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Mathematical and Computational Approaches in Advancing Modern Science and Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory and Applications of Mathematical Models in Physical and Chemical Sciences

1. Compressibility Coefficients in Nonlinear Transport Models in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Iftikhar Ali, Bilal Chanane, Nadeem A. Malik

2. Solutions of Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation with Reflecting and Absorbing Boundary Conditions Using Matlab
Iftikhar Ali, Nadeem A. Malik, Bilal Chanane

3. Homoclinic Structure for a Generalized Davey-Stewartson System
Ceni Babaoglu, Irma Hacinliyan

4. Numerical Simulations of the Dynamics of Vortex Rossby Waves on a Beta-Plane
L. J. Campbell

5. On the Problem of Similar Motions of a Chain of Coupled Heavy Rigid Bodies
Dmitriy Chebanov

6. On Stabilization of an Unbalanced Lagrange Gyrostat
Dmitriy Chebanov, Natalia Mosina, Jose Salas

7. Approximate Solution of Some Boundary Value Problems of Coupled Thermo-Elasticity
Manana Chumburidze

8. Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcations in Laser Systems with All-to-All Coupling
Juancho A. Collera

9. Effect of Jet Impingement on Nano-aerosol Soot Formation in a Paraffin-Oil Flame
Masoud Darbandi, Majid Ghafourizadeh, Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh

10. Normalization of Eigenvectors and Certain Properties of Parameter Matrices Associated with The Inverse Problem for Vibrating Systems
Mohamed El-Gebeily, Yehia Khulief

11. Computational Aspects of Solving Inverse Problems for Elliptic PDEs on Perforated Domains Using the Collage Method
H. Kunze, D. Torre

12. Dynamic Boundary Stabilization of a Schrödinger Equation Through a Kelvin-Voigt Damped Wave Equation
Lu Lu, Jun-Min Wang

13. Molecular-Dynamics Simulations Using Spatial Decomposition and Task-Based Parallelism
Chris M. Mangiardi, R. Meyer

14. Modelling of Local Length-Scale Dynamics and Isotropizing Deformations: Formulation in Natural Coordinate System
O. Pannekoucke, E. Emili, O. Thual

15. Post-Newtonian Gravitation
Erik I. Verriest

Part II. Mathematical and Computational Methods in Life Sciences and Medicine

16. A Quantitative Model of Cutaneous Melanoma Diagnosis Using Thermography
Ephraim Agyingi, Tamas Wiandt, Sophia Maggelakis

17. Time-Dependent Casual Encounters Games and HIV Spread
Safia Athar, Monica Gabriela Cojocaru

18. Modelling an Aquaponic Ecosystem Using Ordinary Differential Equations
C. Bobak, H. Kunze

19. A New Measure of Robust Stablity for Linear Ordinary Impulsive Differential Equations
Kevin E. M. Church

20. Coupled Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Bidomain Type Models in Cardiac Electrophysiology
S. Corre, A. Belmiloudi

21. Dynamics and Bifurcations in Low-Dimensional Models of Intracranial Pressure
D. Evans, C. Drapaca, J. P. Cusumano

22. Persistent Homology for Analyzing Environmental Lake Monitoring Data
Benjamin A. Fraser, Mark P. Wachowiak, Renata Wachowiak-Smolíková

23. Estimating Escherichia coli Contamination Spread in Ground Beef Production Using a Discrete Probability Model
Petko M. Kitanov, Allan R. Willms

24. The Impact of Movement on Disease Dynamics in a Multi-city Compartmental Model Including Residency Patch
Diána Knipl

25. A Chemostat Model with Wall Attachment: The Effect of Biofilm Detachment Rates on Predicted Reactor Performance
Alma Mašić, Hermann J. Eberl

26. Application of CFD Modelling to the Restoration of Eutrophic Lakes
A. Najafi-Nejad-Nasser, S. S. Li, C. N. Mulligan

27. On the Co-infection of Malaria and Schistosomiasis
Kazeem O. Okosun, Robert Smith

28. A Discrete-Continuous Modeling Framework to Study the Role of Swarming in a Honeybee-Varroa destrutor-Virus System
Vardayani Ratti, Peter G. Kevan, Hermann J. Eberl

29. To a Predictive Model of Pathogen Die-off in Soil Following Manure Application
Andrew Skelton, Allan R. Willms

30. Mathematical Modeling of VEGF Binding, Production, and Release in Angiogenesis
Nicoleta Tarfulea

31. A Mathematical Model of Cytokine Dynamics During a Cytokine Storm
Marianne Waito, Scott R. Walsh, Alexandra Rasiuk, Byram W. Bridle, Allan R. Willms

32. Examining the Role of Social Feedbacks and Misperception in a Model of Fish-Borne Pollution Illness
Michael Yodzis, Chris T. Bauch, Madhur Anand

Part III. Computational Engineering and Mathematical Foundation, Numerical Methods and Algorithms

33. Stability Properties of Switched Singular Systems Subject to Impulsive Effects
Mohamad S. Alwan, Humeyra Kiyak, Xinzhi Liu

34. Input-to-State Stability and H

Performance for Stochastic Control Systems with Piece wise Constant Arguments
Mohamad S. Alwan, Xinzhi Liu

