Bourgeois, James A.

On-Call Geriatric Psychiatry

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Table of contents

Part I. On-Call Geriatric Psychiatry: General Principles and Clinical Practice

1. Psychiatric Examination
Ana Hategan, James A. Bourgeois

2. Physical Examination
Tricia Woo, Calvin H. Hirsch

3. Psychopharmacology Principles
Glen L. Xiong, Ashkan Javaheri, Ilse R. Wiechers

4. Psychotherapy Principles
Caroline Giroux, W. Edwin Smith

5. Anti-oppressive Approach to Assessment
Albina Veltman, Tara Rose

6. Decisional Capacity Assessments and Advance Directives
Usha Parthasarathi, Daniel L. Ambrosini

7. Use of Seclusion, Chemical and Physical Restraint
Lauren S. Barney, Sebastien Prat, Usha Parthasarathi

8. Palliative Care and the Dying Patient
Margaret W. Leung

9. Safe Clinical Handover
Mariam Abdurrahman, Claudia Garcia

Part II. On-Call Geriatric Psychiatry and Clinical Problems: The Chief Complaints

10. The Chief Psychiatric Complaints
Ana Hategan, James A. Bourgeois, Karen Saperson, Simon Chiu

11. The Chief Physical Complaints
Calvin H. Hirsch, Tricia Woo

12. The Chief Adverse Effects of Medications
Calvin H. Hirsch, Shyam Maharaj, James A. Bourgeois

13. The Physical and Behavioral Indicators of Elder Mistreatment and Neglect
Calvin H. Hirsch, Deborah C. Francis, James A. Bourgeois

14. The Complaints of Physical and Sexual Trauma: A Trauma-Informed Approach
Caroline Giroux, Albina Veltman, Lisebeth Gatkowski, Kolja Paech

15. The Sexual Consent and Patients with Major Neurocognitive Disorders
Daniel L. Ambrosini, Ana Hategan, James A. Bourgeois

Part III. On-Call Geriatric Psychiatry in Specific Medical Settings

16. Emergency Medicine Settings
Katren Tyler, Calvin H. Hirsch, Lorin M. Scher, Dane E. Stevenson

17. Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Settings
Howard H. Fenn, James M. Ellison, Elmira Yessengaliyeva

18. Acute Inpatient Medical Settings
James A. Bourgeois, Deborah C. Francis, Ana Hategan

19. Subacute or Intermediate Medical Settings
Debra Bakerjian, Rebecca Anglin, Calvin H. Hirsch

20. Residential Medical Settings
Debra Bakerjian, Glen L. Xiong

21. Community and Outpatient Settings
Tricia Woo, Julia Baxter

22. Correctional Settings
Emily MacKillop, Gary Chaimowitz

23. Disaster Psychiatry
Caroline Giroux

Part IV. Innovations, Teaching, and Future Directions in the On-Call Geriatric Psychiatry Practice

24. On-Call Telepsychiatry Services: Interventions, Outcomes, and Innovations
Donald M. Hilty, Terry Rabinowitz

25. Suicide and Violence Prevention and Control: A Public Health Approach
Jason G. Roof, Glen L. Xiong, Sidney R. Stacey

26. Aging with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: On-Call Assessment and Future Directions
Randi Hagerman, Andrew Ligsay, Jeremy Goldberg

27. Underprivileged Geriatric Patients: On-Call Intervention, Bridging, and Recovery
Mariam Abdurrahman, Ana Hategan

28. On-Call Teaching and Education
Sheila Harms, Karen Saperson

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Emergency Medicine, General Practice / Family Medicine, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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