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Mediterranean Green Buildings & Renewable Energy

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Table of contents

1. Energy-Saving Solutions for Five Hospitals in Europe
Marco Sala, Giuseppina Alcamo, Lucia Ceccherini Nelli

2. Climate Adapted in NZEB Retrofitting for Residential Buildings
Marco Sala, Lucia Ceccherini Nelli

3. Sustainable Strategies for Protecting and Managing Cultural Heritages: The Case Study of Gonfienti in the Tuscany Region of Italy
Marco Sala, Giuseppina Alcamo, Lucia Ceccherini Nelli

4. Buildings’ Energy Flexibility: A Bottom-Up, Multiagent, User-Based Approach to System Integration of Energy Infrastructures to Support the Smart Grid
Wim Zeiler, Timilehin Labeodan, Kennedy Aduda, Gert Boxem

5. Influence Effect of Energy Roof on PV Efficiency: A Case Study
Paul Kemme, Wim Zeiler

6. Green Buildings and Renewable Energy Application Based on Life Cycle Performance Costing
Wim Zeiler, Anna Vanderveen, Wim Maassen, Rik Maaijen

7. A Comparative Study Between Photovoltaic Pumping Systems Using a Permanent Magnet DC Motor and an Induction Motor
S. Abdourraziq, R. Bachtiri

8. Development of a Design of a Drop‐In Hydrogen Fueling Station to Support the Early Market Buildout of Hydrogen Infrastructure: Topic-9
Abdulhakim Agll, Tarek Hamad, Sushrut G. Bapat, Yousif Hamad, John W. Sheffield

9. Sustainability of Higher Educational Buildings: Retrofitting Measures to Enhance Energy Performance—The Case of AASTMT Business Management School Building, Egypt
Mohsen Aboulnaga, Ayman Wanas, Mohamed Hammad, Mohamed Hussein

10. Effectiveness of Thermal Inertia in South Mediterranean Climate: Residential Houses
Giuseppina Alcamo

11. Thermal Habitability Monitoring in Housing for Low-Income Families in Extreme Warm, Dry Weather
R. A. Romero-Moreno, G. Bojórquez-Morales, A. Luna, M. Corral, T. Gutiérrez-García

12. Multidisciplinary Energy-Efficiency Think Tank for Supporting a Multilevel Governance Model in Energy Policies and Measures: MEETHINK Energy Project: Topic-6
Antonella Trombadore

13. An Integrated Building Energy Management System
Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Ana Soares, Álvaro Gomes

14. The Normal: Minimising Energy Use; The Abnormal: Changing Habits
Anwar El-Hadi, Ingi A. El-Hadi, Mohammed A. I. Alameer

15. Semi-Empirical Models for the Estimation of Global Solar Irradiance Measurements in Morocco

N. Laaroussi, M. Garoum, A. Hajji, M. Tajayouti, A. Feiz

16. Assessing PV Module Degradation and the Potential of Using Greenhouse Roofs for Supplemental PV Power Generation in Malta
Kristy Bartolo, Charles Yousif

17. Revitalization and Refurbishment of Minor Historical Centers in the Mediterranean
Alessandra Battisti

18. Building Envelope–Systems Integrated Models: Topic 4
Fabio Conato

19. Lessons for Future Cities and Architecture: Ecology, Culture, Sustainability
Derya Oktay

20. Thermal Performance of Vacuum Glazing with Tempered Glass Panes
Yueping Fang, Trevor J. Hyde, Farid Arya, Neil Hewitt

21. Energy Refurbishment Towards Nearly Zero-Energy Terrace Houses in the Mediterranean Region
D. K. Serghides, M. Michaelidou, Stella Demetriou, M. C. Katafygiotou

22. Geo-Climatic Applicability of Direct Evaporative Cooling in Italy
Giacomo Chiesa, Fabio Acquiletti, Mario Grosso

23. Integrating Deep Offshore Wind with Pumped Hydro Storage in a Central Mediterranean Archipelago’s Electricity Generation System
Robert N. Farrugia, Tonio Sant, Cedric Caruana

24. Energy Choice to Support Carbon Dioxide Reduction in Indonesia
Herliyani Suharta, Arnold Soetrisnanto, Unggul Priyanto

