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Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductions and Welcome

1. Introduction
Tracy Hammond, Aaron Adler, Stephanie Valentine

Part II. Why We Pen and Touch

2. Computer Interfaces Can Stimulate or Undermine Students’ Ability to Think
Sharon Oviatt

3. Inking Outside the Box: How Context Sensing Affords More Natural Pen (andTouch) Computing
Ken Hinckley, Bill Buxton

Part 3. Novel Tutoring Systems and Intelligent Ink

4. Design Studies for Stylus and Finger-Based Interaction in Writing Instruction on Tablets
Robert Thompson, Steven Tanimoto, Virginia Berninger, William Nagy

5. Tablet-Based Technology to Support Students’ Understanding of Division
Kimberle Koile, Andee Rubin

6. A Tablet-Based Math Tutor for Beginning Algebra
Guan Wang, Nathaniel Bowditch, Robert Zeleznik, Musik Kwon, Joseph J. LaViola

7. Leveraging Trends in Student Interaction to Enhance the Effectiveness of Sketch-Based Educational Software
Seth Polsley, Jaideep Ray, Trevor Nelligan, Michael Helms, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond

8. PerSketchTivity: An Intelligent Pen-Based Educational Application for Design Sketching Instruction
Blake Williford, Paul Taele, Trevor Nelligan, Wayne Li, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond

9. An Intelligent Sketch-Based Educational Interface for Learning Complex Written East Asian Phonetic Symbols
Paul Taele, Tracy Hammond

10. A Stylus-Driven Intelligent Tutoring System for Music Education Instruction
Laura Barreto, Paul Taele, Tracy Hammond

11. SmartStrokes: Digitizing Paper-Based Neuropsychological Tests
Raniero Lara-Garduno, Nancy Leslie, Tracy Hammond

Part IV. The Empowering Effects of Active Media-Making

12. The Digital Sash: A Sketch-Based Badge System in a Social Network for Children
Stephanie Valentine, Angelica Leyva-McMurtry, Katya Borgos-Rodriguez, Tracy Hammond

13. A Cyberensemble of Inversion, Immersion, Shared Knowledge Areas, Query, and Digital Media-Making in STEM Classrooms
Eric Hamilton, George Foe-Aman, Lynette Foe-Aman, Israel Ramirez-Gamez

14. A System Dynamics Approach to Process Evaluation of Pen-Based Digital Media-Making Projects
Moses Okumu, Hiroo Kato, Nishesh Chalise

15. A Model and Research Agenda for Teacher and Student Collaboration Using Pen-Based Tablets in Digital Media Making in Sub-Saharan Africa
Eric Hamilton, Loide Kapenda, Zachary Mbasu, Helena Miranda, Elizabeth Ngololo, Joseph Carilus Ogwel, Sandra Sarmonpal, David Stern

16. Student Producers: OneNote, Camtasia Studio, and the Authentic Project
Audrey Lampe Ploesser

17. An Aqua Squiggle and Giggles: Pre-Teens asResearchers Influencing Little Lives Through Inking and Touch Devices
Michelle Zimmerman

Part V. Research in the Wild: Classroom Perspectives

18. Personalizing Student Learning Using the MyEduDecks Application Through Teacher Supervision and Peer-to-Peer Networks
Radhir Kothuri, Samuel Cohen, Nicholas Wilke, Aileen Owens

19. Inking Pedagogy
Dale Pokorski, David Okoth, Vaishali Nandy, Julaine Fowlin, Catherine Amelink, Glenda Scales

20. Impact of Undergraduate Tablet PC Use on Retention in STEM Majors
Carla A. Romney

21. Analysis of Student Perspectives on Using Tablet PCs in Junior and Senior Level Chemical Engineering Courses
Enrique Palou, Zaira Ramírez-Apud, Nelly Ramírez-Corona, Aurelio López-Malo

22. Student Demonstrations of Learning: Making Thinking Visible Using Pen andTouch
Richard Kassissieh, Jeff Tillinghast

23. The Integration of Inking, Touch and Flipping Within the Mathematics Middle School Classroom
Leslie Williams

24. DYKNOW as a Tool for Differentiation: Exploring Alternative Ways to Assess in the Middle School Social Studies Classroom
Sara Mata

Part VI. Voices of the Future: Student Perspectives

25. WIPTTE 2015 High School Contest
Stephanie Valentine, Hannah Conrad, Cassandra Oduola, Tracy Hammond

26. Youth Re-envisioning the Future ofEducation
Kayla Gonzalvo, Tiffany Dinh, Scott Nguyen, Jasmine Fernandez, Michelle Zimmerman

Keywords: Computer Science, Computers and Education, Educational Technology, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Document Preparation and Text Processing

Publication year
Human–Computer Interaction Series
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22 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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