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Adherence in Dermatology

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Table of contents

Part I. What Is Known About Adherence Behavior

1. Impact of Nonadherence in Dermatology
Nazmine Sohi, Scott A. Davis

2. Models of Adherence
Imran Aslam, Michael E. Farhangian, Steven R. Feldman

3. Impact of Demographic and Treatment-Related Factors
Ruth Blair, Girish Gupta

4. Non-attendance, Predictors and Interventions
Katrina Hutton Carlsen, Karen Marie Carlsen, Jørgen Serup

Part II. Methods of Measuring Adherence

5. Using Retrospective Databases to Study Adherence
Scott A. Davis, Steven R. Feldman

6. Measuring Adherence in Clinical Trials
Scott A. Davis, Steven R. Feldman

7. How Providers Can Assess Their Patients’ Adherence in Clinical Settings
Scott A. Davis, Steven R. Feldman

8. Topical Application and Variability of the De Facto Applied Dose: Technical Aspects
Dina Vind-Kezunovic, Jørgen Vedelskov Serup

Part III. Adherence in Specific Diseases

9. Adherence in Acne
Scott A. Davis, Xi Tan, Stephanie Snyder, Ian Crandell, Amir Al-Dabagh, Hsien-Chang Lin, Rajesh Balkrishnan, Jongwha Chang, Steven R. Feldman

10. Psoriasis and Adherence to Therapy: Individual, Treatment-Related and General Factors
Katrina Hutton Carlsen, Adel Olasz, Karen Marie Carlsen, Jørgen Serup

11. Adherence in Atopic Dermatitis
Hélène Aubert, Sébastien Barbarot

12. Adherence in Other Dermatologic Conditions
Chantal Jackson, Howard I. Maibach

Part IV. Strategies to Improve Adherence

13. Optimizing the Physician-Patient Relationship and Educating the Patient About Adherence
Scott A. Davis, Steven R. Feldman

14. Choosing the Treatment the Patient Is Most Likely To Use
Dennis A. Hopkinson, Andrew J. Huang, Karen E. Huang, Steven R. Feldman

15. Dealing with Forgetfulness
Alyson Snyder, Arash Taheri

16. Building Motivation and Self-Efficacy
Scott A. Davis

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Medicine/Public Health, general, Dermatology, General Practice / Family Medicine

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