Ceccarelli, Marco

Explorations in the History of Machines and Mechanisms

Ceccarelli, Marco - Explorations in the History of Machines and Mechanisms, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Aspects of the Cost-Effectiveness of Restoration Process of the F. Reuleaux Mechanisms
D. Spasskaya, N. Terehova

2. Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology for Modeling the Mechanisms of F. Reuleaux Collection
M. Vlasov, M. Samoylova

3. Protoepistemology of Mechanical Engineering in Cassiodorus’ Variae or Mission Impossible at Theoderic’s Court
N. Ambrosetti

4. The Silk Mill “alla Bolognese
C. Bartolomei, A. Ippolito

5. Robots in History: Legends and Prototypes from Ancient Times to the Industrial Revolution
A. Gasparetto

6. The First Hundred Years of Mechanism Science at RWTH Aachen University
B. Corves

7. Mock-Up of an Eighteenth-Century Oil Mill via Rapid-Prototyping
J. C. Montes, R. López-García, R. Dorado-Vicente, F. J. Trujillo

8. An Introduction to the Ancient Mechanical Wind-Instrument Automata
Yu-Hsun Chen, Jian-Liang Lin, Hong-Sen Yan

9. Dynamic Reconstruction of a Colonial Mexican Mechanism
J. C. Jauregui-Correa, G. Rodriguez-Zahar

10. Leibniz’s Developments of Machine Science
A. R. E. Oliveira

11. On the Mechanics of Live Nature in the Works of V.P. Goryachkin
V. Chinenova

12. The Transformation of the Largest Aircraft Factory of Romania in Tractors Factory as Result of the Soviet Occupation
H. Salcă, D. Săvescu

13. New Trends in Learning Through 3D Modeling of Historical Mechanism’s Model
O. Egorova, K. Samsonov, A. Sevryukova

14. Some Inventions by Engineers of the Hellenistic Age
C. Rossi

15. Mechanical Engineer DING Gongchen
Zhang Baichun, Liu Yexin

16. Lewis Mumford Revisited
Teun Koetsier

17. Analysis of Structure, Kinematic and 3D Modeling of Ferguson’s Mechanisms‏
V. Tarabarin, A. Kozov

18. 19th c. Olivier String Models at Cornell University: Ruled Surfaces in Gear Design
F. C. Moon, J. F. Abel

19. Mechanism of Laoguanshan Pattern Looms from Late 2nd Century BCE, Chengdu, China
Feng Zhao, Yi Wang, Qun Luo, Bo Long, Baichun Zhang, Yingchong Xia, Tao Xie

20. On the Warship by Ansaldo for Chinese Imperial Navy
Yibing Fang, Marco Ceccarelli

21. Dynamic Analysis of an Ancient Tilt-Hammer
Umberto Meneghetti

22. An Analysis of Micro Scratches on Typical Southern Chinese Bronzes—A Case Study of Crawler-Pattern Nao and Chugong Ge
Lie Sun, Xiaowu Guan, Shilei Wu

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, History of Science

Publication year
History of Mechanism and Machine Science
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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