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Proceedings of First International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems: Volume 2

Das, Swagatam - Proceedings of First International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems: Volume 2, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. ICT Based Security and Privacy Applications

1. POS Word Class Based Categorization of Gurmukhi Language Stemmed Stop Words
Kaur Jasleen, R. Saini Jatinderkumar

2. Techniques and Challenges in Building Intelligent Systems: Anomaly Detection in Camera Surveillance
Dinesh Kumar Saini, Dikshika Ahir, Amit Ganatra

3. Ensemble Recommendation for Employability Using Cattell’s Sixteen Personality Factor Model
Ashima Sood, Rekha Bhatia

4. Search Logs Mining: Survey
Vivek Bhojawala, Pinal Patel

5. An Effective Model for Face Detection Using R, G, B Color Segmentation with Genetic Algorithm
Devesh Kumar Srivastava, Tarun Budhraja

6. Analysing Performance Disruption of MANET Under Explicit Flooding Attack Frequency
Priyanka Wadhwani, Sourabh Singh Verma

7. An Efficient Agro-Meteorological Model for Evaluating and Forecasting Weather Conditions Using Support Vector Machine
Baghavathi Priya Sankaralingam, Usha Sarangapani, Ravichandran Thangavelu

8. Simulation of a Model for Refactoring Approach for Parallelism Using Parallel Computing Tool Box
Shanthi Makka, B. B. Sagar

9. Dynamic Congestion Analysis for Better Traffic Management Using Social Media
Sujoy Chatterjee, Sankar Kumar Mridha, Sourav Bhattacharyya, Swapan Shakhari, Malay Bhattacharyya

10. An Intelligent Optimization Approach to Quarter Car Suspension System Through RSM Modeled Equation
M. B. S. Sreekar Reddy, S. S. Rao, P. Vigneshwar, K. Akhil, D. RajaSekhar

11. MEAL Based Routing in WSN
Tejas Patalia, Naren Tada, Chirag Patel

12. Intelligently Modified WFQ Algorithm for IEEE 802.16 Resource Allocations

13. A Comparative Study of Secure Hash Algorithms
Smriti Gupta, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, Alok Pratap Singh, Krishna C. Maurya

14. Enhancing Data Security Using AES Encryption Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Snehal Rajput, J S Dhobi, Lata J Gadhavi

15. Investigating the Performance of Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for MANET Under Pareto Traffic
Dhiraj Nitnaware

16. Implementing and Evaluating Collaborative Filtering (CF) Using Clustering
Sachin S. Agrawal, Ganjendra R. Bamnote

17. Double Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Tamper Detection in Incremental Documents
Vishnu Kumar, Bala Buksh, Iti Sharma

Part II. Intelligent Systems for Health and IT Applications

18. Enhancement of GSM Stream Cipher Security Using Variable Taps Mechanism and Nonlinear Combination Functions on Linear Feedback Shift Registers
Darshana Upadhyay, Priyanka Sharma, Srinivas Sampalli

19. Implementation of Taguchi Method in the Optimization of Roller Burnishing Process Parameter for Surface Roughness
Kiran A. Patel, Pragnesh K. Brahmbhatt

20. Relationship Strength Based Access Control in Online Social Networks
Abhinav Kumar, Nemi Chandra Rathore

21. Enhancement for Power Transfer Loadability in Long Transmission Line by Reactive Power Compensation
Manisha Jaswani, Satyadharma Bharti

22. A Contextual Approach for Modeling Activity Recognition
Megha Sharma, Bela Joglekar, Parag Kulkarni

23. A Fuzzy Trust Enhanced Collaborative Filtering for Effective Context-Aware Recommender Systems
Sonal Linda, Kamal K. Bharadwaj

24. An Optimal LEACH-Based Routing Protocol to Balance the Power Consumption and Extending the Lifetime of the WSNs
Yahya Kord Tamandani, Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari, Qahtan Makki

25. Social Spider Algorithm Employed Multi-level Thresholding Segmentation Approach
Prateek Agarwal, Rahul Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Mahua Bhattacharya

26. Simulation Based Comparison Between MOWL, AODV and DSDV Using NS2
Balram Swami, Ravindar Singh

27. PeTelCoDS—Personalized Television Content Delivery System: A Leap into the Set-Top Box Revolution
Mangesh Bedekar, Saniya Zahoor, Varad Vishwarupe

28. Wave Front Method Based Path Planning Algorithm for Mobile Robots
Bhavya Ghai, Anupam Shukla

29. Multimodal Database: Biometric Authentication for Unconstrained Samples
S Poornima

30. Study and Comparison of Non-traditional Cloud Storage Services for High Load Text Data
L. Srinivasa Rao, I. Raviprakash Reddy

