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Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

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Table of contents

Part I. Advertising Communication

1. The Role of Anger in the Context of Consumer Reactions to Advertising Incongruity
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Priska Heinzle

2. Cross-Language Comparison of the Persuasive Effects of Typeface Shapes: A Conceptual Framework
Yi-Fen Liu, I-Ling Ling, Jacob Y. H. Jou

3. Testing the Dual Pathway Model of Ad Persuasion Using Celebrity Endorsers
Tanya Drollinger, Schengchen Huang, Michael Basil

4. Antecedents of Attitude Toward SMS Advertising in the UK
Mehran Darabi, Peter Reeves, Sunil Sahadev

5. What Really Drives Creative Choices in an Advertising Agency?
Douglas West, George Christodoulides, Jennifer Bonhomme

6. Classical Music in Advertising: Brand Supporter or Detractor?
Christina Chung, Gladys Torres-Baumgarten, Kathryn Woodbury Zeno

Part II. Business-to-Business Marketing

7. Gender and Similarity: Match or Mismatch—When Is B2B Sales Performance Better?
Ozan Peneklioglu, Ayse Banu Elmadag Bas

8. The Effect of Brands in B2B Purchasing Decisions
Marc Kuhn, Vanessa Reit

9. Factors Determining Channel Selection in the German Trades Sector: An Analysis of Power Tool Purchases
Benjamin Österle, Marc M. Kuhn

10. Value Co-creation in Project Exchange
Kamran Razmdoost, Hedley J. Smyth

11. Factors Influencing Trust and Commitment in Business to Business Market: A Study on the Distribution Sector of Industrial Supplies
Mariana Regina Silva Linhares, José Marcos Carvalho Mesquita, Kleinia Anjos Vianna, Patricia de Cássia Gomes Moreira

12. Relationship Management Amidst OEM Demands for Supplier Price Cuts: A Cross-Industry Study
R. Mohan Pisharodi, John W. Henke, Ravi Parameswaran

Part III. Consumer Behavior

13. Conspicuous Consumption of Time: When Busyness and Lack of Leisure Time Become a Status Symbol
Silvia Bellezza, Neeru Paharia, Anat Keinan

14. Olympic Games: Does the Host Location Matter?
Anahit Armenakyan, Louise A. Heslop, Irene R. R. Lu, John Nadeau, Norm O’Reilly

15. Does Decision-Making Speed Depend on Non-interactive Others?
Atsuko Inoue, Atsunori Ariga

16. Compensatory Advice Giving: How Experiencing a Need for Control Makes You Advise More
Alessandro M. Peluso, Andrea Bonezzi, Matteo Angelis, Derek D. Rucker

17. The Differential Influence of Advice and Opinions on Word-of-Mouth Recipients’ Behavior
Matteo Angelis, Andrea Bonezzi, Derek D. Rucker, Alessandro M. Peluso

18. The Impact of Reference Group on Purchase Intention: A Case Study in Distinct Types of Shoppers
Danupol Hoonsopon, Wilert Puriwat

19. An Exploration of Socially Responsible Music Consumption
Todd Green, Gary Sinclair, Julie Tinson

20. Product Failure: Severity and Locus of Causality Effects on Brand Evaluations
Sujin Song, Dan A. Sheinin, Sukki Yoon

21. Neuromarketing: The Effect of Attitudes on the Perception of External Business Communication
Kristina Kovac, Marc M. Kuhn, Natalie Jong

22. Exploring Voids and Consumer Addiction
Emily Chung, Michael Beverland, Francis Farrelly

23. From Ownership to Sharing, Through Barter Communities
Daniele Dalli, Fulvio Fortezza

24. Brand Addiction: A New Concept for Understanding Consumer Brand Behavior
Mona Mrad, Charles Cui

25. Adding New Perspectives to the Zero-Price Effect: The Role of Non-monetary Cost Perceptions
Björn A. Hüttel, Christian J. Wagner, Jan H. Schumann

26. Representing Value Co-creation as a Practice of Consumption: Customers’ Perspectives and Actions
Joaquim Silva, Cláudia Simões

27. Cause I’ll Feel Good! The Influence of Anticipated Emotions on Consumer Pro-environmental Behavior
Zeinab Rezvani, Johan Jansson

28. The Devil You Know: Service Failures, Self-Esteem, and Behavioral Loyalty
Irene Consiglio, Stijn M. J. Osselaer

29. Female Self-Gifts Buying Behaviour: Impulse Purchase and Product Involvement
Laurence Kemp, Li-Wei Mai, Kleopatra Konstantoulaki

30. Consumer Experiences of Marketing: Pervasive, Problematic, and in Need of a Caring Perspective
Teresa Heath, Lisa O’Malley

