Dubinsky, Zvy

The Cnidaria, Past, Present and Future

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Table of contents

Part I. Genesis, Evolution, and Systematics

1. Emergence and Evolution of Early Life in the Geological Environment
Barbara Cavalazzi, Roberto Barbieri

2. Integrated Evolution of Cnidarians and Oceanic Geochemistry Before and During the Cambrian Explosion
Jian Han, Xingliang Zhang, Tsuyoshi Komiya

3. Origin and Early Diversification of Phylum Cnidaria: Key Macrofossils from the Ediacaran System of North and South America
Heyo Iten, Juliana M. Leme, Mírian L. A. F. Pacheco, Marcello G. Simões, Thomas R. Fairchild, Fábio Rodrigues, Douglas Galante, Paulo C. Boggiani, Antonio C. Marques

4. The New Systematics of Scleractinia: Integrating Molecular and Morphological Evidence
Marcelo V. Kitahara, Hironobu Fukami, Francesca Benzoni, Danwei Huang

5. Ceriantharia in Current Systematics: Life Cycles, Morphology and Genetics
Sérgio N. Stampar, Maximiliano M. Maronna, Marcelo V. Kitahara, James D. Reimer, Julia S. Beneti, André C. Morandini

6. Origin and Evolution of the Nervous System Considered from the Diffuse Nervous System of Cnidarians
Osamu Koizumi

Part II. Zoogeography

7. Zoogeography of Hydrozoa: Past, Present and a Look to the Future
Cinzia Gravili

8. Diversity and Distribution of Octocorallia
Carlos Daniel Pérez, Bárbara Moura Neves, Ralf Tarciso Cordeiro, Gary C. Williams, Stephen D. Cairns

9. Diversity and Distribution of Actiniaria
Paula Braga Gomes, Alessandra Gomes Targino, Rafael Antônio Brandão, Carlos Daniel Pérez

10. Cnidarian Alien Species in Expansion
Manuel María González-Duarte, Cesar Megina, Pablo J. López-González, Bella Galil

Part III. Calcification

11. Calcification in the Cnidaria Through Time: An Overview of Their Skeletal Patterns from Individual to Evolutionary Viewpoints
Jean-Pierre Cuif

12. A Non-traditional Stable Isotope Perspective on Coral Calcification
Casey Saenger, Jonathan Erez

13. Influences of Coral Intra-skeletal Organic Matrix on Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Michela Reggi, Simona Fermani, Oren Levy, Zvy Dubinsky, Stefano Goffredo, Giuseppe Falini

14. From Molecules to Morphologies, a Multiscale Modeling Approach to Unravel the Complex System of Coral Calcification
Eva S. Deutekom, Pirom Konglerd, Paula Ramos-Silva, Jaap A. Kaandorp

Part IV. Reproduction and Population Ecology

15. Reproduction of Sea Anemones and Other Hexacorals
Ekaterina Bocharova

16. Sexual Reproduction in Stony Corals and Insight into the Evolution of Oogenesis in Cnidaria
Shinya Shikina, Ching-Fong Chang

17. Sexual Reproduction of Mediterranean Scleractinian Corals
Valentina Airi, Francesca Gizzi, Chiara Marchini, Stefano Goffredo

18. Brooding Corals: Planulation Patterns, Larval Behavior, and Recruitment Dynamics in the Face of Environmental Change
Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, Samantha J. Putron

19. Larval Dispersal and Population Connectivity in Anthozoans
Márcio A. G. Coelho, Howard R. Lasker

20. Population Dynamics of Temperate Corals in a Changing Climate
Erik Caroselli, Stefano Goffredo

Part V. Symbiosis

21. Microbial Interactions on Coral Surfaces and Within the Coral Holobiont
Max Teplitski, Cory J. Krediet, Julie L. Meyer, Kim B. Ritchie

22. Association of Coral-Microbes, and the Ecological Roles of Microbial Symbionts in Corals
Wei Sun, Ramasamy Anbuchezhian, Zhiyong Li

23. From One to Many: The Population Genetics of Cnidarian-Symbiodinium Symbioses
Scott R. Santos

24. General Ecological Aspects of Anthozoan-Symbiodinium Interactions in the Mediterranean Sea
Pilar Casado-Amezúa, Alejandro Terrón-Sigler, Jorge H. Pinzón, Paola Furla, Didier Forcioli, Denis Allemand, Marta Ribes, Rafel Coma

