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Springer Handbook of Model-Based Science

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Table of contents

A. Theoretical Issues in Models

1. The Ontology of Models
Axel Gelfert

2. Models and Theories
Demetris Portides

3. Models and Representation
Roman Frigg, James Nguyen

4. Models and Explanation
Alisa Bokulich

5. Models and Simulations
Nancy J. Nersessian, Miles MacLeod

B. Theoretical and Cognitive Issues in Abduction and Scientific Inference

6. Reorienting the Logic of Abduction
John Woods

7. Patterns of Abductive Inference
Gerhard Schurz

8. Forms of Abduction and an Inferential Taxonomy
Gerhard Minnameier

9. Magnani’s Manipulative Abduction
Woosuk Park

C. The Logic of Hypothetical Reasoning, Abduction, and Models

10. The Logic of Abduction: An Introduction
Atocha Aliseda

11. Qualitative Inductive Generalization and Confirmation
Mathieu Beirlaen

12. Modeling Hypothetical Reasoning by Formal Logics
Tjerk Gauderis

13. Abductive Reasoning in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Angel Nepomuceno-Fernández, Fernando Soler-Toscano, Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada

14. Argumentation and Abduction in Dialogical Logic
Cristina Barés Gómez, Matthieu Fontaine

15. Formal (In)consistency, Abduction and Modalities
Juliana Bueno-Soler, Walter Carnielli, Marcelo E. Coniglio, Abilio Rodrigues Filho

D. Model-Based Reasoning in Science and History of Science

16. Metaphor and Model-Based Reasoning in Mathematical Physics
Ryan D. Tweney

17. Nancy Nersessian’s Cognitive-Historical Approach
Nora Alejandrina Schwartz

18. Physically Similar Systems - A History of the Concept
Susan G. Sterrett

19. Hypothetical Models in Social Science
Alessandra Basso, Chiara Lisciandra, Caterina Marchionni

20. Model-Based Diagnosis
Antoni Ligęza, Bartłomiej Górny

21. Thought Experiments in Model-Based Reasoning
Margherita Arcangeli

E. Models in Mathematics

22. Diagrammatic Reasoning in Mathematics
Valeria Giardino

23. Deduction, Diagrams and Model-Based Reasoning
John Mumma

24. Model-Based Reasoning in Mathematical Practice
Joachim Frans, Isar Goyvaerts, Bart Van Kerkhove

25. Abduction and the Emergence of Necessary Mathematical Knowledge
Ferdinand Rivera

F. Model-Based Reasoning in Cognitive Science

26. Vision, Thinking, and Model-Based Inferences
Athanassios Raftopoulos

27. Diagrammatic Reasoning
William Bechtel

28. Embodied Mental Imagery in Cognitive Robots
Alessandro Di Nuovo, Davide Marocco, Santo Di Nuovo, Angelo Cangelosi

29. Dynamical Models of Cognition
Mary Ann Metzger

30. Complex versus Complicated Models of Cognition
Ruud J.R. Den Hartigh, Ralf F.A. Cox, Paul L.C. Van Geert

31. From Neural Circuitry to Mechanistic Model-Based Reasoning
Jonathan Waskan

G. Modelling and Computational Issues

32. Computational Aspects of Model-Based Reasoning
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Antonio Cicchetti

33. Computational Scientific Discovery
Peter D. Sozou, Peter C.R. Lane, Mark Addis, Fernand Gobet

34. Computer Simulations and Computational Models in Science
Cyrille Imbert

35. Simulation of Complex Systems
Paul Davidsson, Franziska Klügl, Harko Verhagen

36. Models and Experiments in Robotics
Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati

37. Biorobotics
Edoardo Datteri

H. Models in Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences

38. Comparing Symmetries in Models and Simulations
Giuseppe Longo, Maël Montévil

39. Experimentation on Analogue Models
Susan G. Sterrett

40. Models of Chemical Structure
William Goodwin

41. Models in Geosciences
Alisa Bokulich, Naomi Oreskes

42. Models in the Biological Sciences
Elisabeth A. Lloyd

43. Models and Mechanisms in Cognitive Science
Massimo Marraffa, Alfredo Paternoster

44. Model-Based Reasoning in the Social Sciences
Federica Russo

I. Models in Engineering, Architecture, and Economical and Human Sciences

45. Models in Architectural Design
Pieter Pauwels

46. Representational and Experimental Modeling in Archaeology
Alison Wylie

47. Models and Ideology in Design
Cameron Shelley

48. Restructuring Incomplete Models in Innovators Marketplace on Data Jackets
Yukio Ohsawa, Teruaki Hayashi, Hiroyuki Kido

49. Models in Pedagogy and Education
Flavia Santoianni

50. Model-Based Reasoning in Crime Prevention
Charlotte Gerritsen, Tibor Bosse

51. Modeling in the Macroeconomics of Financial Markets
Giovanna Magnani

52. Application of Models from Social Science to Social Policy
Eleonora Montuschi

53. Models and Moral Deliberation
Cameron Shelley

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Philosophy of Science, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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