25. A Study of Space Syntax and Sustainable Design in Chinese Vocational Education Parks: Three Case Studies
Qiushi Hao, Benchen Fu, Teng Fei

26. Micro-Aeolic in Residential Districts: A Case Study in Sant’Arsenio (South-western Italy)
Dora Francese, Emanuela Adamo, Shoaib Khanmohammadi

27. Effect of Shadows on the Performance of Solar Photovoltaic
Hussein A. Kazem, Miqdam T. Chaichan, Ali H. Alwaeli, Kavish Mani

28. Study of Landform-Reconstruction Method Applied to Architectural Forms in Cold Areas
Chen Shuo, Mei Hongyuan

29. Building-Integrated Renewable Energy Systems, or Rediscovering Forgotten Principles
Ana-Maria Dabija

30. The Possible Shift Between Heating and Cooling Demand of Buildings Under Climate Change Conditions: Are Some Mitigation Policies Wrongly Understood?
Massimo Palme

31. Robustness of Residential Houses in Ecuador in the Face of Global Warming: Prototyping and Simulation Studies in the Amazon, Coastal and Andes Macroclimatic Regions
Massimo Palme, Andrea Lobato

32. Performance Analysis and Parametric Studies of a Bi-fluid Type Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) Solar Collector in Simultaneous Mode Under Tropical Climate Conditions
Hasila Jarimi, Mohd Nazari Abu Bakar, Mahmod Othman, Mahadzir Din

33. Bi-fluid Photovoltaic/Thermal PV/T Solar Collector with Three Modes of Operation: Experimental Validation of a Theoretical Model
Hasila Jarimi, Mohd Nazari Abu Bakar, Mahmod Othman, Mahadzir Din

34. High Quality of Calibration Accuracy for Smart Building Energy-Efficiency Opportunities
G. Mustafaraj

35. Liquid and Gas Biofuels from the Catalytic Re-forming of Pyrolysis Bio-Oil in Supercritical Water: Effects of Operating Conditions on the Process
Javier Remón, Pedro Arcelus-Arrillaga, Jesús Arauzo, Lucía García, Marcos Millan-Agorio

36. Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Upgrading to Renewable Liquid Fuels by Catalytic Hydrocracking: Effect of Operating Conditions on the Process
Javier Remón, Pedro Arcelus-Arrillaga, Jesús Arauzo, Lucía García, Marcos Millan-Agorio

37. Supporting Electromobility in Smart Cities Using Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
J. K. Kaldellis, G. Spyropoulos, St. Liaros

38. Exploitation of Wave Energy Potential in Aegean Sea: Greece
F. Xanthaki, Chr. Giannaraki, E. F. Zafeiraki, J. K. Kaldellis

39. Energy Performance of a Renovated Multi-Family Building in Sweden
Lina Fleur, Bahram Moshfegh, Patrik Rohdin

40. Building Thermal Exergy Analysis
Lorenzo Leoncini, Marta Giulia Baldi

41. Light and Shadow: Mediterranean Visual Scenes
Judit Lopez-Besora, Helena Coch

42. Potential of Solar Electricity for Grid-Connected Systems in Algeria
L. Hassaine, A. Mraoui

43. Thermal Energy Recovery System for Upgrading Waste Heat by an Absorption Heat Pump
Yoshinori Itaya

44. Mathematical Model for System Planning on Campus: A Case Study in Harbin Institute of Technology in China
Rong Guo, Tong Wu

45. Urban Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Area: The Case of Sestri Ponente, Genoa
Katia Perini, Adriano Magliocco

46. Development of Energy Devices Based on Photovoltaic Panels with Extra Consumer Properties
L. Mikhailov, S. Mikhailova, G. Ismailova, G. Yar-Muhamedova, S. Sokolov

47. Assessment of Airflows in a School Building with Mechanical Ventilation Using Passive Tracer Gas Method
Jessika Steen Englund, Jan Akander, Mikael Björling, Bahram Moshfegh

48. Energetic and Functional Upgrading of School Buildings
Paolo Giordani, Alessandro Righi, Tiziano Dalla Mora, Mauro Frate, Fabio Peron, Piercarlo Romagnoni

49. Evaluation of Thermal Performance, Environmental Impact, and Cost Effectiveness of an XLam Component for Retrofitting in Existing Buildings
Tiziano Dalla Mora, Alessandro Righi, Fabio Peron, Piercarlo Romagnoni

