Segalini, Antonio

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (ICJWSF2015)

Segalini, Antonio - Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (ICJWSF2015), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Jets

1. Analysis of Vortical Structures in Intermittent Jets
Alexander Nygård, Mireia Altimira, Bernhard Semlitsch, Lisa Prahl Wittberg, Laszlo Fuchs

2. Flow Structure of a Round Jet with Side-Jet Formation
Kenta Kawabe, Akinori Muramatsu

3. Flow and Heat Transfer Features of an Impinging Annular Jet
Victor Terekhov, Svetlana Kalinina, Konstantin Sharov

4. Investigation of the Flow in Free and Impinging Air Micro- and Macrojets
Vadim Lemanov, Victor Terekhov, Konstantin Sharov

5. Numerical Investigation of a Confined Jet Array Penetrating into a Counterflow
Etienne Robert, Martin Thomas

6. Coherent Structures in a Turbulent Swirling Jet Under Vortex Breakdown. 3D PIV Measurements
Sergey V. Alekseenko, Vladimir M. Dulin, M. P. Tokarev, Dmitriy M. Markovich

7. An Effect of Initial Disturbance on Spatial Development of a Two-Dimensional Jet at a Low Reynolds Number
Akinori Muramatsu, Hokuto Tsuchiya

8. Effect of Buoyancy on the Instability of Light Jets and Plumes
Ravilla Vamsi Krishna Chakravarthy, Lutz Lesshafft, Patrick Huerre

9. Direct Numerical Simulation of Dynamic-Rotational Controlled Jet
Koichi Tsujimoto, Toma Onodera, Toshihiko Shakouchi, Toshitake Ando

10. Enhancement of Turbulent Diffusion in an Axisymmetric Jet by Vortex Generators
Mamoru Takahashi, Kensuke Miura, Yasuhiko Sakai, Yasumasa Ito, Koji Iwano, Koji Nagata

11. Diffusion Control of Jet by Acoustically Driven Secondary Film Flow
Norimasa Miyagi, Motoaki Kimura

12. Numerical Simulation of Flow Structure and Heat Transfer in a Swirling Gas-Droplet Turbulent Flow Through a Pipe Expansion
Viktor Terekhov, Maksim Pakhomov

13. The Influence of an Asymmetric Slot on the Flow Characteristics of Synthetic Jets
Yusuke Watabe, Kotaro Sato, Koichi Nishibe, Kazuhiko Yokota

14. Performance Characteristics of a Fan Using Synthetic Jets
Tomoaki Ishizawa, Kotaro Sato, Koichi Nishibe, Kazuhiko Yokota

Part II. Wakes

15. Towards Local Isotropy of Higher Order Statistics in Wakes
Shunlin Tang, Robert A. Antonia, Lyazid Djenidi, Luminita Danaila, Yu Zhou, Tongming Zhou

16. Heat Transfer Enhancement by Grid-Generated Turbulence for a Cylinder in Crossflow
Gianfrancesco Melina, Paul John Kenneth Bruce, Geoffrey Frederick Hewitt, John Christos Vassilicos

17. An Experimental Study on the Relation Between the Wake Inlet Conditions and the Near Wake Topology
Renzo Trip, Jens H. M. Fransson

18. Vortex Structure Extraction from Circular Disk Wake by POD and PIV Processing
Makoto Aoki, Takao Mizuno, Hikaru Aono, Hitoshi Ishikawa

19. Influence of Surface Waves on Kármán Street Behind Vertical Cylinder: Subharmonic Lock-in and Phase Synchronizaton
Hans Gunnoo, Nizar Abcha, Isabel Garcia-Hermosa, Anne-Claire Bennis, Alexander Ezersky

20. Organization of an Axisymmetric Turbulent Wake in Presence of a Central Protrusion
Valeria Gentile, Ferdinand F. J. Schrijer, Bas W. Oudheusden, Fulvio Scarano

21. Global Linear Stability Analysis of the Flow Around a Superhydrophobic Circular Cylinder
Franco Auteri, Marco Carini, Michel Fournié, Dominique Fratantonio, Flavio Giannetti

22. Optimal Cancelation of Vortex Street in Flow Past a Circular Cylinder with Controllable Wettability Properties
Marios E. Mastrokalos, Christos I. Papadopoulos, Lambros Kaiktsis

