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Resources for Teaching Mindfulness

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Table of contents

Part I. Honing the Skills of MBI Teachers

1. Stewardship: Deeper Structures of the Co-created Group
Donald McCown

2. Guidance: Refining the Details
Aleezé S. Moss, Diane Reibel, Donald McCown

3. Remembrance: Dialogue and Inquiry in the MBSR Classroom
Saki F. Santorelli

4. Interpersonal Practices: A Transformational Force in the MBIs
Florence Meleo-Meyer

5. Scientific Literacy as a Foundational Competency for Teachers of Mindfulness-based Interventions
Willoughby B. Britton

6. Training Mindfulness Teachers: Principles, Practices and Challenges
Rebecca S. Crane, Barbara Reid

Part II. Teaching MBI Curricula Everywhere: Global Cultural Situations

7. Teaching MBSR in Korea with a Special Reference to Cultural Differences
Heyoung Ahn

8. Teaching in Italy
Antonella Commellato, Fabio Giommi

9. Teaching in Israel
Diane (Dina) Wyshogrod

10. Teaching in Australia
Timothea Goddard, Maura A. Kenny

11. Teaching in South Africa
Simon Whitesman, Linda Sara Kantor

12. Teaching Mindfulness with Mindfulness of Race and Other Forms of Diversity
Rhonda V. Magee

Part III. Teaching MBI Curricula to Everyone: Special Populations

13. Teaching Inner City in Populations in the USA
Beth Robins Roth

14. Teaching Frail Elders and Caregivers
Lucia McBee

15. Teaching Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
Nirbhay N. Singh, Monica Moore Jackman

16. Teaching Individuals in Chronic Pain
Lone Overby Fjorback, Else-Marie D. Elmholdt Jegindø

17. Teaching Individuals with Anxiety and Depression
Susan L. Woods

18. Teaching Individuals with Traumatic Stress
Trish Magyari

19. Teaching Individuals Mindful Eating
Jean L. Kristeller, Andrea E. Lieberstein

20. Teaching Individuals with Life-Limiting Illness
Susan Bauer-Wu

21. Teaching Health Care Professionals
Michael S. Krasner

22. Teaching Clergy and Religious
Donald R. Marks, Christine D. Moriconi

Part IV. Scripts and Practices

23. Practices for the Classroom
Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi

24. Practices for Teacher Development
Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Social Work

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