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Proceedings of the Mediterranean Conference on Information & Communication Technologies 2015

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Table of contents

Part I. Control Systems

1. A Novel Velocity-Separation Difference Model for Traffic Flow Theory
Hajar Lazar, Khadija Rhoulami, Moulay Driss Rahmani

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Contribution to GIS in Optimal Positioning of Hydrophone Sensors Using Genetic Algorithm (Case Study: Water Network, Casablanca, Morocco)
Hatim Lechgar, Abdelouahed Mallouk, Mohamed El Imame Malaainine, Tarik Nahhal, Hassane Rhinane

3. Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine Using Fuzzy Logic MRAS Speed Estimator Implemented for Electric Vehicle
Abderrahmane Ouchatti, Ahmed Abbou, Mohammed Akherraz, Abderrahim Taouni

4. Control Synthesis for General Positive 2D Models
M. Bolajraf

5. VHDL Design and FPGA Implementation of the PWM Space Vector of an AC Machine Powered by a Voltage Inverter
Elhabib Lotfi, Mustapha Elharoussi, Elhassane Abdelmounim

6. Optimized Neural Network Sliding Mode Control for Two Links Robot Using PSO Technique
Siham Massou, El-mahjoub Boufounas, Ismail Boumhidi

7. Advanced MPPT Controller Based on P&O Algorithm with Variable Step Size and Acceleration Mechanism for Solar Photovoltaic System
Sanae Dahbi, Abdelhak Aziz, Naima Benazzi, Mohamed Elhafyani, Nourddine Benahmed

8. Online Local Path Planning for Mobile Robot Navigate in Unknown Indoor Environment
Mohamed Emharraf, Mohammed Saber, Mohammed Rahmoun, Mostafa Azizi

Part II. Software Engineering, Data Mining and Big Data

9. Process Mining: On the Fly Process Discovery
Souhail Boushaba, Mohammed Issam Kabbaj, Zohra Bakkoury, Said Mohamed Matais

10. A New Approach Based on PCA and CE-SVM for Hepatitis Diagnosis
Naoual Elaboudi, Laila Benhlima

11. Optimized Approach for Dynamic Adaptation of Process Models
Tarik Chaghrouchni, Mohammed Issam Kabbaj, Zohra Bakkoury

12. Clustering Problem with 0–1 Quadratic Programming
Khalid Haddouch, Ahmad El Allaoui, Abdelhafid Messaoudi, Karim El Moutaouakil, El Wardani Dadi

Part III. ICT for Education and Support Activities

13. A New Architecture Based Business Intelligence for the Assessment and Management of E-Learning 2.0 Processes
Rhizlane Seltani, Noura Aknin, Souad Amjad, Kamal Eddine El Kadiri

14. Hospital Information Systems Management: Towards a Comprehensive Maturity Model
João Vidal Carvalho, Álvaro Rocha, José Braga Vasconcelos

15. A Mathematical Ontology for a Pertinent Research of Didactic Exercises
Imane Lmati, Habib Benlahmar, Naceur Achtaich

16. Design of Educational Games: The Evolution from Computers to Mobile Devices
Ahmed Tlili, Fathi Essalmi, Mohamed Jemni

17. Toward a Measurement Based E-Government Portals’ Benchmarking Framework
Abdoullah Fath-Allah, Laila Cheikhi, Rafa E. Al-Qutaish, Ali Idri

Part IV. Networking, Cloud Computing and Security

18. Neural Networks and PCA for Spectrum Sensing in the Context of Cognitive Radio
Abdessamad Elrharras, Rachid Saadane, Mohammed Wahbi, Abdellatif Hamdoun

19. Scalable Framework for Live Data Sharing Through 802.11
Eduardo Soares, Pedro Brandão, Rui Prior

20. Congestion Avoidance in AODV Routing Protocol Using Buffer Queue Occupancy and Hop Count
Bouchra El Maroufi, Moulay Driss Rahmani, Mohammed Rziza

21. OLSR-RAIP5: Optimized Link State Routing with Redundant Array of Independent Paths 5
Adel Echchaachoui, Fatna Elmahdi, Mohammed Elkoutbi

22. A New Cluster-Based Paradigm for SIP Routing in MANET
Aïcha Aït Hacha, Slimane Bah, Zohra Bakkoury

23. Particle Swarm Optimization Compared to Ant Colony Optimization for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Asmae EL Ghazi, Belaïd Ahiod

24. An Energy Efficient Cooperative MIMO Routing Protocol for Cluster Based WSNs
Alami Chaibrassou, Ahmed Mouhsen

25. Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem on GPU
Abdelhamid Benaini, Achraf Berrajaa, El Mostafa Daoudi