31. Between Frenzy and Collection: Towards a Characterization of Female Accumulative Buying Behavior
Othman Boujena, Isabelle Ulrich, Coralie Damay, Laetitia Chicheportiche

32. Complexity of Dyadic Gift-Giving Forms: A New Framework
Ines Branco-Illodo, Teresa Heath, Caroline Tynan

33. Price Framing and Choice Order Effects in Bundle Customization Decisions
Johannes C. Bauer, Tim M. Böttger

34. The Dark Side of Giving Monetary Gifts
Yaniv Shani, Shai Danziger, Marcel Zeelenberg

Part IV. Cross-Cultural Research

35. Anxiety About Cultural Dilution and Adoption of a Global Lifestyle
Amro A. Maher

36. National Homophily in Multicultural Newcomer Networks
Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Constantinos N. Leonidou, Xuemei Bian

37. A Cross-Cultural Approach to Annual Report Through Impression Management
Salvatore Romanazzi, Luca Petruzzellis, Roberto Aguiari

38. How an Individual’s Self-Construals, Cosmopolitan and Local Orientation Affect the Impact of the Four Self-Congruity Types on Brand Attitude
Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez, Fernando Fastoso, Kyoko Fukukawa

39. The Moderating Role of Language in the Relationship Between Perceived Risk, Perceived Usability, and Satisfaction Online
Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar, Salvador Barrio-García, Lucia Porcu, Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros

40. The Myth of Self-Centeredness in Materialism: Reconciling Collectivism and Materialism in Asia
Sandra Awanis, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Charles C. Cui

41. Psychological Distance in Cause-Related Product Buying Decisions
Tao Xue, Sarah Hong Xiao, Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer

Part V. Digital and Social Media Marketing

42. Consumer Ethical Judgement and Controversial Advertising Avoidance on Social Media
Caroline Moraes, Carlos Ferreira, Nina Michaelidou, Michelle McGrath

43. Experiencing Brand on Mobile Augmented Reality
Shing-Wan Chang, Yuri Heikal Siregar

44. Assessing Social Media e-Visibility: A Framework to Compare Goods vs. Service Firms
Iris Vilnai-Yavetz, Olga Levina, Nataliia Medzhybovska

45. Are Operating Systems of Smart Phones Relevant in Behavioral Intention to Use Mobile Internet?
F. Javier Rondán-Cataluña, Jorge Arenas-Gaitán, Patricio E. Ramírez-Correa, Antonio Navarro-García

46. The Effect of Brand Intimacy on Consumer Responses: An Application on a Social Media Context
Renato Barcelos, Danilo Dantas, Sylvain Sénécal, Carlos Rossi

47. Developing and Validating the Measurement Scale of e-Marketing Orientation
Yue-Yang Chen, Hui-Ling Huang

48. Influence of Different Types of Online Interaction on Brand Attitudes: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Agnieszka Zablocki, Bodo Schlegelmilch, Michael Houston

49. The Relationship Between Viral Marketing, Purchase Intention, and Brand Visibility: Study with Brazilian Customers
Kleinia Anjos Vianna, José Marcos Carvalho Mesquita, Mariana Regina Silva Linhares, Patricia de Cássia Gomes Moreira

50. How to Impress Social Media Friends: The Social Motivations for Sharing Viral Content
Elsamari Botha, Michael Karam, Erinma Ogbonna, Kelly Payne, Beate Stiehler

51. Corporate Brand Representations in B2B Companies’ Websites
Cláudia Simões, Marcelo G. Perin, Jaywant Singh

52. CEOs Who Tweet: Metaphors and Gendered Communication
William H. Locander, Daniel M. Ladik, William B. Locander

53. The Effects of Quality Signals Through Website Context Based on Trust in the Internet Service
Flávio Régio Brambilla, Ciro Eduardo Gusatti

54. Brand Contamination in Social Media: Consumers’ Negative Influence on Luxury Brand Perceptions—A Structured Abstract
Lorena Blasco-Arcas, Jonas Holmqvist, Alexandra Vignolles

55. Disagreement in Online Ratings: The Effects of Standard Deviation and Skewness of Customer Rating Distributions on Product Quality Perceptions
Sarah Küsgen, Sören Köcher, Stefanie Paluch

56. Factors Affecting Online Review Helpfulness: Review and Reviewer Components
Sahar Karimi, Fang Wang

57. Social Media Mix in the University Communication Plan: A Bridge Towards Public Engagement: Structured Abstract
Vittoria Marino, Letizia Lo Presti

58. How People Evaluate a Product in an Online Environment: The Role of Uncertainty and Liking Feeling
Francesca Checchinato, Isabella Procidano, Marta Pisani

