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Energy, Transportation and Global Warming

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Table of contents

Part I. Global Warming and Climate Change: General Issues and Challenges

1. Urban Development Policy and Urban Sprawl in Turkey
Münevver Özge Balta

2. Perspectives on the Implementation of Climate Change Public Policies in Brazil
Rommel Santana Freire, Monica Carvalho, Charles Ulises Montreuil Carmona, Alexandre Magno Vieira Gonçalves Brito

3. 30 Years Air Temperature Data Analysis in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece
T. Slini, K. T. Papakostas

4. Mitigation and Adaptation Policies Related to Climate Change in Greece
I. Sebos, A. Progiou, L. Kallinikos, P. Eleni, I. Katsavou, K. Mangouta, I. Ziomas

5. Assessing Air Quality in the Urban Environment: the Gender Gap
Theodora Slini, Fotini-Niovi Pavlidou

6. Promotion of Sustainability by Quantifying and Reducing the Carbon Footprint: New Practices for Organizations
Monica Carvalho, Rommel Santana Freire, Alexandre Magno Vieira Gonçalves Brito

Part II. Global Warming and Climate Change: General Issues and Challenges

7. Group Comparison, Trends and Cluster Analysis to Understand Historical Precipitation
Raphael Abrahão

8. Ground Response to Global Warming
Mohamad Kharseh, Mohammed Al-Khawaja

9. Specific Case: Regional Estimates of Global Climate Change: A Dynamical Downscaling Approach to Southeast Europe
Rafaella-Eleni P. Sotiropoulou, Efthimios Tagaris, Andreas Sotiropoulos, Ioannis Spanos, Panagiotis Milonas, Antonios Michaelakis

Part III. Global Warming and Climate Change: General Issues and Challenges

10. Drought Conditions in Turkey Between 2004 and 2013 Via Drought Indices Derived from Remotely Sensed Data
Nazila Molavizadeh, Elif Sertel, Hande Demirel

11. Carbon Foot Print of a Passanger Aircraft Engine at Landing and Take-Off Cycle
Yasin Şöhret, T. Hikmet Karakoç

12. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trends from Waste in Greece
L. Kallinikos, I. Sebos, A. Progiou, P. Eleni, I. Katsavou, K. Mangouta, I. Ziomas

Part IV. Global Warming and Climate Change: General Issues and Challenges

13. Development of Models for the Estimation of Global Solar Radiation Over Selected Stations in India
M. Maroof Khan, M. Jamil Ahmad, Basharat Jamil

14. Effect of Gap Between Absorber Plate and Condenser Cover on the Performance of a Solar Still
Basharat Jamil, Naiem Akhtar

15. Solar Assisted Organic Rankine Cycle for Power Generation: A Comparative Analysis for Natural Working Fluids
Önder Kizilkan, Sandro Nižetić, Gamze Yildirim

16. Rainfall Trend Analysis in the Region of Curitiba Using Regional Climate Model Scenarios
Robinson Ploszai, Miriam Rita Moro Mine

17. Modelling of Wind Speed Using Artificial Neural Networks for University Campus of Burdur (Turkey)
Alper Kerem, Önder Kizilkan, Serdar Salman

18. Cultural Landscapes as a Means of Energy Reduction at Global Warming
Afroditi Venetsanou, Alexandros-Theodoros Venetsanos, Lena Mantziou

Part V. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

19. Solar-Driven Continuous Methane Reforming Reactor
M. Lange, J. Lapp, R. Rieping, L. Oliveira, M. Roeb, C. Sattler

20. Specific Applications/Examples: Use of Solar Energy in Fishing: Community Initiatives
J. Vincent Jain, Satish Babu

21. Diagnostic of Sensors for Induction Machine Powered by Photovoltaic Generator Based on Fuzzy Logic Techniques
A. Amrane, A. Larabi, A. Hamzaoui

22. Air Conditioning Based on Hydroxides with Solar Driving for Low GHG Emissions
R. J. Romero, S. Silva-Sotelo, Y. R. Galindo-Luna, C. V. Valdéz-Morales, J. Ibarra-Bahena, A. Hdz-Jasso, A. Rodríguez-Martínez

23. Life Cycle Analysis as a Decision Criterion for the Implementation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels in as Northeast Brazil Hospital
Monica Carvalho, Danielle Bandeira Mello Delgado, Ricardo Chacartegui

