Pardalos, Panos M.

Essays in Mathematics and its Applications

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Table of contents

1. A New Way to Compute the Rodrigues Coefficients of Functions of the Lie Groups of Matrices
Dorin Andrica, Oana Liliana Chender

2. Quasimodes in Integrable Systems and Semi-Classical Limit
M. Baldo, F. Raciti

3. Manifolds Which Are Complex and Symplectic But Not Kähler
Giovanni Bazzoni, Vicente Muñoz

4. Solvability of a Nonclamped Frictional Contact Problem with Adhesion
O. Chau, D. Goeleven, R. Oujja

5. The Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) and Nekhoroshev Theorems with Arbitrary Time Dependence
Alessandro Fortunati, Stephen Wiggins

6. Iterative Methods for the Elastography Inverse Problem of Locating Tumors
B. Jadamba, A. A. Khan, F. Raciti, C. Tammer, B. Winkler

7. Transversality Theory with Applications to Differential Equations
Dumitru Motreanu, Viorica Venera Motreanu

8. Lattice-like Subsets of Euclidean Jordan Algebras
A. B. Németh, S. Z. Németh

9. Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation: Searching for Analogues of Hurwitz’s Theorem
Werner Georg Nowak

10. On the Fixed Points of a Hamiltonian Diffeomorphism in Presence of Fundamental Group
Kaoru Ono, Andrei Pajitnov

11. Some Generalizations of Fixed-Point Theorems on S-Metric
Nihal Yılmaz Özgür, Nihal Taş

12. Functional Inequalities in Banach Spaces and Fuzzy Banach Spaces
Choonkil Park, Jung Rye Lee, Themistocles M. Rassias

13. The Maslov Index in PDEs Geometry
Agostino Prástaro

14. On the Infimum of Certain Functionals
Biagio Ricceri

15. The Algebra of Gyrogroups: Cayley’s Theorem, Lagrange’s Theorem, and Isomorphism Theorems
Teerapong Suksumran

16. Mild Continuity Properties of Relations and Relators in Relator Spaces
Árpád Száz, Amr Zakaria

17. Contraction Maps in Pseudometric Structures
Mihai Turinici

18. Novel Tools to Determine Hyperbolic Triangle Centers
Abraham Albert Ungar

Keywords: Mathematics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Algebraic Topology, Manifolds and Cell Complexes (incl. Diff.Topology), Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds

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