Bleuler, Hannes

New Trends in Medical and Service Robots

Bleuler, Hannes - New Trends in Medical and Service Robots, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Effect of Non-passive Operator on Enhanced Wave-Based Teleoperator for Robotic-Assisted Surgery: First Case Study
Jing Guo, Chao Liu, Philippe Poignet

2. Singularity Analysis of a Novel Minimally-Invasive-Surgery Hybrid Robot Using Geometric Algebra
Tanio K. Tanev

3. ISO 13482:2014 and Its Confusing Categories. Building a Bridge Between Law and Robotics
Eduard Fosch Villaronga

4. Variable Stiffness Mechanism in Robotized Interventional Radiology
L. Esteveny, L. Barbé, B. Bayle

5. Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Human Knee Movement on Plane and Inclined Treadmill
D. Tarnita, M. Georgescu, D. N. Tarnita

6. Training of Robot to Assigned Geometric and Force Trajectories
A. Leskov, V. Golovin, M. Arkhipov, L. Kocherevskaya

7. Kinematic Analysis of an Innovative Medical Parallel Robot Using Study Parameters
Calin Vaida, Doina Pisla, Josef Schadlbauer, Manfred Husty, Nicolae Plitea

8. Visuo-vestibular Contributions to Vertical Self-motion Perception in Healthy Adults
I. Giannopulu, P. Leboucher, G. Rautureau, I. Israël, R. Jouvent

9. Series Elastic Actuation for Assistive Orthotic Devices: Case Study of Pneumatic Actuator
A. Ortlieb, J. Olivier, M. Bouri, H. Bleuler

10. Sensory-Motor Anticipation and Local Information Fusion for Reliable Humanoid Approach
H. F. Chame, C. Chevallereau

11. On the Design of the Exoskeleton Arm with Decoupled Dynamics
V. Arakelian, Y. Aoustin, C. Chevallereau

12. Assisting Control of Forces in Laparoscopy Using Tactile and Visual Sensory Substitution
Thomas Howard, Jérôme Szewczyk

13. A Dual-User Teleoperation System with Adaptive Authority Adjustment for Haptic Training
Fei Liu, Arnaud Lelevé, Damien Eberard, Tanneguy Redarce

14. Strategy to Lock the Knee of Exoskeleton Stance Leg: Study in the Framework of Ballistic Walking Model
Y. Aoustin, A. M. Formalskii

15. Development of a Robotic Driven Handheld Laparoscopic Instrument for Non-invasive Intraoperative Detection of Small Endoluminal Digestive Tumors
B. Mocan, V. V. Bintintan, S. Brad, C. Ciuce, M. Mocan, M. Murar

16. Modeling and Dynamic Identification of Medical Devices: Theory, Issues and Example
A. Jubien, M. Gautier

17. A Legged Robotic System for Remote Monitoring
F. Tedeschi, G. Carbone

18. Development of Human-Centered Social Robot with Embedded Personality for Elderly Care
Aleksandar Rodić, Milica Vujović, Ilija Stevanović, Miloš Jovanović

19. Morphological Optimization of Prosthesis’ Finger for Precision Grasping
J. L. Ramírez, A. Rubiano, N. Jouandeau, L. Gallimard, O. Polit

20. Correction Method for Spine Flexion Tracking with Markers
S. Butnariu, C. Antonya

21. Anthropomorphic Underactuated Hand with 15 Joints
E. Matheson, Y. Aoustin, E. Carpentier, A. Leon, J. Perrin

22. Effects of the Rolling Mechanism of the Stance Foot on the Generalized Inverted Pendulum Definition
Sylvain Devie, Sophie Sakka

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Biomedical Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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