50. Self-Awareness Tool for Renewable Energy Production in Mixed-Use Urban Tissues: Incubators European Project for the Mediterranean Region

Luca Caneparo, Federica Bonavero, Barbara Melis

51. Renewable Energy in South of Morocco and Prospects
Hassan Nfaoui, Ali Sayigh

52. Analysis of Energy Performance of a High-Performance Building in a Local Mediterranean Climatic Context
Maria Teresa Lucarelli, Caterina Claudia Musarella

53. Skylight Optimization Design Based on the Interior Ventilation in the Office Building in Cold Region
Tiantian Du, Jianfei Chen

54. An Environmental Technological Approach to Architectural Programming for School Facilities
Giacomo Chiesa, Mario Grosso

55. Green, Smart, Sustainable Building Aspects and Innovations
Abdul Salam Darwish

56. Soilless Urban Temporary Agriculture as a Strategy for Brownfield Site Renewal
Leonardo Boganini, Chiara Casazza

57. Solar Building Systems for the Mediterranean Region: Research Outputs Between Italy and France
Christian Cristofari, Andrea Giachetta, Chiara Piccardo

58. Spectral Variation of Energy-Efficient Room Lighting
Helmut F. O. Müller

59. The Housing Retrofit Market in Italy: Constraints and Barriers to Development
Riccardo Pollo

60. Passive Cooling in Mediterranean Area for a Bioclimatic and Zero Energy Architecture
Fabrizio Tucci

61. First-Year Performance of a PV Plant in Jordan Compared to PV Plants in the Region
Ali Hamzeh, Sadiq Hamid, Abbas Sandouk, Zakaria Al-Omari, Ghada Aldahim

62. Gauging the Effectiveness of a Resource Management Awareness Campaign on a Central Mediterranean Island
Paul Refalo, Robert N. Farrugia, Luciano Mulè Stagno, Charles Yousif, Tonio Sant, Nora Jakkel, Anthony Zammit, Joseph Portelli

63. The ‘Reduce and Save’ Project: An Island-Wide Resource Management Awareness Initiative
Paul Refalo, Luciano Mulè Stagno, Robert N. Farrugia, Charles Yousif, Tonio Sant, Nora Jakkel, Anthony Zammit, Joseph Portelli

64. Heat and Light Intensity Influence on (I–V) Characterization of Cu2S Film/p-Si Heterojunction
M. Saadeldin, M. M. El-Nahass, K. Sawaby

65. Using Renewable Energy to Process Seaweed
A. Kamaruddin, Aep Saepul Uyun, Herman Noer Rahman, Eri Suherman, Salnida Y. Lumbessi

66. New Environmentally Friendly Chlorine-Free Solar-Grade Silicon Production Technologies
Sergey Karabanov, Victor Yasevich, Dmitriy Suvorov, Evgeniy Slivkin, Andrey Karabanov

67. Some Physical Properties of Pure and Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Films Used as Transparent Conducting Oxide
Kamil M. Yousif, Sayran A. Abdulgafar

68. Socioeconomic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of a Concentrated Solar Power Energy Project in Northern Chile
Irene Rodríguez, Natalia Caldés, Alberto Garrido, Cristina Rúa, Yolanda Lechón

69. Learning Sustainability from Arab Gulf Vernacular Architecture
Khaled A. Al-Sallal

70. Transparent Conducting Oxides for Solar Cell Applications
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

71. Solar-Driven Cold Storage Units to Reduce Food Waste

72. An Adaptive Thermal Comfort Model for the Romanian Climate
Ioana Udrea, Cristiana Croitoru, Ilinca Nastase, Ruxandra Crutescu, Viorel Badescu

73. A Whole-Building, Integrated Approach for Designing a High-Performance, Net-Zero-Energy and Net-Zero-Water Building
Richard V. Piacentini

74. Dynamic Simulation for Increasing the Efficiency of Solar Cooling Systems in Northern Latitudes
Peteris Shipkovs, Janis Shipkovs, Andrejs Snegirjovs, Galina Kashkarova, Kristina Lebedeva, Lana Migla

75. Investigation of Urban Microclimate Parameters of City Square in Harbin
Hong Jin, Peng Cui, Meng Huang

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Building Physics, HVAC

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