35. Switched Singularly Perturbed Systems with Reliable Controllers
Mohamad S. Alwan, Xinzhi Liu, Taghreed G. Sugati

36. Application of an Optimized SLW Model in CFD Simulation of a Furnace
Masoud Darbandi, Bagher Abrar, Gerry E. Schneider

37. Numerical Investigation on Periodic Simulation of Flow Through Ducted Axial Fan
Seyedali Sabzpoushan, Masoud Darbandi, Mohsen Mohammadi, Gerry E. Schneider

38. Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer in a Rotor-Stator Configuration
D.-D. Dang, X.-T. Pham

39. Determining Sparse Jacobian Matrices Using Two-Sided Compression: An Algorithm and Lower Bounds
Daya R. Gaur, Shahadat Hossain, Anik Saha

40. An h-Adaptive Implementation of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws on Unstructured Meshes for Graphics Processing Units
Andrew Giuliani, Lilia Krivodonova

41. Extending BACOLI to Solve the Monodomain Model
Elham Mirshekari, Raymond J. Spiteri

42. An Analysis of the Reliability of Error Control B-Spline Gaussian Collocation PDE Software
Paul Muir, Jack Pew

43. On the Simulation of Porous Media Flow Using a New Meshless Lattice Boltzmann Method
S. Hossein Musavi, Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh

44. A Comparison Between Two and Three-Dimensional Simulations of Finite Amplitude Sound Waves in a Trumpet
Janelle Resch, Lilia Krivodonova, John Vanderkooy

45. A Dual-Rotor Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine In-House Code (DR_HAWT)
K. Lee Slew, M. Miller, A. Fereidooni, P. Tawagi, G. El-Hage, M. Hou, E. Matida

46. Numerical Study of the Installed Controlled Diffusion Airfoil at Transitional Reynolds Number
Hao Wu, Paul Laffay, Alexandre Idier, Prateek Jaiswal, Marlène Sanjosé, Stéphane Moreau

Part IV. Mathematics and Computation in Finance, Economics, and Social Sciences

47. Financial Markets in the Context of the General Theory of Optional Processes
M. N. Abdelghani, A. V. Melnikov

48. A Sufficient Condition for Continuous-Time Finite Skip-Free Markov Chains to Have Real Eigenvalues
Michael C. H. Choi, Pierre Patie

49. Bifurcations in the Solution Structure of Market Equilibrium Problems
F. Etbaigha, M. Cojocaru

50. Pricing Options with Hybrid Stochastic Volatility Models
Glynis Jones, Roman Makarov

51. Delay Stochastic Models in Finance
Anatoliy Swishchuk

52. Semi-parametric Time Series Modelling with Autocopulas
Antony Ware, Ilnaz Asadzadeh

53. Optimal Robust Designs of Step-Stress Accelerated Life Testing Experiments for Proportional Hazards Models
Xaiojian Xu, Wan Yi Huang

54. Detecting Coalition Frauds in Online-Advertising
Qinglei Zhang, Wenying Feng

Part V. New Challenges in Mathematical Modeling for Scientific and Engineering Applications

55. Circle Inversion Fractals
B. Boreland, H. Kunze

56. Computation of Galois Groups in magma
Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans

57. Global Dynamics and Periodic Solutions in a Singular Differential Delay Equation
Anatoli F. Ivanov, Zari A. Dzalilov

58. Localized Spot Patterns on the Sphere for Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Theory and Open Problems
Alastair Jamieson-Lane, Philippe H. Trinh, Michael J. Ward

59. Continuous Dependence on Modeling in Banach Space Using a Logarithmic Approximation
Matthew Fury, Beth Campbell Hetrick, Walter Huddell

60. Solving Differential-Algebraic Equations by Selecting Universal Dummy Derivatives
Ross McKenzie, John D. Pryce

61. On a Topological Obstruction in the Reach Control Problem
Melkior Ornik, Mireille E. Broucke

62. Continuous Approaches to the Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Problems
Oksana Pichugina, Sergey Yakovlev

63. Fixed Point Techniques in Analog Systems
Diogo Poças, Jeffery Zucker

64. A New Look at Dummy Derivatives for Differential-Algebraic Equations
John D. Pryce, Ross McKenzie

65. New Master-Slave Synchronization Criteria of Chaotic Lur’e Systems with Time-Varying-Delay Feedback Control
Kaibo Shi, Xinzhi Liu, Hong Zhu, Shouming Zhong

66. Robust Synchronization of Distributed-Delay Systems via Hybrid Control
Peter Stechlinski, Xinzhi Liu

67. Regularization and Numerical Integration of DAEs Based on the Signature Method
Andreas Steinbrecher

68. Symbolic-Numeric Methods for Improving Structural Analysis of Differential-Algebraic Equation Systems
Guangning Tan, Nedialko S. Nedialkov, John D. Pryce

69. Pinning Stabilization of Cellular Neural Networks with Time-Delay Via Delayed Impulses
Kexue Zhang, Xinzhi Liu, Wei-Chau Xie

70. Convergence Analysis of the Spectral Expansion of Stable Related Semigroups
Yixuan Zhao, Pierre Patie

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Simulation and Modeling, Numerical and Computational Physics

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