26. Performance Analysis of Content Dissemination Protocols for Delay Tolerant Networks
Sara Koulali, Mostafa Azizi

27. Multi-hop Clustering Algorithm Based on Spectral Classification for Wireless Sensor Network
Ali Jorio, Sanaa El Fkihi, Brahim Elbhiri, Driss Aboutajdine

28. Message Priority CSMA/CA Algorithm for Critical-Time Wireless Sensor Networks
Imane Dbibih, Imad Iala, Ouadoudi Zytoune, Driss Aboutajdine

Part V. ICT Based Services and Applications

29. Evaluation of Communications Technologies for Smart Grid as Part of Smart Cities
Abdelfatteh Haidine, Abdelhak Aqqal, Hassan Ouahmane

30. Context Modeling and Metamodeling: A State of the Art
Zineb Aarab, Rajaa Saidi, Moulay Driss Rahmani

31. Web Services for Sharing and Reuse Water Data in Morocco
Aniss Moumen, Hassan Jarar Oulidi, Fouad Nafis, Badraddine Aghoutane, Lamiaa Khazaz, Moroșanu Gabriela Adina, Bouabid El Mansouri

32. Multidimensional Project Metamodel Construction Methodology for a HIS Deployment
Farid Lahboube, Ounsa Roudies, Nissrine Souissi

33. Generation System of Metadata Software Components: A Proposed Architecture
Yassine Aarab, Noura Aknin, Abdelhamid Benkaddour

Part VI. Mobile Agent Systems, Software Engineering, Data Mining and Big Data

34. Toward Assistance for Planning Small IT Projects
Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi, Toumi Bouchentouf, Abdelhamid Benazzi

35. Estimation and Optimization of Energy Consumption on Smartphones
Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui, Wiame Benzekri, Gilles Grimaud, Mohammed Berrajaa, Mostafa Azizi

36. Towards an Agent Based Model for Simulating Residential Mobility and Urban Expansion
El-arbi El-alaouy, Khadija Rhoulami, Moulay Driss Rahmani

37. A New Distributed Computing Environment Based on Mobile Agents for SPMD Applications
Fatéma Zahra Benchara, Mohamed Youssfi, Omar Bouattane, Hassan Ouajji, Mohammed Ouadi Bensalah

38. Agent Story: An Agile Requirements Modeling Approach for Multi-agent Paradigm
Walid Dahhane, Jamal Berrich, Toumi Bouchentouf

39. MeTra-SPL for an Economic Analysis of Traceability in Software Product Lines
Zineb Mcharfi, Bouchra El Asri, Ikram Dehmouch, Asmaa Baya, Fatima Zahra Hammani, Abdelaziz Kriouile

40. Scrumban/XP: A New Approach to Cover the Third Level of CMMI Model
Zineb Bougroun, Adil Zeaaraoui, Toumi Bouchentouf

41. MDA Approach: Refinement and Validation of CIM Level Using SBVR
Najiba Addamssiri, Abdelouhaed Kriouile, Sara Boussaa, Taoufiq Gadi

42. ZeroCouplage Framework: A Framework for Multi-supports Applications (Web, Mobile and Desktop)
El Hassane Ettifouri, Abdelkader Rhouati, Walid Dahhane, Toumi Bouchentouf

43. Get the Public Opinion from Content Published on the Web/CSM: New Approach Based on Big Data
Abdelkader Rhouati, El Hassane Ettifouri, Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi, Toumi Bouchentouf

Part VII. Online Experimentation and Artificial Intelligence in Education

44. STIG: A Generic Intelligent Tutoring System a Multi-agents Based Model
Mohammed Serrhini, Abdelmajid Dargham

Part VIII. Networking, Cloud Computing and Security

45. MDAOrBAC: An MDA Security Framework Based OrBAC Access Control Policies
Aziz Kaddani, Amine Baina, Loubna Echabbi

46. Secure and Flexible RBAC Scheme Using Mobile Agents
Hind Idrissi, Mohammed Ennahbaoui, El Mamoun Souidi, Said El Hajji, Arnaud Revel

47. Incorporation and Model Checking of a Quantum Authentication and Key Distribution Scheme in EAP-TLS
Aymen Ghilen, Hafedh Belmabrouk, Mostafa Azizi

48. On the Deployment Quality for Multi-intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Noureddine Assad, Brahim Elbhiri, My Ahmed Faqihi, Mohamed Ouadou, Driss Aboutajdine

49. Implementation an Intelligent Architecture of Intrusion Detection System for MANETs
Sara Chadli, Mohammed Saber, Mohamed Emharraf, Abdelhak Ziyyat

