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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Device Modelling, Electric Circuits andSimulation

1. Electron Quantum Transport in Disordered Graphene
I. Deretzis, V. Romano, A. La Magna

2. Latency Exploitation in Wavelet-Based Multirate Circuit Simulation
Kai Bittner, Hans Georg Brachtendorf

3. Turning Points of Nonlinear Circuits
Ignacio Garcı́a Vega, Ricardo Riaza

4. Mixed Domain Macromodels for RF MEMS Capacitive Switches
Gabriela Ciuprina, Aurel-Sorin Lup, Bogdan Diţă, Daniel Ioan, Ştefan Sorohan, Dragoş Isvoranu, Sebastian Kula

Part II. Computational Electromagnetics

5. Systematic Determination of Eigenfields in Frequency Domain
Todorka Banova, Wolfgang Ackermann, Thomas Weiland

6. DG Treatment of Non-conforming Interfaces in 3D Curl-Curl Problems
Raffael Casagrande, Christoph Winkelmann, Ralf Hiptmair, Joerg Ostrowski

7. A Symmetric and Low-Frequency Stable Potential Formulation for the Finite-Element Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields
Martin Jochum, Ortwin Farle, Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger

8. Local Multiple Traces Formulation for High-Frequency Scattering Problems by Spectral Elements
Carlos Jerez-Hanckes, José Pinto, Simon Tournier

9. Multi-GPU Acceleration of Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners
Christian Richter, Sebastian Schöps, Markus Clemens

10. On Several Green’s Function Methods for Fast Poisson Solver in Free Space
Dawei Zheng, Ursula Rienen

Part III. Coupled Problems

11. Thermal Simulations for Optimization of Dry Transformers Cooling System
Andrea Cremasco, Paolo Barba, Bogdan Cranganu-Cretu, Wei Wu, Andreas Blaszczyk

12. Multirate GARK Schemes for Multiphysics Problems
Michael Günther, Christoph Hachtel, Adrian Sandu

13. Iterative Software Agent Based Solution of Multiphysics Problems
Matthias Jüttner, André Buchau, Desirée Vögeli, Wolfgang M. Rucker, Peter Göhner

14. Simulation of Thermomechanical Behavior Subjected to Induction Hardening
Qingzhe Liu, Thomas Petzold, Dawid Nadolski, Roland Pulch

15. Tools for Aiding the Design of Photovoltaic Systems
Timo Rahkonen, Christian Schuss

Part IV. Model Order Reduction

16. Parametric and Reduced-Order Modeling for the Thermal Analysis of Nanoelectronic Structures
Lihong Feng, Peter Meuris, Wim Schoenmaker, Peter Benner

17. On Tuning Passive Black-Box Macromodels of LTI Systems via Adaptive Weighting
Stefano Grivet-Talocia, Andrea Ubolli, Alessandro Chinea, Michelangelo Bandinu

18. Multipoint Model Order Reduction Using Reflective Exploration
Elizabeth Rita Samuel, Luc Knockaert, Tom Dhaene

19. Interface Reduction for Multirate ODE-Solver
Christoph Hachtel, Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther

Part V. Uncertainty Quantification

20. Approximation Methods to Solve Stochastic Problems in Computational Electromagnetics
Stéphane Clénet

21. Reduced Basis Modeling for Uncertainty Quantification of Electromagnetic Problems in Stochastically Varying Domains
Peter Benner, Martin W. Hess

22. Model Order Reduction for Stochastic Expansions of Electric Circuits
Roland Pulch

23. Robust Topology Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Using Multi-Level Set and Stochastic Collocation Methods
Piotr Putek, Kai Gausling, Andreas Bartel, Konstanty M. Gawrylczyk, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Roland Pulch, Michael Günther

24. First Results for Uncertainty Quantification in Co-Simulation of Coupled Electrical Circuits
Kai Gausling, Andreas Bartel

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Simulation and Modeling, Numerical and Computational Physics

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Mathematics in Industry
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11 pages
Natural Sciences
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