23. Numerical Experiment of Flow Characteristics of a Circular Cylinder with Splitter Plate
Yoshifumi Yokoi

24. Wake Structures of a Particle in Straight and Curved Flows
Toshiaki Fukada, Shintaro Takeuchi, Takeo Kajishima

25. Numerical Flow Simulations of a Flexible Plate Attached to an Obstacle in Crossflow
Lukas Schickhofer, Bernhard Semlitsch, Mihai Mihăescu

26. Effect of Chordwise Flexibility on Flapping Wing Aerodynamics
Onur Son, Oksan Cetiner

Part III. Separated Flows

27. Characteristics of Recirculation Regions on Ribs of Varying Length
Jacques W. Kindere, Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

28. Passive Load Control in Backward-Facing Step Flow by Using Chevrons
Johan Nilsson, Robert-Zoltán Szász, Per-Erik Austrell, Ephraim J. Gutmark

29. Active Flow Control Behind a Backward Facing Step Using a Zero-Net-Mass-Flux System
Umut Can Coskun, Sertac Cadirci, Hasan Gunes

30. Control of the Reattachment Length of a Transonic 2D Backward-Facing Step Flow
Istvan Bolgar, Sven Scharnowski, Christian J. Kähler

31. POD Analysis of Jet and Vortex Flows Induced by Oscillating Backward Facing Step
Sertac Cadirci, Mustafa Ozsipahi, Hasan Gunes

32. Characterization of the Massively Separated Wake Behind a Square Cylinder by Means of Direct Numerical Simulation
Ricardo Vinuesa, Philipp Schlatter, Dan S. Henningson

33. Investigations on the Effects of Trip Wires on the Performances of a Rectangular Wing
Gabriele Capuano, Giovanni Paolo Romano

Part IV. Vehicle Aerodynamics

34. Comparison of Synthetic and Pulsed Jets Effect for the Flow Around the Ahmed Body
Stéphie Edwige, Yoann Eulalie, Philippe Gilotte, Iraj Mortazavi

35. Large Eddy Simulations of Flow Around Two Generic Vehicles in a Platoon
Maryam Mirzaei, Siniša Krajnović

36. Numerical Study of Aerodynamic Interactions in a Homogeneous Multi-vehicle Formation
Maryam Mirzaei, Siniša Krajnović

37. Numerical Investigation of the Actuated Flow on a Bluff Body
Guglielmo Minelli, Siniša Krajnović

Part V. Wall-Bounded and Confined Flows

38. Breakdown of a Low-Speed Streak Caused by Turbulent Fluctuations
Huy Quang Ho, Masahito Asai, Shohei Takagi

39. Advection of a Coherent Structure in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Masaharu Matsubara, Masanari Nagasaki, Akihito Yokoi, Muhammad Azmeer

40. Wall Similarity in Turbulent Boundary Layers Subjected to Weak Pressure Gradients
Shinsuke Mochizuki, Hiroki Suzuki, Hitoshi Tokunaga, Takatsugu Kameda

41. Interaction Layer Between a Turbulent Boundary Layer and Free-Stream Turbulence
R. Jason Hearst, Eda Dogan, Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

42. Generalization of the Diagnostic Plot to Higher-Order Moments in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Ramis Örlü, Antonio Segalini, Joseph Klewicki, P. Henrik Alfredsson

43. Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Forest Clearings
Antonio Segalini

44. Flow and Heat Transfer of Petal Shaped Double Tube—Effects of Pipe Geometry
Toshihiko Shakouchi, Ryosuke Ozawa, Fumi Iwasaki, Koichi Tsujimoto, Toshitake Ando

45. Loss Reduction of the Flow in the Reducing Elbow Duct by Using Weir Shaped Small Obstacle
Toshitake Ando, Toshihiko Shakouchi, Atsushi Hanai, Koichi Tsujimoto

46. Flow Field Characteristics and Energy Injection in a Tank Stirred by Regular and Fractal Blade Impellers
Konstantinos Steiros, Paul John Kenneth Bruce, Oliver R. H. Buxton, John Christos Vassilicos

Part VI. Noise

47. Numerical Study on the Sound Amplification of a T-Junction with Bias Flow
Lin Du, Mikael Karlsson, Mats Åbom

48. Experiments on Sound Radiation in Flow Past Two Side-by-Side Square Cylinders
Ressa Octavianty, Masahito Asai

49. Turbulent Jet Noise Simulation and Propagation Using a 3rd Order MUSCL/CD Scheme on Unstructured Grid and Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings
Mirela Caraeni, Alastair West, Doru Caraeni

