Harris, Mark Anglin

Geobiotechnological Solutions to Anthropogenic Disturbances

Harris, Mark Anglin - Geobiotechnological Solutions to Anthropogenic Disturbances, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Open-Cast Mining: Some Problems and Solutions

1. Post-mining Nutrient Depletion of Bauxite Overburdens in Jamaica: Storage Methods or Subsoil Dilution?
Mark Anglin Harris, Samson N. Omoregie

2. Dust Reduction in Bauxite Red Mud Waste using Carbonation, Gypsum & Flocculation
Mark Anglin Harris

3. Fragility and Bearing Capacity of Gray Shales in North-Eastern Jamaica After Landslips: Origins, and Implications for Open-Cut Mines
Mark Anglin Harris

Part II. Mine Waste: Utilization and Recycling

4. Hydrocarbon-Contamination of Soils Around a Trinidadian Pitch Lake: Red Muds as a Resistance to Potential Soil Toxicants
Mark Anglin Harris

5. Geotechnical Stability of Two Gypsum-Treated Bauxite Red Muds and “Marl” as a Road Base Under Submerged Conditions
Mark Anglin Harris

6. Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Some Un-calcined Red Mud Mortars: Geotechnical Implications
Mark Anglin Harris

Part III. Acidic Mine Water: Bioremediation

7. Bioremediation of a Stagnant Polluted Acid Mine Drainage Using a Clay-Lime Spiked Sludge and Bacterial Degradation
Mark Anglin Harris, Santo Ragusa

8. Detoxification of Acid Drainage Using Inorganic pH Buffers in a Constant Flow Bioreactor
Mark Anglin Harris, Santo Ragusa

Part IV. Mine-Spoils and Mine Tailings: Microbial Remediation

9. Aggregation of Sodic Subsoils Using Gypsum and Decomposable Phyto-organics: Interactions and Implications for Bauxite Red Muds
Mark Anglin Harris, Pichu Rengasamy

10. Structural Amelioration of Indurated Gypsum-Treated Bauxite Red Mud Tailings Using Bacterially Mediated Organic Treatments
Mark Anglin Harris

11. Management of a Potential Mine Capping for Reclamation of Open-Cut Mines: Responses to Decomposable Organic Treatments
Mark Anglin Harris, Pichu Rengasamy

12. Erodibility of Unconsolidated Mine Wastes Under Simulated Rainfall and Hydraulic Forces After Organic Amendments
Mark Anglin Harris

13. Modification of Hydraulic Conductivity and Aggregation in Pyritic Mine Tailings Materials with Sludge and Decomposable Phyto-Organics
Mark Anglin Harris, Mallavarapu Megharaj

14. Quenching of Phosphorus-Fixation in a Disturbed Caribbean Bauxite Mine Overburden Using Root Exudates: Implications for Acidic Tropical Soils
Mark Anglin Harris

15. Cold-Water Starch Dissolution Bioreactors: Role in Treating Heap-Leached Wastewater from Precious Metal and REE Ores
Mark Anglin Harris

16. Air, Land, and Water Contamination from Industrial Processing of Bitter Cassava: Implications for Pre-emptive Moisture-Pressure Combination Treatments
Mark Anglin Harris

17. A Multiphase Outflow Purification System (MOPS) for Long-Term Sustainability of Acid Mine Drainage Detoxification and Metal Recovery
Mark Anglin Harris

Keywords: Environment, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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Environmental Earth Sciences
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26 pages
Natural Sciences
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