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Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10

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Table of contents

1. Comparison of Various Modal Vector Estimation Methods Used in Modal Parameter Estimation
R. J. Allemang, A. W. Phillips

2. Using Singular Value Decomposition to Estimate Frequency Response Functions
Kevin L. Napolitano

3. Curve Fitting Analytical Mode Shapes to Experimental Data
Brian Schwarz, Shawn Richardson, Mark Richardson

4. Acceleration Measurement Optimization: Mounting Considerations and Sensor Mass Effect
Marine Dumont, Andy Cook, Norton Kinsley

5. Experimental Study on the Impact of the Number of Laminas on the Dynamics Behavior of an Electric Machine Stator
F. Chauvicourt, S. Orlando, W. Desmet, J. J. C. Gyselinck, C. T. Faria

6. Normalization of Complex Mode Shapes by Truncation of Alpha-Polynomial
A. C. Niranjan, R. J. Allemang, A. W. Phillips

7. What Is Normal About Normal Modes?
Thomas J. S. Abrahamsson, Randall J. Allemang

8. Generalized Craig-Bampton Method Using Robin Boundary Conditions
Fabian M. Gruber, Johannes B. Rutzmoser, Daniel J. Rixen

9. Force Reconstruction Using Force Gauges and Accelerometers
Wesley Axtell, Tyler Dare

10. Experimental and Numerical Elastodynamic Analysis of Compressed Open Thin-Walled Beams
G. Piana, A. Carpinteri, E. Lofrano, R. Malvano, A. Manuello, G. Ruta

11. Experimental Validation of Nonlinear Model Tracking with Varying Conditions
Timothy A. Doughty, Andrew W. Belle-Isle, Nicholas Pendowski

12. Spatial Distribution of Acoustic Radiation Force for Non-Contact Modal Excitation
Thomas M. Huber, Mikaela Algren, Cole Raisbeck

13. Modal Parameter Identification Algorithm Based on Pure Normal Mode Test Technology
J. M. Liu, F. Liu, W. D. Zhu

14. The Influence of Parameter Choice in Operational Modal Analysis: A Case Study
Volkmar Zabel, Filipe Magalhães, Christian Bucher

15. Dynamic Modulus Properties of Objet Connex 3D Printer Digital Materials
Katherine K. Reichl, Daniel J. Inman

16. Optimized 3D Printed Chiral Lattice for Broadband Vibration Suppression
Brittany C. Essink, Daniel J. Inman

17. Embedding Sensors in FDM Plastic Parts During Additive Manufacturing
Lexey R. Sbriglia, Andrew M. Baker, James M. Thompson, Robert V. Morgan, Adam J. Wachtor, John D. Bernardin

18. A Neural Network Approach to 3D Printed Surrogate Systems
Rodrigo Sarlo, Pablo A. Tarazaga

19. Modal Test and Parameter Updating of Metal Laser Sintered Components
Joseph D. Schoneman, Matthew S. Allen

20. In-Process Ultrasonic Inspection of Additive Manufactured Parts
Ian Cummings, Elizabeth Hillstrom, Rielly Newton, Eric Flynn, Adam Wachtor

21. Experimental Modal Analysis of Rolled Multi Layer Cylindrical Shell
Can Nerse, Semyung Wang

22. High-Resolution Mode Shape Identification Using Mobile Sensors
Thomas J. Matarazzo, Matthew Horner, Shamim N. Pakzad

23. A Blind Source Separation Based Approach for Modal Parameter Estimation in Traditional Input-Output Experimental Modal Analysis Framework
Vikas Arora, Shashank Chauhan

24. Multivariate ARMA Based Modal Identification of a Time-Varying Beam
M. Bertha, J. C. Golinval

25. Optimal Parameter Identification for Model Correlation Using Model Reduction Methods
Austin Phoenix, Dustin Bales, Rodrigo Sarlo, Thanh Pham, Pablo A. Tarazaga

26. A Modified Inverse Eigensensitivity Method for Large Finite Element Models
Doğuş Unlu, Ender Ciğeroğlu, Gökhan O. Özgen

27. Monte Carlo Dynamically Weighted Importance Sampling for Finite Element Model Updating
Daniel J. Joubert, Tshilidzi Marwala

28. A Finite Element Model Updating Method Considering Environmental Impacts
Shanglian Zhou, Wei Song

29. Redundant Information Rejection in Sensor Localisation Using System Gramians
Mladen Gibanica, Thomas J. S. Abrahamsson, Daniel C. Kammer

30. Strain-Based Experimental Modal Analysis on Planar Structures: Concepts and Practical Aspects
Fábio Luis Marques dos Santos, Bart Peeters, Wim Desmet, Luiz Carlos Sandoval Góes

31. Magnetic Excitation and the Effects on Modal Frequency and Damping
B. C. Baver, A. W. Phillips, R. J. Allemang, J. Kim

32. Automated Extraction of Mode Shapes Using Motion Magnified Video and Blind Source Separation
Charles J. Dorn, Tyler D. Mancini, Zachary R. Talken, Yongchao Yang, Garrett Kenyon, Charles Farrar, David Mascareñas

33. An Alternative MIMO FRF Estimation Method Using Pneumatic Exciters
Akhil Sharma, David L. Brown, Randall J. Allemang, Allyn W. Phillips

34. Estimating System Modal Parameters Using Free Decay Time Data
Alexander Young, David Brown, Randall J. Allemang

35. Structural-Acoustic Mode Coupling in a Bolted Aluminum Cylinder
Benjamin Pacini, Gregory Tipton

36. Accurate Frequency Measurement on Small Structures with Shaker Excitation
Christopher J. Pye

37. Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis Correlation Studies for Coupled Catalytic Converter
Nandakishor Venkatesh, Roy A. Pace, S. B. Kandagal

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Engineering Acoustics, Structural Mechanics

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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