Neelanarayanan, V.

Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges (ISBCC – 16’)

Neelanarayanan, V. - Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges (ISBCC – 16’), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Computer Security: Information Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Mobile Security

1. A Preventive Method for Host Level Security in Cloud Infrastructure
S. Ramamoorthy, S. Rajalakshmi

2. Trust Enabled CARE Resource Broker
Kumar Rangasamy, Thamarai Selvi Somasundaram

3. An Initiation for Testing the Security of a Cloud Service Provider
D. M. Ajay, E. Umamaheswari

4. Security and Privacy in Bigdata Learning Analytics
Jeremie Seanosky, Daniel Jacques, Vive Kumar, Kinshuk

5. Detection of XML Signature Wrapping Attack Using Node Counting
Abhinav Nath Gupta, P. Santhi Thilagam

6. Secure and Efficient Distance Effect Routing Algorithm for Mobility (SE_DREAM) in MANETs
H. J. Shanthi, E. A. Mary Anita

7. Intrusion Detection Model Using Chi Square Feature Selection and Modified Naïve Bayes Classifier
I. Sumaiya Thaseen, Ch. Aswani Kumar

8. An Intelligent Detection System for SQL Attacks on Web IDS in a Real-Time Application
K. G. Maheswari, R. Anita

9. Real-Time Scene Change Detection and Entropy Based Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Surveillance Video Authentication
V. M. Manikandan, V. Masilamani

10. Secure Video Watermarking Technique Using Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau Wavelet and Gollman Cascade Filtered Feedback Carry Shift Register (F-FCSR)
Ayesha Shaik, V. Masilamani

Part II. Wireless Sensor Network

11. Quality Measurements of Fruits and Vegetables Using Sensor Network
Amol Bandal, Mythili Thirugnanam

Part III. Cloud Computing

12. Associate Scheduling of Mixed Jobs in Cloud Computing
Dinesh Komarasamy, Vijayalakshmi Muthuswamy

13. Towards an Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms to Enhance Efficient Management of Cloud Data Centres
J. Prassanna, P. Ajit Jadhav, V. Neelanarayanan

14. Energy Efficient Cloud Computing
Subramaniyam Kannan, Suresh Rajendran

15. Power Optimization System for a Small PC Using Docker
G. Anusooya, V. Vijayakumar

16. A Survey on Desktop Grid Systems-Research Gap
Neelanarayanan Venkataraman

17. Trust Based Resource Selection in Grids Using Immune System Inspired Model
V. Vijayakumar

Part IV. Image Processing

18. Discrete Orthogonal Moments Based Framework for Assessing Blurriness of Camera Captured Document Images
K. De, V. Masilamani

19. An Analysis of BoVW and cBoVW Based Image Retrieval
P. Arulmozhi, S. Abirami

20. Performance Analysis of Background Estimation Methods for Video Surveillance Applications
M. Sivabalakrishnan, K. Shanthi

Part V. Big Data

21. Interactive Big Data Management in Healthcare Using Spark
J. Archenaa, E. A. Mary Anita

22. Data Science as a Service on Cloud Platform
Aishwarya Srinivasan, V. Vijayakumar

23. Data Mining Approach for Intelligent Customer Behavior Analysis for a Retail Store
M. Abirami, V. Pattabiraman

24. Comparison of Search Techniques in Social Graph Neo4j
Anita Brigit Mathew

25. A Novel Approach for High Utility Closed Itemset Mining with Transaction Splitting
J. Wisely Joe, S. P. Syed Ibrahim

26. Efficient Mining of Top k-Closed Itemset in Real Time
Riddhi Anjankumar Shah, M. Janaki Meena, S. P. Syed Ibrahim

27. Mining Frequent Itemsets in Real Time
Nilanjana Dev Nath, M. Janaki Meena, S. P. Syed Ibrahim

28. Adaptation of SQL-Isolation Levels to No-SQL Consistency Metrics
Bhagyashri Vyas, Shraddha Phansalkar

29. Mood Based Recommendation System in Social Media Using PSV Algorithm
R. Anto Arockia Rosaline, R. Parvathi

30. Design of Lagrangian Decomposition Model for Energy Management Using SCADA System
R. Subramani, C. Vijayalakhsmi

31. Twitter Data Classification Using Side Information
Darshan Barapatre, M. Janaki Meena, S. P. Syed Ibrahim

Part VI. Internet of Things

32. IoT Based Health Monitoring System for Autistic Patients
K. B. Sundhara Kumar, Krishna Bairavi

33. Addressing Identity and Location Privacy of Things for Indoor—Case Study on Internet of Everything’s (IoE)
Ajay Nadargi, Mythili Thirugnanam

34. Intuitive Touch Interaction to Amputated Fingers
B. Rajesh Kanna, Devarati Kar, Sandra Felice, Nikhil Joseph

35. A Novel Approach for Web Service Annotation Verification and Service Parameters Validation Using Ontology
S. Shridevi, G. Raju

Part VII. Artificial Intelligence

36. Prediction of Protein Folding Kinetic States Using Fuzzy Back Propagation Method
M. Anbarasi, M. A. Saleem Durai

37. Decision Making Using Fuzzy Soft Set Inference System
U. Chandrasekhar, Saurabh Mathur

Part VIII. Software Engineering

38. Reverse Logistic: A Tool for a Successful Business
B. Neeraja, Arti Chandani, Mita Mehta, M. Radhikaashree

39. Improving User Participation in Requirement Elicitation and Analysis by Applying Gamification Using Architect’s Use Case Diagram
B. Sathis Kumar, Ilango Krishnamurthi

40. A Study of the Factors Which Influence the Recruiters for Choosing a Particular Management Institute
Rajiv Divekar, Pallab Bandhopadhyay

41. Subset Selection in Market-Driven Product Development: An Empirical Study
S. A. Sahaaya Arul Mary, G. Suganya

42. A Survey on Collaborative Filtering Based Recommendation System
G. Suganeshwari, S. P. Syed Ibrahim

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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