25. Cnidarians and Their Polychaete Symbionts
Tina N. Molodtsova, Temir A. Britayev, Daniel Martin

Cassiopea and Its Zooxanthellae
Kathrin P. Lampert

27. Sea Anemones and Anemonefish: A Match Made in Heaven
Karen Burke Silva, Anita Nedosyko

Part VI. Immune System

28. Cnidarian Immunity: From Genomes to Phenomes
Laura D. Mydlarz, Lauren Fuess, Whitney Mann, Jorge H. Pinzón, Deborah J. Gochfeld

Part VII. Photobiology and Circadian Clock

29. Corals and Light: From Energy Source to Deadly Threat
Zvy Dubinsky, David Iluz

30. The Photobiology of Symbiodinium spp.: Linking Physiological Diversity to the Implications of Stress and Resilience
Mark E. Warner, David J. Suggett

31. Current Understanding of the Circadian Clock Within Cnidaria
Kenneth D. Hoadley, Peter D. Vize, Sonja J. Pyott

Part VIII. Global Climate Change

32. Survey of Cnidarian Gene Expression Profiles in Response to Environmental Stressors: Summarizing 20 Years of Research, What Are We Heading for?
Keren Maor-Landaw, Oren Levy

33. Thermal-Stress Response of Coral Communities to Climate Change
R. Woesik, C. Cacciapaglia, C. J. Randall

34. Ecological and Evolutionary Considerations Regarding Corals in a Rapidly Changing Environment
Paul W. Sammarco, Kevin B. Strychar

35. The Impact of Climate Change and the Environment on Coral Growth
M. James C. Crabbe

36. Cold-Water Corals in an Era of Rapid Global Change: Are These the Deep Ocean’s Most Vulnerable Ecosystems?
J. Murray Roberts, Fiona Murray, Eleni Anagnostou, Sebastian Hennige, Andrea Gori, Lea-Anne Henry, Alan Fox, Nick Kamenos, Gavin L. Foster

Part IX. Medical Aspects and Applications

37. Unusual Cnidarian Envenomations
Özgür Deniz Tezcan

38. Envenomation by Cnidarians and Renal Injuries
Masashi Mizuno

39. Cubozoan Envenomations: Clinical Features, Pathophysiology and Management
Angel Anne Yanagihara, Christie Wilcox, Jason Smith, Gerald Wayne Surrett

40. The Role of Cnidaria in Drug Discovery
Gian Luigi Mariottini

41. How Venom from the Magnificent Sea Anemone, Heteractis magnifica, Kills Breast and Lung Cancer Cells
Barbara J. S. Sanderson, Karen Burke Silva, Mahnaz Ramezanpour

42. Leveraging Nematocysts Toward Human Care
Tamar Lotan

43. Coral Scaffolds in Bone Tissue Engineering and Bone Regeneration
Mathieu Manassero, Adeline Decambron, Nane Guillemin, Hervé Petite, Rena Bizios, Véronique Viateau

Part X. Management and Conservation

44. Population Genetic Structure of Corallium rubrum in the Mediterranean Sea: Diversity, Phylogeography, and Bathymetric Patterns
Federica Costantini, Didier Aurelle, Jean-Baptiste Ledoux, Marco Abbiati

45. Molecular Forensics into the Sea: How Molecular Markers Can Help to Struggle Against Poaching and Illegal Trade in Precious Corals?
Jean-Baptiste Ledoux, Agostinho Antunes, Anne Haguenauer, Marine Pratlong, Federica Costantini, Marco Abbiati, Didier Aurelle

46. Advances in Management of Precious Corals to Address Unsustainable and Destructive Harvest Techniques
Andrew W. Bruckner

47. Conservation and Restoration of Coral Reefs Under Climate Change: Strategies and Practice
Suchana Chavanich, Voranop Viyakarn

Part XI. In Myth and Art

48. The Myth of the Lernaean Hydra
Carl A. P. Ruck

49. The Myth of Medusa: Benvenuto Cellini and the “Loggia de’ Lanzi” in Florence
Ugo Bardi

50. Medusa and Perseus, and the Relationship Between Myth and Science
Margaret M. Toscano

51. Beheading the Gorgon: Myth, Symbolism and Appropriation
Susan Deacy, Pauline Hanesworth, Greta Hawes, Daniel Ogden

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Invertebrates, Animal Ecology, Oceanography

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