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Classroom-Oriented Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Research Directions and Methodology

1. Quantitative and Qualitative Classroom Research—Friendship or War?
Hanna Komorowska

2. Designing a Tool for Measuring the Interrelationships between L2 WTC, Confidence, Beliefs, Motivation, and Context
Anna Mystkowska-Wiertelak, Mirosław Pawlak

3. Conceptualizing and Measuring the Construct of Pronunciation Anxiety: Results of a Pilot Study
Małgorzata Baran-Łucarz

4. Learning from Retired Language Teachers’ Biographies: A Research Proposal
Dorota Werbińska

5. Capturing Effective Teaching: The Construct of an Observation Scheme
Melanie Ellis

6. Methodological and Ethical Issues in Research Interviewing with a Multicultural Group of University Students: Are There Dos and Don’ts?
Emilie Martinez

Part II. Empirical Investigations

7. Future Teachers’ Beliefs About Language Learning. A Study on Selected Subjective Theories
Anna Michońska-Stadnik

8. BA Thesis Writing Process and Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs on Teaching Writing
Łukasz Salski, Weronika Szubko-Sitarek

9. Kindergarten Teachers’ Beliefs About the Goals of Very Early FL Instruction and Their Classroom Practices: Is There a Link?
Joanna Rokita-Jaśkow

10. Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices of Assessing Young Learners
Adrian Golis

11. Techniques Used to Assess Language Areas and Skills at the Lower-Primary Level: Research Results
Katarzyna Rokoszewska

12. Lexis in Writing: Investigating the Relationship Between Lexical Richness and the Quality of Advanced Learners’ Texts
Małgorzata Krzemińska-Adamek

13. Interlanguage Pragmatics of EFL Advanced Learners: Insights from a Longitudinal Study into the Development of the Speech Act of Request in the Polish Context
Anna Szczepaniak-Kozak

14. New Technologies and the ‘Wow’ Factor: Investigating the Relationship Between Time of Exposure to New Media and Students’ Opinions on Game-Supported Language Learning
Krzysztof Kotuła

Part III. Linking Theory and Classroom Practice

15. CPH Theory, Early Classroom Instruction and Age-Related Issues that Are Separable from Age
David Singleton

16. Reconciling SLA Theories with Classroom Practice: Designing a Principled Eclectic Bridge
Magdalena Walenta

17. Raising Strategic Awareness as a Prerequisite for Successful Strategy Training
Olga Trendak

18. Teaching Foreign Language Literature with the Use of Film Adaptation and the Problem of Medium Specificity
Artur Skweres

Keywords: Education, Language Education, Applied Linguistics

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Second Language Learning and Teaching
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