Kaechele, Harald

Climate Change Challenge (3C) and Social-Economic-Ecological Interface-Building

Kaechele, Harald - Climate Change Challenge (3C) and Social-Economic-Ecological Interface-Building, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Climate Change Challenge (3C) and Social-Economic-Ecological Interface-Building—Exploring Potential Adaptation Strategies for Bio-resource Conservation and Livelihood Development: Prologue
Sunil Nautiyal, Ruediger Schaldah, K. V. Raju, Harald Kaechele, Bill Pritchard, K. S. Rao

Part I. Food Security, Biodiversity and Law

2. The Impacts of Climate Change for Food and Nutrition Security: Issues for India
Bill Pritchard

3. Climate Change Strategies and Developing Nations: Prospects and Priorities for India
P. J. Dilip Kumar

4. Climate Change, Risk and Food Security: An Analysis of Wheat Crop in Pakistan
Muhammad Haroon Abdullah, Abdul Saboor, Irfan Ahmad Baig, Muhammad Arshad

5. Methodological Issues in Social Science Research for Bioresource Conservation and Livelihood Development Under Global Climate Change
B. K. Narayana Swamy, Y Nagaraju

6. Impact of Ruminants on Global Warming: Indian and Global Context
Partha Sarathi Swain, George Dominic, K. V. S. Bhakthavatsalam, Megolhubino Terhuja

7. Effects of Demographic Change on Environmental Degradation: Evidence and Implications for India
C. M. Lakshmana

8. Biodiversity Status and Climate Change Scenario in Northeast India
P. Saikia, A. Kumar, M. L. Khan

9. A Critical Analysis of Law Relating to Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Ecosystem Management in India
Suresh V. Nadagoudar

Part II. Methodological Issues; Socioeconomic and Vulnerability Assessments

10. Knowledge-Based Climate Economy: Integrated Sciences, Accelerated Convergence and Knowledge Resources Dynamics
Giridhari Lal Pandit

11. Socio-economic and Agricultural Vulnerability Across Districts of Karnataka
K. V. Raju, R. S. Deshpande, B. Satyasiba

12. Knowledge, Perception and Socioeconomic Vulnerability of Urban and Peri-urban Households to Heat Waves in Pakistan
Khuda Bakhsh, Sara Rauf, Azhar Abbas

13. The Conflict Between Economy and Environment—An Environmentally Extended Social Accounting Matrix for India
Barun Deb Pal

14. Climate Change and Uncertainty in Agriculture: Does Crop Insurance Help in India?
Meenakshi Rajeev, Manojit Bhattacharjee, B. P. Vani

15. Climate Change and Natural Capital: Some Veiled Issues on Sustainable Livelihood in Agriculture Sector
Digambar Chand, Rajendra Gartia

16. Economic Impacts of Climate Change in India’s Cities
Kala Seetharam Sridhar

17. Economic Impact of Air Pollution from Agricultural Residue Burning on Human Health
Surender Kumar, Parmod Kumar

18. Environment Security and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Santosh Gawai, Vinod Sen

Part III. Ecosystems and Production System Analyses

19. Analysis of Policies in Sustaining Sandalwood Resources in India
M. Srinivasa Rao, G. Ravikumar, P. R. Triveni, V. Soundara Rajan, Sunil Nautiyal

20. Monitoring Condition Factor of the Dominant Fin Fishes in the Estuaries of Lower Gangetic Delta in the Backdrop of Climate Change
Ankita Mitra, Sufia Zaman, Prosenjit Pramanick, Shampa Mitra

21. Is There a Tomorrow?: The Story of Survival of Sunderbans Against Climate Change
Haimanti Pakrashi

22. The Population Decline of Indian Sandalwood and People’s Role in Conservation—An Analysis
A. N. Arunkumar, Geeta Joshi, M. S. Rao, T. S. Rathore, V. Ramakantha

23. Climate Change and Sugarcane Productivity in Karnataka
Arun B. Chandran, K. N. Anushree

24. Dairy Farming and Organic Farming for Bio-resource Conservation and Livelihood Development in Tumkur District Karnataka State-India
N. Kumara, Nehal A. Farooquee, P. V. K. Sasidhar

Part IV. Vulnerability, Sectoral Assessment, Models and Interfaces

25. Analysing Vulnerability to Climate Change in India with Special Reference to Drought Risk: Results from a Field Survey
Anu Susan Sam, Azhar Abbas, Muhammad Arshad, Harald Kächele

26. An Assessment of Vulnerability of Livestock Farming to Climate Variability
G. Letha Devi, Dhirendra Varma, Mukund A. Kataktalware

27. Assessment of Carbon Sequestration in Soils of Different Land Use Land Cover in Honnaver Taluka of Uttara Kannada District
A. G. Koppad, Pavan Tikhile

28. Lack of Environmental Planning Exacerbating Climate Change Risks in Urban India: Experiences from Megacities of Bengaluru and Mumbai

S. Manasi, Nidhi Jamwal

29. Climate Change at Peri-urban Contexts: A Case Study of Jadigenahalli Gram Panchayat, Bangalore Rural District
S. Manasi, K. V. Raju, S. Poornima, K. P. Rashmi, B. R. Hemalatha

30. Energy Generation by Use of Crop Stubble in Punjab
Parmod Kumar

31. Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Sustainable Dairy Production Under Changing Climate Scenario
Mukund A. Kataktalware, S. Nazar, G. Letha Devi, K. P. Ramesha

32. Climate Change and Its Impact on Milk Production in India
K. Sreenivasaiah

33. Traditional Health Foods Security as Corporate Social Responsibility for Pregnant Women Health Monitoring
B N Lakshmi, T S Indumathi

34. Research Approach to Analyze Climate Change Impacts in Rural Regions of India and to Explore Potential Adaptation Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Development
Sunil Nautiyal, Ruediger Schaldach

35. Emerging Model of Ecosystem Services and Effective Governance Through Scalable Technological Solutions Around Protected Areas: Sharing Experiences from India
Sunil K. Agarwal

36. Socioeconomic and Ecological Modeling for Sustainable Landscape Management in Indian Himalayan Perspective
Sunil Nautiyal, Harald Kaechele, Peter Zander, K. S. Rao

Part V. Epilogue

37. Climate Change Challenge (3C) and Social-Economic-Ecological Interface-Building—Exploring Potential Adaptation Strategies for Bio-resource Conservation and Livelihood Development: Epilogue
Sunil Nautiyal, Ruediger Schaldah, K. V. Raju, Harald Kaechele, Bill Pritchard, K. S. Rao

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Environmental Sociology, Natural Resource Economics, Climate Change Management and Policy

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Environmental Science and Engineering
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10 pages
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