort

8. Pathways for Scale and Discipline Reconciliation: Current Socio-Ecological Modelling Methodologies to Explore and Reconstitute Human Prehistoric Dynamics
Mehdi Saqalli, Tilman Baum

9. Simulating Land Use of Prehistoric Wetland Settlements: Did Excessive Resource Use Necessitate a Highly Dynamic Settlement System?
Tilman Baum

10. Revisiting the Dynamics Between Two Ancient Japanese Descent Groups:
Fumihiro Sakahira, Takao Terano

11. Cultural and Genetic Transmission in the JomonYayoi Transition Examined in an Agent-Based Demographic Simulation
Naoko Matsumoto, Mariko Sasakura

12. Economic Sustainability in Relation to Demographic Decline of Celtic Agglomerations in Central Europe: Multiple-Scenario Approach
Kamila Štekerová, Alžběta Danielisová

13. ZambeziLand: A Canonical Theory and Agent-Based Model of Polity Cycling in the Zambezi Plateau, Southern Africa
Gary Bogle, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

14. Personalities, Physiology, Institutions and Genetics: Simulating Ancient Societies with Intelligent Virtual Agents
Tomas Trescak, Anton Bogdanovych, Simeon Simoff

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, Simulation and Modeling, Sociological Theory, Archaeology

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Computational Social Sciences
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