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Principles of Performance and Reliability Modeling and Evaluation

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Table of contents

Part I. Phase Type Distributions, Expectation Maximization Algorithms, and Probabilistic Graphical Models

1. Phase Type and Matrix Exponential Distributions in Stochastic Modeling
Andras Horvath, Marco Scarpa, Miklos Telek

2. An Analytical Framework to Deal withChanging Points and Variable Distributions in Quality Assessment
Dario Bruneo, Salvatore Distefano, Francesco Longo, Marco Scarpa

3. Fitting Phase-Type Distributions and Markovian Arrival Processes: Algorithms and Tools
Hiroyuki Okamura, Tadashi Dohi

4. Constant-Stress Accelerated Life-Test Models and Data Analysis for One-Shot Devices
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Man Ho Ling, Hon Yiu So

5. Probabilistic Graphical Models for Fault Diagnosis in Complex Systems
Ali Abdollahi, Krishna R. Pattipati, Anuradha Kodali, Satnam Singh, Shigang Zhang, Peter B. Luh

Part II. Principles of Performance and Reliability Modeling and Evaluation

6. From Performability to Uncertainty
Raymond A. Marie

7. Sojourn Times in Dependability Modeling
Gerardo Rubino, Bruno Sericola

8. Managed Dependability in Interacting Systems
Poul E. Heegaard, Bjarne E. Helvik, Gianfranco Nencioni, Jonas Wäfler

9. 30 Years of GreatSPN
Elvio Gilberto Amparore, Gianfranco Balbo, Marco Beccuti, Susanna Donatelli, Giuliana Franceschinis

10. WebSPN: A Flexible Tool for the Analysis of Non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Nets
Francesco Longo, Marco Scarpa, Antonio Puliafito

11. Modeling Availability Impact in Cloud Computing
Paulo Romero Martins Maciel

12. Scalable Assessment and Optimization of Power Distribution Automation Networks
Alberto Avritzer, Lucia Happe, Anne Koziolek, Daniel Sadoc Menasche, Sindhu Suresh, Jose Yallouz

13. Model Checking Two Layers of Mean-Field Models
Anna Kolesnichenko, Anne Remke, Pieter-Tjerk Boer, Boudewijn R. Haverkort

Part III. Checkpointing and Queueing

14. Standby Systems with Backups
Gregory Levitin, Liudong Xing

15. Reliability Analysis of a Cloud Computing System with Replication: Using Markov Renewal Processes
Mitsutaka Kimura, Xufeng Zhao, Toshio Nakagawa

16. Service Reliability Enhancement in Cloud by Checkpointing and Replication
Subrota K. Mondal, Fumio Machida, Jogesh K. Muppala

17. Linear Algebraic Methods in RESTART Problems in Markovian Systems
Stephen Thompson, Lester Lipsky, Søren Asmussen

18. Vacation Queueing Models of Service Systems Subject to Failure and Repair
Oliver C. Ibe

Part IV. Software Simulation, Testing, Workloads, Aging, Reliability, and Resilience

19. Combined Simulation and Testing Based on Standard UML Models
Vitali Schneider, Anna Deitsch, Winfried Dulz, Reinhard German

20. Workloads in the Clouds
Maria Carla Calzarossa, Marco L. Della Vedova, Luisa Massari, Dana Petcu, Momin I. M. Tabash, Daniele Tessera

21. Reproducibility of Software Bugs
Flavio Frattini, Roberto Pietrantuono, Stefano Russo

22. Constraint-Based Virtualization of Industrial Networks
Waseem Mandarawi, Andreas Fischer, Amine Mohamed Houyou, Hans-Peter Huth, Hermann Meer

23. Component-Oriented Reliability Assessment Approach Based on Decision-Making Frameworks for Open Source Software
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura

24. Measuring the Resiliency of Extreme-Scale Computing Environments
Catello Di Martino, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Ravishankar Iyer

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, R & D/Technology Policy, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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Springer Series in Reliability Engineering
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