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Handbook of Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life
Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi, Enric Pol, Oscar Navarro

Part I. People-Environment Relations and QoL – Environmental Quality and Well-Being

2. Quality of Life and Sustainability: The End of Quality at Any Price
Enric Pol, Angela Castrechini, Giuseppe Carrus

3. Some Cues for a Positive Environmental Psychology Agenda
Sergi Valera, Tomeu Vidal

4. Linking People-Environment Research and Design. What Is Missing?
Carole Després, Denise Piché

5. Place Attachment, Sense of Belonging and the Micro-Politics of Place Satisfaction
Andrés Masso, John Dixon, Bernardo Hernández

Part II. People-Environment Relations and QoL – Restorative Environments

6. Self, Nature and Well-Being: Sense of Connectedness and Environmental Identity for Quality of Life
Pablo Olivos, Susan Clayton

7. Restorative Environments and Health
Silvia Collado, Henk Staats, José Antonio Corraliza, Terry Hartig

8. Green Exercise, Health and Well-Being
Ana Loureiro, Susana Veloso

Part III. People-Environment Relations and QoL – Ecological Behavior

9. Sustainable Behavior and Quality of Life
Cesar Tapia-Fonllem, Victor Corral-Verdugo, Blanca Fraijo-Sing

10. Self-Determined, Enduring, Ecologically Sustainable Ways of Life: Attitude as a Measure of Individuals’ Intrinsic Motivation
Florian G. Kaiser, Alexandra Kibbe, Oliver Arnold

11. Commitment and Pro-Environmental Behaviors: Favoring Positive Human-Environment Interactions to Improve Quality of Life
Christophe Demarque, Fabien Girandola

12. Pro-environmentalism, Identity Dynamics and Environmental Quality of Life
Marie-Line Félonneau, Elsa Causse

13. Can Engagement in Environmentally-Friendly Behavior Increase Well-Being?
Leonie Venhoeven, Linda Steg, Jan Willem Bolderdijk

Part IV. Well-Being and Daily Environments – Urban Environments

14. Urban Design and Quality of Life
Ombretta Romice, Kevin Thwaites, Sergio Porta, Mark Greaves, Gordon Barbour, Paola Pasino

15. The City as an Environment for Urban Experiences and the Learning of Cultural Practices
Pablo Páramo

16. Adjustment to Geographical Space and Psychological Well-Being
Thierry Ramadier

Part V. Well-Being and Daily Environments – Residential Environments

17. Residential Satisfaction and Quality of Life
Juan Ignacio Aragonés, María Amérigo, Raquel Pérez-López

18. Spatial Inequalities, Geographically-Based Discrimination and Environmental Quality of Life
Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi, André Ndobo

19. Children in Cities: The Delicate Issue of Well-Being and Quality of Urban Life
Sandrine Depeau

20. Everyday Environments and Quality of Life: Positive School and Neighborhood Environments Influence the Health and Well-Being of Adolescents
Taciano L. Milfont, Simon J. Denny

Part VI. Well-Being and Daily Environments – Work and Institutional Environments

21. The Effect of Workplace Design on Quality of Life at Work
Jacqueline C. Vischer, Mariam Wifi

22. Comfort at Work: An Indicator of Quality of Life at Work
Liliane Rioux

23. Quality of the Hospital Experience: Impact of the Physical Environment
Ann Sloan Devlin, Cláudia Campos Andrade

24. Healthy Residential Environments for the Elderly
Ferdinando Fornara, Sara Manca

Part VII. Quality of Life and Environmental Threats – Environmental Stressors and Risks

25. Environmental Stress
Birgitta Gatersleben, Isabelle Griffin

26. Living in an “At Risk” Environment: The Example of “Costal Risks”
Élisabeth Michel-Guillou, Catherine Meur-Ferec

27. Social Inequality and Environmental Risk Perception
Oscar Navarro

28. Living in Industrial Areas: Social Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
Maria Luísa Lima, Sibila Marques

Part VIII. Quality of Life and Environmental Threats – Global Change, Energy and Emerging Risks

29. Emerging Risks and Quality of Life: Towards New Dimensions of Well-Being?
Dorothée Marchand, Karine Weiss, Bouchra Zouhri

30. Energy Issues: Psychological Aspects
Rafaella Lenoir-Improta, Patrick Devine-Wright, José Q. Pinheiro, Petra Schweizer-Ries

31. Global Challenges for Environmental Psychology: The Place of Labor and Production
David Uzzell, Nora Räthzel, Ricardo García-Mira, Adina Dumitru

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Cognitive Psychology, Sustainable Development, Environmental Health, Health Psychology

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International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life
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