Part VI. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

24. Energy Conservation Through Sunrays Reflecting Coating on Buildings
Imre Benkö

25. Comparison of Heating and Cooling Loads of a Typical Building with TRNSYS and eQUEST
E. Bellos, C. Tzivanidis, A. Kouvari, K. A. Antonopoulos

26. Optimum Insulation Thickness for Cooling Applications Through Exergy Analysis and Environmental Methods
Beyza Nur Daldal, İbrahim Sarıoğlu, Gülcan Özel Erol, Emin Açıkkalp, Hasan Yamık

27. Novel Tungsten Bronze Nanoparticles for Shielding Near Infrared Ray and Decreasing CO2 Emission
Tsugio Sato, Chong-shen Guo, Shu Yin

28. Modelling of a Solar Assisted Floor Heating System with TRNSYS
E. Bellos, C. Tzivanidis, A. Prassas, K. A. Antonopoulos

Part VII. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

29. Biogas Production from Napier Grass at Various Cutting Intervals
Nusara Sinbuathong, Yuwadee Sangsil, Suriya Sawanon

30. Sustainability Assessment of Fuels Production via Hydrotreating Waste Lipids and Co-processing Waste Lipids with Petroleum Fractions
Stella Bezergianni, Loukia P. Chrysikou

Part VIII. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

31. Spark-Ignition Engine Fueled with Methane-Hydrogen Blends
G. M. Kosmadakis, F. Moreno, J. Arroyo, M. Muñoz, C. D. Rakopoulos

32. Hydrogen Fueled Airplanes, Test Case: Aviation in Libya
Satya P. Bindra, Ali Alwafi, Ashour Saasi, Elbahlul Musa Abogrean, Mohsen Masaud A. Maatugh, Khaled Khalifa

33. Perspectives of Hydrogen Automotive Applications in Croatia
Ankica Đukić, Ivan Güttler, Robert Pašičko

Part IX. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

34. Contribution to Multi-Criteria Evaluation of the Impacts of Air Pollution: Case of Cement Plant (Ain Touta- ALGERIA)
Lylia Bahmed, Samia Daas, Mourad Chebila, Loubna Khadoudja Aggabou

35. Environmental Impact Assessment of Electricity Production, A Case Study of Turkey
Fatih Yılmaz, M. Tolga Balta, Reşat Selbaş, Doğan Demiral

36. Hybridization of Parabolic Trough Power Plants with Natural Gas Through Integration of Industrial Gas Turbines
Tobias Vogel, Gerd Oeljeklaus, Klaus Görner

Part X. Energy Technologies and Their Effect on Global Warming

37. Performance Analyses of CO2-N2O Cascade System for Cooling
Fatih Yılmaz, Reşat Selbaş, Arif Emre Özgür, M. Tolga Balta

38. Comparison of Thermal Repowering Alternatives for Thermal Power Plants
M. Zeki Yilmazoglu

39. Experimental Study of Heat Transfer for a Non-Newtonian Fluid in a Heated Cylindrical Pipe
Mounir Mellal, Hacina Abchiche, Sabrina Ait Ouazzou

40. The SOC Estimation of LCO Battery Based on BP Neural Network
Sy-Ruen Huang, Yen-Huai Ma, Jheng-Shyun Li, Jun-Han Chan

41. Investigating the Effect of Different Refrigerants on the Performance of a Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle
Duygu Melek Çakıcı, Can Özgür Çolpan

Part XI. Environmental Technologies Related to Global Warming

42. CaO-Based Sorbents for Post Combustion CO2 Capture via Carbonate Looping
Zinovia Skoufa, Andy Antzara, Ioannis Milios, Eleni Heracleous, Angeliki A. Lemonidou

43. Kinetics of CO2 Capture by Carbon Dioxide Binding Organic Liquids
Ozge Yuksel Orhan, Hakan Kayi, Erdogan Alper

44. Flue Gas CO2 Sequestration by Turkish Coal Fly Ashes and Anatolian Geothermal Hot Waters
Yıldırım İsmail Tosun

45. Geo.: Gas Production in Offshore Reservoirs in Brazil’s Pre-salt Region
Isabella Vaz Leal Costa, Pedro Rochedo, Mariana Império, Alexandre Salem Szklo, Roberto Schaeffer