50. Investigation of the Effect of a Realistic Nozzle Geometry on the Jet Development
Mehmet Onur Cetin, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

51. Linear Stability Analyses and Large Eddy Simulations for Acoustic Wave Generation Mechanism of a Transitional Supersonic Jet
Taku Nonomura, Kozo Fujii

52. Can Jet Noise Be Predicted Using Linear Instability Wavepackets?
Onofrio Semeraro, Lutz Lesshafft, Richard D. Sandberg

Part VII. Turbomachinery Flows

53. A Numerical Model of Fluid Structure Interaction of a Fluttering Valve
Umut Can Coskun, Hasan Gunes, Kemal Sarioglu

54. Capacity Testing and Local Flow Analysis of Geometrically Complex Trims Installed Within a Commercial Control Valve
Taimoor Asim, Rakesh Mishra, Matthew Charlton, Antonio Carlos Oliveira

55. Wall Treatment Effects on the Heat Transfer in a Radial Turbine Turbocharger
Shyang Maw Lim, Anders Dahlkild, Mihai Mihăescu

56. On the Characteristics of the Jet in Film Cooling Applications
Hossein Nadali Najafabadi, Arman Farhanieh, Roland Gårdhagen, Matts Karlsson

57. Similarities and Differences Concerning Flow Characteristics in Centrifugal Compressors of Different Size
Elias Sundström, Bernhard Semlitsch, Mihai Mihăescu

Part VIII. Multiphase and Reacting Flows

58. Study of Liquid Breakup Mechanism Through a High-Speed Gas Flow
Ryoichi S. Amano, Yi-Hsin Yen

59. Clustering and Settling of Inertial Particles in Turbulence
Sholpan Sumbekova, Alberto Aliseda, Alain Cartellier, Mickael Bourgoin

60. On Mechanics of Turbulent Gas-Liquid Flows
Alexander V. Gorin

61. Film Behavior of Two-Phase Flow in a Horizontal Pipe with a Sudden Contraction
Takahiro Fujimatsu, Mizuki Kito, Kunikazu Kondo

62. Some Aspects of Design and Modelling of Multi-phase Separation Process in Complex Channels Under Magnetic Fields
Maxim Kireitseu

63. Tire Water Splash Modeling
Dragos Moroianu, Alper Cesur

64. Algorithm for Automatic Quantification of Flashback and Flash Forward Events from High-Speed Chemiluminescence Recordings
Robert-Zoltán Szász, Arman Ahmed Subash, Andreas Lantz, Robert Collin, Laszlo Fuchs, Ephraim J. Gutmark

65. Effect of Grouping of Fuel Droplets on a Flame Formed by an Oscillating Spray Jet
David Katoshevski, J.B. Greenberg

66. Influence of Coaxial Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator on Jet Flame
Jun Asakura, Motoaki Kimura

Part IX. Vortex Dynamics

67. Vortex Rings Formed Behind a Free-Flight Butterfly and Their Dynamic Behaviors
Masaki Fuchiwaki, Kazuhiro Tanaka

68. Experimental and Computational Observation of Air Bubble Ring Due to Plughole Vortex
Rayhan Ahmed, HeeChang Lim

69. Penetration by a Negatively Buoyant Vortex Ring
Takashi Naitoh, Nobuyuki Okura, Tomomi Tanaka, Fumihito Goto

Part X. Energy-Related Flows

70. Development of Near Wake of a HAWT Depending on Hub Height
Ivan Dobrev, Fawaz Massouh

71. Leading Edge Vortex Development on Pitching and Surging Airfoils: A Study of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Reeve Dunne, Hsieh-Chen Tsai, Tim Colonius, Beverley J. McKeon

72. Performance Comparison of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using Commercial and Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Codes
Taimoor Asim, Rakesh Mishra, Sree Nirjhor Kaysthagir, Ghada Aboufares

73. Measurement and Control of Forces Acting on a Solar Panel
Yuta Ikeya, Koji Fukagata, Noriaki Ichijo, Masakazu Hasegawa, Shinsuke Matsuno

Part XI. Numerical Analyses

74. Two- and Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis for Flow Field Characteristics at Various Low Reynolds Numbers
Donghwi Lee, Taku Nonomura, Akira Oyama, Kozo Fujii

75. Increasing the Critical Reynolds Number by Maximizing Energy Dissipation Problem
Takashi Nakazawa

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Complexity

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