31. Attenuation of Broadband Problems Using Data Mining Techniques
Archana Singh, Soham Benerjee, Sumit Shukla, Shubham Singhal

32. Chameleon Salting: The New Concept of Authentication Management
Binoj Koshy, Nilay Mistry, Khyati Jain

33. Identification of the Choice of Drugs in Epilepsy by the Method of Classification and Regression Tree
Vivek Kshirsagar, Anil Karwankar, Meghana Nagori, Kailas Elekar

Part III. Intelligent Managerial Applications for ICT

34. Encryption of Motion Vector Based Compressed Video Data
Manoj K Mishra, Susanta Mukhopadhyay, G. P. Biswas

35. A Hybrid Technique for Hiding Sensitive Association Rules and Maintaining Database Quality
Nikunj H. Domadiya, Udai Pratap Rao

36. A Review on Load Balancing of Virtual Machine Resources in Cloud Computing
Pradeep Kumar Tiwari, Sandeep Joshi

37. Design of Square Shaped Polarization Sensitive Metamaterial Absorber
Vandana Jain, Sanjeev Yadav, Bhavana Peswani, Manish Jain, H. S. Mewara, M. M. Sharma

38. RSM and MLR Model for Equivalent Stress Prediction of Eicher 11.10 Chassis Frame: A Comparative Study
Tushar M. Patel, Nilesh M. Bhatt

39. Gender Classification by Facial Feature Extraction Using Topographic Independent Component Analysis
Shivi Garg, Munesh C. Trivedi

40. Provision of XML Security in E-Commerce Applications with XML Digital Signatures Using Virtual Smart Card
Joannah Ravi, Balamurugan Balusamy

41. Fuzzy Weighted Metrics Routing in DSR in MANETs
Vivek Sharma, Bashir Alam, M. N. Doja

42. Semantic Model for Web-Based Big Data Using Ontology and Fuzzy Rule Mining
Sufal Das, Hemanta Kumar Kalita

43. Face Verification Across Ages Using Discriminative Methods and See 5.0 Classifier
K. Kishore Kumar, P. Trinatha Rao

44. Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Fuzzy Logic
Sagar Nandu, Nikhil Nagori, Alpa Reshamwala

45. Improved Non-Linear Polynomial Filters for Contrast Enhancement of Breast Tumors
Vikrant Bhateja, Mukul Misra, Shabana Urooj, Aimé Lay-Ekuakille

46. Sparse Representation Based Face Recognition Under Varying Illumination Conditions
Steven Lawrence Fernandes, G. Josemin Bala

Part IV. Content Based and Applications

47. Interference Minimization Protocol in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks for Military Applications
Kakelli Anil Kumar, Addepalli V. N. Krishna, K. Shahu Chatrapati

48. An Empirical Study of a Cryptographic Scheme for Secure Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kuncha Sahadevaiah, Nagendla Ramakrishnaiah, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy

49. Evolving an Algorithm to Generate Sparse Inverted Index Using Hadoop and Pig
Sonam Sharma, Shailendra Singh

50. Leakage Power Reduction Technique by Using FinFET Technology in ULSI Circuit Design
Ajay Kumar Dadoria, Kavita Khare, T. K. Gupta, R. P. Singh

51. Handwriting Recognition of Brahmi Script (an Artefact): Base of PALI Language
Neha Gautam, R. S. Sharma, Garima Hazrati

52. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Usage of MapReduce and Apache Tez in Big Data
Rupinder Singh, Puneet Jai Kaur

53. Strip Tree Based Offline Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition
M. Antony Robert Raj, S. Abirami

54. ICT Enabled Homes for Senior Citizens
Archana Singh, Jaya Bajpai, Sweta

55. Different Visualization Issues with Big Data
Koushik Mondal

56. Comparison and Analysis of Obstacle Avoiding Path Planning of Mobile Robot by Using Ant Colony Optimization and Teaching Learning Based Optimization Techniques
A. Q. Ansari, Ibraheem, Sapna Katiyar

57. An Era of Big Data on Cloud Computing Services as Utility: 360° of Review, Challenges and Unsolved Exploration Problems
Rahul Vora, Kunjal Garala, Priyanka Raval

58. Performance Evaluation of Energy Detection Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network
Reena Rathee Jaglan, Rashid Mustafa, Sandeep Sarowa, Sunil Agrawal

59. Design of Robotic Hand-Glove for Assisting Mobility Impaired
Ramalatha Marimuthu, Sathyavathi Ramkumar, Harshini Infanta, Alagu Meenal, Preethi

60. An Approach for Mining Similar Temporal Association Patterns in Single Database Scan
Vangipuram Radhakrishna, P. V. Kumar, V. Janaki

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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