Part XII. Environmental Technologies Related to Global Warming

46. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of the Water Quality in the Hammam Boughrara Reservoir in Algeria
Belkheir DJELITA, Souaad Bouzid-Lagha, Kheira Camellia NEHAR

47. Natural Tracers for Identifying Causes of the Quality Reduction in Groundwater Emerging Along the Aegean Volcanic Arc (Greece)
E. Dotsika, P. Chantzi

48. Experimental Study of Longitudinal Dispersion on Trapezoidal Open Channel
Ali Mansour Lagoun, Salim Benziada

49. Mygdonia Basin (N. Greece) in the View of Isotope Geochemistry
P. Chantzi, E. Dotsika

50. Sustainable Management of Sewage Sludge Conditioning and Valorization
S. Igoud, F. Souahi, C.-E. Chitour

51. Photocatalytic Degradation of Tylosin and Spiramycin in Water by Using TiO2 and ZnO Catalysts Under UV Radiation
D. Tassalit, N. Chekir, O. Benhabiles, F. Bentahar, N. A. Laoufi

52. Comparison Between the Photocatalytic Degradation of a Textile Dye Under Sun Light and Artificial Irradiation
N. Sahraoui, N. Chekir, D. Tassalit

53. Vulnerability and Impact of Climate Change Processes on Water Resource in Semi-Arid Areas: In Essaouira Basin (Morocco)
Salah Ouhamdouch, Mohammed Bahir, Abdellatif Souhel, Carreira Paula

Part XIII. Environmental Technologies Related to Global Warming

54. Experimental Study of Transverse Mixing of Pollutants in Trapezoidal Open Channel
Ali Mansour Lagoun, Salim Benziada

55. Elimination of Micropollutent Lysine Acetylsalicylate by Adsorption on Natural and Synthetical Supports
Amel Djouadi, Fatiha Bentahar

56. Integrated System for Optimized Data Collection and processing of End of Life Tires: Case of Greece
Panagiotis Vounatsos, John Vournas, George Mavrias, Panagiotis Grammelis

57. Smart Recovery of Materials and Upgrade of Organic Compost and RDF in Existing Mechanical Biological Treatment Plants by Using NIR Technology
Dimitrios-Sotirios Kourkoumpas, Georgios Kontopoulos, Ioannis Vournas, Dimitrios Koulocheris, Panagiotis Grammelis, Emmanouel Kakaras

Part XIV. Securing Sustainable Mobility to Mitigate Climate Change

58. Road Transport Induced GHG Emissions Calculation for Urban Transportation Networks: The Case of Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece
Christos Samaras, Iraklis Stamos, Leonidas Ntziachristos, Evangelos Mitsakis, Zissis Samaras, Georgia Ayfantopoulou

59. The Effect of Parameter Selection on Fume Formation Rate in SMAW of AH36 Shipbuilding Steel and Analysis with ANOVA Method
Tolga Mert, Levent Bilgili, Kutsi Mert Senoz, Uğur Buğra Çelebi, Serkan Ekinci

60. An Online Visualization Tool for Assessing the Robustness of Multimodal Transport Networks in Case of Extreme Weather Events and Natural Hazards
Iraklis Stamos, Evangelos Mitsakis, Georgia Aifadopoulou

Part XV. Securing Sustainable Mobility to Mitigate Climate Change

61. Manmade Changes in Cirrus Clouds from 1984 to 2007: A Preliminary Study
Kostas Eleftheratos, Gunnar Myhre, Patrick Minnis, Ioannis Kapsomenakis, Christos Zerefos

62. Emission Routing in Maritime Transportation
Levent Bilgili, Ugur Bugra Celebi

63. Pollution Effects Onboard and Its Generated Solution for Minimized Pollution Effect
Munir Suner, Tankut Yildiz

64. Carbon-Mitigating Air Transport: Analysis of Current Policy Instruments
Ioanna Pagoni, Voula Psaraki-Kalouptsidi

65. Ship Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Stefanos Chatzinikolaou, Nikolaos Ventikos, Levent Bilgili, Ugur Bugra Celebi

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change Management and Policy, Transportation, Hydrology/Water Resources, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Environmental Policy

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