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Periprosthetic Joint Infections

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Table of contents

Part I. Incidence and Socioeconomic Impact

1. Incidence and Socioeconomic Impact of Bone and Joint Infections (BJIs): The European Perspective
Konstantinos N. Malizos, Klaus Kirketerp-Møller

2. The Incidence and Socioeconomic Impact of Periprosthetic Joint Infection: United States Perspective
Christina J. Gutowski, Antonia F. Chen, Javad Parvizi

Part II. Prevention of Periprosthetic Joint Infection

3. Prevention of Periprosthetic Joint Infections: Minimizing the Risks
David A. George, Eliza Gil, Stephen Morris-Jones

4. Prevention of Periprosthetic Joint Infection: What Is the Current Evidence?
Simon S. Jameson, Mike R. Reed

5. Who Is at Risk for Periprosthetic Joint Infection?
Timothy L. Tan, Michael M. Kheir, Antonia F. Chen

6. Impact of Prior Injections and Surgery on Subsequent Infection Risk
Geert Meermans

Part III. Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection

7. Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infections: Traditional Pathways
Mohamed Sukeik, Fares S. Haddad

8. Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection: New Technologies and Future Trends
Greg Kazarian, Carl Deirmengian

Part IV. Local Antibiotic Therapy

9. Local Antibiotic Therapy: Antibiotic-Loaded Cement
Akos Zahar

10. Local Antibiotic Therapy: Non–cement-based Antibiotic Delivery Methods
Moataz El-Husseiny

Part V. The Hip Joint

11. Acute Infections: Irrigation and Debridement with Implant Retention
Sujith Konan, David A. George, Vaibhav Punjabi, Fares S. Haddad

12. One-Stage Approach with Cement
Daniel Kendoff, Akos Zahar, Thorsten Gehrke

13. Infections of the Hip Joint: One-Stage Approach Without Cement
Heinz Winkler, Peter Haiden

14. Late Infections: Two-Stage Traditional Solution
Tim Harrison, Ian Stockley

15. Management of Periprosthetic Infection Following Hip Arthroplasty in Two Stages Using an Articulating Antibiotic-Loaded Spacer
N. Amir Sandiford, Donald Garbuz, Bassam Masri, Clive P. Duncan

16. Late Infections: Algorithm Approach
Sujith Konan, Fares S. Haddad

17. Late Infections of the Hip Joint: Resection Arthroplasty and Other Solutions
Kevin L. Garvin, Beau S. Konigsberg, Curtis W. Hartman

Part VI. The Knee Joint

18. Acute Periprosthetic Joint Infections: Diagnostic Considerations
Valentin Antoci, Hany Bedair, Craig J. Della Valle

19. Irrigation and Debridement with Component Retention
Myra Trivellas, Michael B. Cross

20. Late Infections of the Knee Joint: One-Stage Approach with Cement
Carl Haasper, Thorsten Gehrke

21. Uncemented Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty for Peri-prosthetic Joint Infection
Rhidian Morgan-Jones

22. Late Infections of the Knee Joint: Two-staged Static Solutions
Christopher P. Wilding, Michael C. Parry, Lee Jeys

23. Late Infections of the Knee Joint: Two-Stage Articulating Solutions
O. Brant Nikolaus, Matthew P. Abdel

24. Late Infections of the Knee Joint: Arthrodesis or Other Solutions
Eduardo García-Rey, Enrique Gómez-Barrena, Eduardo García-Cimbrelo

25. Late Infections of the Knee Joint: Local Antibiotic Treatment
Leo A. Whiteside

Part VII. Perioperative Optimization

26. Perioperative Optimization
Aaron Tande, Elie Berbari

Part VIII. Long-Term Perspectives

27. Changing Paradigms: Long-Term Perspectives
Michael Parry, Clive P. Duncan

28. Paradigm Change in Antibacterial Coatings: Efficacy of Short-Term Local Prophylaxis
Carlo Luca Romanò, Delia Romanò, Sara Scarponi, Lorenzo Drago

Part IX. Future Approaches

29. The Future of Periprosthetic Joint Infections
David A. George, Fares S. Haddad

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics

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