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Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling

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Table of contents

1. Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling: Where Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Interaction Modelling Meet
Roberto Patuelli, Giuseppe Arbia

Part I. General Methodological Issues

2. Spatial Regression-Based Model Specifications for Exogenous and Endogenous Spatial Interaction
James P. LeSage, Manfred M. Fischer

3. Constrained Variants of the Gravity Model and Spatial Dependence: Model Specification and Estimation Issues
Daniel A. Griffith, Manfred M. Fischer

4. Testing Spatial Autocorrelation in Weighted Networks: The Modes Permutation Test
François Bavaud

5. Effects of Scale in Spatial Interaction Models
Giuseppe Arbia, Francesca Petrarca

Part II. Specific Methodological Issues

6. Dealing with Intraregional Flows in Spatial Econometric Gravity Models
Kazuki Tamesue, Morito Tsutsumi

7. A Bayesian Spatial Interaction Model Variant of the Poisson Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Estimator
James P. LeSage, Esra Satici

8. The Space of Gravity: Spatially Filtered Estimation of a Gravity Model for Bilateral Trade
Roberto Patuelli, Gert-Jan M. Linders, Rodolfo Metulini, Daniel A. Griffith

9. A Spatial Interaction Model with Spatially Structured Origin and Destination Effects
James P. LeSage, Carlos Llano

10. Bayesian Variable Selection in a Large Vector Autoregression for Origin-Destination Traffic Flow Modelling
Minfeng Deng

11. Double Spatial Dependence in Gravity Models: Migration from the European Neighborhood to the European Union
Michael Beenstock, Daniel Felsenstein

12. Multilateral Resistance and the Euro Effects on Trade Flows
Camilla Mastromarco, Laura Serlenga, Yongcheol Shin

Part III. Applications

13. The Effects of World Heritage Sites on Domestic Tourism: A Spatial Interaction Model for Italy
Roberto Patuelli, Maurizio Mussoni, Guido Candela

14. Testing Transport Mode Cooperation and Competition Within a Country: A Spatial Econometrics Approach
Jorge Díaz-Lanchas, Nuria Gallego, Carlos Llano, Tamara Mata

15. Modeling the Effect of Social-Network on Interregional Trade of Services: How Sensitive Are the Results to Alternative Measures of Social Linkages
Carlos Llano, Tamara Mata

16. On the Mutual Dynamics of Interregional Gross Migration Flows in Space and Time
Timo Mitze

17. Residential Relocation in a Metropolitan Area: A Case Study of the Seoul Metropolitan Area, South Korea
Monghyeon Lee, Yongwan Chun

18. Conclusions: The Future of Spatial Interaction Modelling
Giuseppe Arbia, Roberto Patuelli

Keywords: Economics, Regional/Spatial Science, Econometrics, Economic Geography, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

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Advances in Spatial Science
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11 pages
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