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Cancer and Zebrafish

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Table of contents

Part I. Powers of the Zebrafish Model

1. Uncharted Waters: Zebrafish Cancer Models Navigate a Course for Oncogene Discovery
Craig J. Ceol, Yariv Houvras

2. The Toolbox for Conditional Zebrafish Cancer Models
Marie Mayrhofer, Marina Mione

3. Approaches to Inactivate Genes in Zebrafish
John M. Parant, Jing-Ruey Joanna Yeh

4. Tumor Suppressors in Zebrafish: From TP53 to PTEN and Beyond
Jeroen Hertog

5. Identifying Novel Cancer Therapies Using Chemical Genetics and Zebrafish
Michelle Dang, Rachel Fogley, Leonard I. Zon

6. Genomic Approaches to Zebrafish Cancer
Richard M. White

7. Transcriptomic Analyses in Zebrafish Cancer Models for Global Gene Expression and Pathway Discovery
Xiaoqian Huang, Ira Agrawal, Zhen Li, Weiling Zheng, Qingsong Lin, Zhiyuan Gong

8. Zebrafish Discoveries in Cancer Epigenetics
Yelena Chernyavskaya, Brandon Kent, Kirsten C. Sadler

9. Lymphatics, Cancer and Zebrafish
Jonathan W. Astin, Philip S. Crosier

10. In Vivo Imaging of Cancer in Zebrafish
Myron S. Ignatius, Madeline Hayes, David M. Langenau

11. Imaging Cancer Angiogenesis and Metastasis in a Zebrafish Embryo Model
C. Tulotta, S. He, W. Ent, L. Chen, A. Groenewoud, H. P. Spaink, B. E. Snaar-Jagalska

12. Allograft Cancer Cell Transplantation in Zebrafish
John C. Moore, David M. Langenau

13. The Zebrafish Xenograft Platform: Evolution of a Novel Cancer Model and Preclinical Screening Tool
Jaime Wertman, Chansey J. Veinotte, Graham Dellaire, Jason N. Berman

14. Automation of Technology for Cancer Research
Wietske Ent, Wouter J. Veneman, Arwin Groenewoud, Lanpeng Chen, Claudia Tulotta, Pancras C. W. Hogendoorn, Herman. P. Spaink, B. Ewa Snaar-Jagalska

Part II. Cancer Models in Fish

15. Zebrafish Models of Human Leukemia: Technological Advances and Mechanistic Insights
Nicholas R. Harrison, Fabrice J. F. Laroche, Alejandro Gutierrez, Hui Feng

16. Zebrafish Rhabdomyosarcoma
Michael Phelps, Eleanor Chen

17. Baiting for Cancer: Using the Zebrafish as a Model in Liver and Pancreatic Cancer
Katie L. Hwang, Wolfram Goessling

18. Focusing the Spotlight on the Zebrafish Intestine to Illuminate Mechanisms of Colorectal Cancer
Viola H. Lobert, Dmitri Mouradov, Joan K. Heath

19. Zebrafish Melanoma
Charles K. Kaufman

20. Neuroblastoma and Its Zebrafish Model
Shizhen Zhu, A. Thomas Look

21. Zebrafish Germ Cell Tumors
Angelica Sanchez, James F. Amatruda

22. Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors
Adam D. Durbin, Dong Hyuk Ki, Shuning He, A. Thomas Look

23. Xiphophorus and Medaka Cancer Models
Manfred Schartl, Ronald B. Walter

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Gene Function, Animal Anatomy / Morphology / Histology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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12 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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