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Special Topics in Structural Dynamics, Volume 6

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Table of contents

1. Online Input and State Estimation in Structural Dynamics
K. Maes, G. De Roeck, A. Iliopoulos, W. Weijtjens, C. Devriendt, G. Lombaert

2. Modeling and Testing of the Anti-Vibration Base for Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini
Alfredo Cigada, Edoardo Sabbioni, Ali Siami, Emanuele Zappa

3. Estimation of Frequency and Damping of a Rotating System Using MEOT and Virtual Sensor Concept
Sharang Inamdar, Randall J. Allemang, Allyn W. Phillips

4. Multibody/FEM Numerical Tool for HIL Scaled Offshore Wind Turbine
H. Giberti, M. Belloli, I. Bayati, E. Fiore

5. Detection and Identification of Firearms Upon Discharge Using Floor-Based Accelerometers
M. Kasarda, P. Tarazaga, M. Embree, S. Gugercin, A. Woolard, B. Joyce, J. Hamilton

6. An Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Bayesian Finite Element Model Updating
I. Boulkaibet, T. Marwala, M. I. Friswell, S. Adhikari

7. Modal Parameters of Multiple-Disk Shaft System from Multiple Reference Impact Test
Naim Khader, Mohammad Ramadan

8. Identification of Aerodynamic Properties of Bridge Decks in Arbitrary Motion
Bartosz Siedziako, Ole Øiseth, Nils Erik Anders Rønnquist

9. A Multiphysical Modelling Approach for Virtual Shaker Testing Correlated with Experimental Test Results
S. Waimer, S. Manzato, B. Peeters, M. Wagner, P. Guillaume

10. Characterizing the Dynamics of Systems Incorporating Surrogate Energetic Materials
Jelena Paripovic, Patricia Davies

11. Multimodal Damping of a Plate with a Passive Piezoelectric Network
B. Lossouarn, M. Aucejo, J.-F. Deü, K. A. Cunefare

12. State Estimation: A Model-Based Approach to Extend Test Data Exploitation
Herman Auweraer, Steven Gillijns, Stijn Donders, Jan Croes, Frank Naets, Wim Desmet

13. Generation of Traveling Waves in a 2D Plate for Future Drag Reduction Manipulation
Patrick F. Musgrave, V. V. N. Sriram Malladi, Pablo A. Tarazaga

14. Surrogate Granular Materials for Modal Test of Fluid Filled Tanks
Pierre-Louis Chiambaretto, Miguel Charlotte, Joseph Morlier, Philippe Villedieu, Yves Gourinat

15. Dynamics of a Hydroelastic Oscillating Cylinder with Added Viscoelastic Damping for Passive Control of Vibrations
Bruno Sousa Carneiro Cunha, Antônio Marcos Gonçalves Lima, Alice Rosa Silva

16. Dynamic Analysis of Fluid-Filled Piping System on Flexible Foundation
Longlong Ren, Xiuchang Huang, Zhengguo Zhang, Hongxing Hua

17. Incremental Dynamic Analyses of Steel Moment Resisting Frames with Superelastic Viscous Dampers
Baikuntha Silwal, Osman E. Ozbulut, Robert J. Michael

18. Structural Control Using a Semiactive Friction Damper
Juan S. Mantilla, Daniel Gómez, Peter Thomson

19. Seismic Response of SMA Reinforced Shear Walls
Marina Maciel, Dan Palermo, Alaa Abdulridha

20. Stability of MIMO Controllers for Floor Vibration Control
Donald Nyawako, Paul Reynolds, Emma Hudson

21. Extraction of Wave Dispersion Characteristics in a Discrete Chain Using Complex Modal Decomposition
Rickey A. Caldwell, Smruti Panigrahi, Brian F. Feeny

22. Approximate General Responses of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems with Parametric Stiffness
Gizem Acar, Brian F. Feeny

23. Harmonic Forcing of a Two-Segment Elastic Rod
Arnaldo J. Mazzei, Richard A. Scott

24. An Unified Framework for Studying Gear Dynamics Through Model Reduction Techniques
Carlo Rosso, Elvio Bonisoli

25. Application of the Harmonic Balance Method to Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorbers
Mustafa A. Acar, Steven W. Shaw

26. Development of Multi-Physics Dynamics Models for High-Frequency Large-Amplitude Structural Response Simulation
Armen Derkevorkian, Lee Peterson, Ali R. Kolaini, Terry J. Hendricks, Bill J. Nesmith

27. An Efficient Simulation Method for Large-Scale Systems with Local Nonlinearities
Yousheng Chen, Andreas Linderholt, Thomas Abrahamsson

28. A Modal Superposition Method for the Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
Erhan Ferhatoğlu, Ender Ciğeroğlu, H. Nevzat Özgüven

29. Adaptive Harmonic Balance Methods, A Comparison
Onur Sert, Ender Ciğeroğlu

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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