50. Intrusion Detection System Using PCA and Kernel PCA Methods
Zyad Elkhadir, Khalid Chougdali, Mohammed Benattou

51. Predicting System Failures on Mobile Devices
Stanislav Marcek, Martin Drozda

52. Performance Evaluation of an Intrusion Detection System
Mohammed Saber, Sara Chadli, Mohamed Emharraf, Ilhame El Farissi

53. Enhanced Algorithm for Type II Firewall Policy Deployment
Bezzazi Fadwa, Mohammed El Marraki, Ali Kartit

54. Innovative Solution for an eID Secure Management in a Multi-platform Cloud Environment
Primož Cigoj, Borka Jerman Blažič

55. Protecting Co-resident VMs from Side-Channel Attack in Cloud Environment: SAFEPERIMETER System
Zakaria Igarramen, Mustapha Hedabou

Part IX. ICT Based Education and Services ICT Challenges and Applications

56. Improving the Session Identification Using the Ratio of Auxiliary Pages Estimate
Michal Munk, Ľubomír Benko

57. Modeling an Intelligent Architecture of Intrusion Detection System for MANETs
Sara Chadli, Mohammed Saber, Mohamed Emharraf, Abdelhak Ziyyat

58. A Fault Tolerance Mechanism in Distributed and Complex System on a LAN
Farid Lassoued, Ridha Bouallegue

59. A New Approach to Detect WEB Attacks Senario in Intrusion Detection System
Noureddine Rahmoun, Mohammed Saber, Elhassane Ettifouri, Adil Zeaaraoui, Toumi Bouchentouf

60. GEANT4 Simulation of 192
Ir Source to Study Voxelization and Number of Event Effect on the Dose Distribution
Mustapha Zerfaoui, Abdeslem Rrhioua, Abdelilah Moussa, Samir Didi, Yahya Tayalati, Mohamed Hamal

61. Automatic Mobile Diagnostic System for Collaborative Patients Based on Data Migration and Users Experiences
Achraf Taitai, Mostafa Ezziyyani, Loubna Cherrat, El Mamoune Soumaya

62. Methods and Systems for the Linked Data
Fouad Nafis, Dalila Chiadmi

63. Toward a Big Data-as-a-Service for Social Networks Graphs Analysis
Siham Yousfi, Dalila Chiadmi, Fouad Nafis

64. Sender Assisted Receiver Initiated MAC with Predictive-Wakeup for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shagufta Henna, Bilal Saleeemi

65. How Big Open Data Can Improve Public Services
Fouad Nafis, Siham Yousfi, Dalila Chiadmi

66. Resources Scheduling in Virtual Environment of Cloud Computing
Yassine El Mahoti, Noura Aknin, Souad Amjad, Kamal Eddine El Kadiri

67. Transformations from UML to Android Using MOF 2.0 QVT
Hanane Benouda, Mostafa Azizi, Mimoun Moussaoui

68. Taxonomy and Unified Access of E-Learning Platforms
Karima Aissaoui, Mostafa Azizi

69. Automatic Metrics for Machine Translation Evaluation and Minority Languages
Daša Munková, Michal Munk

Part X. Advances in ICT Modeling and Design ICT Developments and Recent Progress

70. Comparing HMM, LDA, SVM and Smote-SVM Algorithms in Classifying Human Activities
M’hamed Bilal Abidine, Belkacem Fergani

71. Agent Based Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Hanane Barrah, Abdeljabbar Cherkaoui

72. Model Driven Architecture as an Approach for Modeling and Generating Graphical User Interface
Sarra Roubi, Mohammed Erramdani, Samir Mbarki

73. Automated Classification of Mammographic Abnormalities Using Transductive Semi Supervised Learning Algorithm
Nawel Zemmal, Nabiha Azizi, Mokhtar Sellami, Nilanjan Dey

74. A New Cryptographic Scheme Based on Cellular Automata
Said Bouchkaren, Saiida Lazaar

75. A Novel Neighboring Information-Based Method for Motion Object Detection
Bingshu Wang, Xuefeng Hu, Wenqian Zhu, Yong Zhao

76. A New Approach for Texture Classification: A Comparative Study
Khalid Salhi, El Miloud Jaara, Mohammed Talibi Alaoui

77. FPGA-Based Sobel Edge Detector Implementation for Real-Time Applications
Ismaïl El Hajjouji, Aimad El Mourabit, Abdelhak Ezzine, Zakaria Asrih, Salah Mars

78. Control Architecture for Mobile Robot Teleoperation
Mohamed Emharraf, Mohammed Saber, Mohammed Rahmoun, Mostafa Azizi

79. Erratum to: A New Approach Based on PCA and CE-SVM for Hepatitis Diagnosis
Naoual Elaboudi, Laila Benhlima

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computational Intelligence, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

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