Haltinner, Kristin

Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America

Haltinner, Kristin - Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Reframing Gender

1. Sex and Gender in International Sports: Athletes and the Social Construction of Sex
Sumner McRae

2. The Mis-education of Lady Gaga: Confronting Essentialist Claims in the Sex and Gender Classroom
Andrea D. Miller

3. Performances of Pronouns: Using Feminist Post-structuralism to Explore the Social Construction of Gender
Alison Happel-Parkins

4. Undoing Gender: Making the Invisible Visible
Lindsay Custer

5. Gender Bending in the Classroom: Teaching Gender Inequity Without Reifying Gender Essentialism and Heteronormativity
Kristin Haltinner

6. Make Us Whole!: Deconstructing Gender Narratives to Build Solidarity
Annie D. Jollymore

7. SGS: A Sensitizing Concept for Teaching Gender Diversity
Linda J. Henderson

Part II. Intersecting with Systems of Power

8. Choosing to Abort, Alter, Adopt, or Accept: Teaching About Abortion in the Undergraduate Classroom
Elroi J. Windsor

9. Teaching About Gendered Violence Without Disempowering Women
Jocelyn A. Hollander

10. Silence, Violence, Safety and Respect: The Challenges of Teaching About Gender and Violence
Nikki McGary

11. Women and Work: Teaching the Pay Gap
Cynthia D. Anderson, Kelly Faust

12. Teaching Work and Gender in the Twenty-First Century
Erin K. Anderson

13. An Autoethnographic Mix Tape: Deconstructing Gender Identity Through Music That Has Meaning to Us
Anita Harker

14. Pulp Friction: How College Women Navigate Identity, Sexuality and Gender Conformity in Recent Mega-Hit Book Series
Suzan M. Walters, Michael Kimmel

15. Doing Critical Pedagogy in an Ironically Sexist World
Valerie Chepp, Lester Andrist

16. Coding the Crisis of Masculinity
Kyle Green, Madison Oort

Part III. Creating Intentional Classroom Dynamics

17. From Protest to Praxis or Being Real in the Classroom
Charlotte A. Kunkel

18. They Don’t Get It: The Promise and Problem of Using Student Resistance as a Pedagogical Tool
Courtney Caviness, Patti Giuffre, Maria Wasley-Valdez

19. Learning for a Change: Rage and the Promise of the Feminist Classroom
Deborah J. Cohan

20. Teaching Spaces of Possibility: Cultivating Safe, Relaxed, and Challenging Classrooms
Danielle Antoinette Hidalgo

21. Agency and Activism as Elements in a ‘Pedagogy of Hope’: Moving Beyond ‘This Class Is Depressing’
Maggie Rehm

Part IV. Teaching About Gender and Sex in Broader Contexts

22. The Pedagogical Challenge of Teaching Privilege, Loss, and Disadvantage in Classrooms of Invisible Social Identities
Traci Craig

23. Critical Pedagogy: Disrupting Classroom Hegemony
Tre Wentling

24. Infusing Feminist Disability Studies in Our Teaching
Heather Albanesi, Abby Ferber, Andrea O’Reilly Herrera, Emily A. Nusbaum, Linda Ware

25. Teaching Gender in Other Classrooms: A View from the Outside
Jyoti Grewal

26. On Teaching About Sex and Gender in Each and Every Political Science Course
Daniel Brian Andersen

27. Making the Invisible Visible: Shining a Light on Gender and Sexuality in Courses Primarily Focused on Other Topics
Kelsy Burke, Alexa Trumpy

Keywords: Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education, Cultural Studies

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