59. Facebook Fascination of School Children: Some Demographic Insights
Madhupa Bakshi

60. The Impact of Recommendations on the Cross-Channel Shopping Behavior
Carlos Flavián, Raquel Gurrea, Carlos Orús

61. Impact of Firm-Created Content on User-Generated Content: Using a New Social Media Monitoring Tool to Explore Twitter
Manuel Ceballos, Ángel García Crespo, Nora Lado Cousté

62. Influence of Customer Orientation and Competitor Orientation on the Intention to Use Social Network Sites as a Communication Tool in Microenterprises
Ángel Herrero-Crespo, Jesús Collado-Agudo, Héctor San Martín-Gutiérrez

Part VI. Distribution and Supply Chain Management

63. Does Third-Party Logistics Create a Synergy Effect on Firm Performance
Kenneth K. Kwong

64. Moving Sustainable Consumption from Hype to Reality Through the Value Chain
Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer, Sandra Rothenberger

65. Modeling Antecedents in Trust–Commitment Vendor Relationships
Janice M. Payan, Joe Hair, Göran Svensson, Svante Andersson, Gabriel Awuah

66. Dealer Satisfaction in Automotive Channel Relationships: Antecedents and Consequences
Lucrezia Maria Cosmo, Ada Palumbo

Part VII. Entrepreneurship and Small Business

67. What Drives Female Entrepreneurship in Japan?
Ayumi Inaba, Shing-Wan Chang

68. What Comes After the Honeymoon: Assessing the Process of Franchisee Adjustment
Markus Blut, Christof Backhaus, David Woisetschläger, Heiner Evanschitzky

69. Networking Entrepreneurship in Non-Technology Sectors. The Case of Olive Oil
Antonia R. Gurrieri, Sabrina Spallini

70. Determinants of SMEs Growth: The Balance Between Innovation and Tradition as Key Factor for Italian Small Business Development
Gaetano Aiello, Raffaele Donvito, Diletta Acuti, Valentina Mazzoli, Laura Grazzini

71. The Context and Outcomes of Entrepreneurial Marketing as a Decision-Making Process Under Uncertainty
Elisabete Sampaio Sá, Minoo Farhangmehr, José Carlos Pinho

Part VIII. Health and Social Marketing

72. Exploring the Dual Effects of Waiting on Satisfaction with Health Service
Yi-Fen Liu, Jacob Y. H. Jou, I-Ling Ling

73. Promoting Renewable Energy Adoption: Environmental Knowledge vs. Fear Appeals
Patrick Hartmann, Vanessa Apaolaza, Clare D’Souza, Jose M. Barrutia, Carmen Echebarria

74. Predictors of HIV/AIDS-Related Behaviours Within the Population of Kinshasa: The Impact of Socio-Demographic and Environmental Factors
Lutete C. Ayikwa, Johan W. Jager

75. Early Findings on Alcohol Consumption: A Licensed Premise Observation Study
Nuray Buyucek, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

76. Key Success Factors for Brand Orientation in Dutch Hospitals
Gerrita Veen, Judith Tielen

77. What Are We Fighting for? The Influence of Perceptions of Risk, Values, Benefits and Enjoyment in Martial Arts Club Membership
Foula Z. Kopanidis, Michael J. Shaw

78. Does Authenticity Matter in Corporate Social Responsibility Acts?
Sarah Alhouti, Catherine M. Johnson, Betsy Bugg Holloway

79. Make It More Authentic: The Drivers of Positive Ad Evaluations in Co-created Health Communications
Davide C. Orazi, Max N. Theilacker, Liliana L. Bove, Jing Lei

80. Designing Mobile Applications for Healthcare Professional Use: A Service Marketing Perspective
Athanasia Daskalopoulou, Kathy Keeling, Nikolay Mehandjiev, Rowan Pritchard Jones

81. A Conceptual Model of Service Providers’ Psychological Resilience at the Workplace
Sandy Ng

82. An Examination of Food Waste as a Corporate Social Responsibility of the Retail and Wholesale Sector
Verena Gruber, Christina Holweg, Christoph Teller

83. Segmenting Australian High School Students Utilising a Two-Step Cluster Analysis: Differential Effects Following the Game on Know Alcohol Program
Timo Dietrich, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Lisa Schuster, Judy Drennan, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Cheryl Leo, Jason Connor

84. What is the Lived Experience of Trafficked Persons in Nigeria?
Abi Badejo, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Krzysztof Kubacki

85. Re-examining Value Co-creation in the Age of Interactive Service Robots
Willy Barnett, Adrienne Foos, Thorsten Gruber, Debbie Isobel Keeling, Kathleen Keeling, Linda Nasr

86. Commercial Programs: Improving Eating and Exercising Behaviour to Reduce Weight Through Increased Self-Efficacy
Joy Parkinson

Part IX. Integrated Marketing Communication

87. Synergy and Integration of Multiple Media to Enhance Exposure and Impact of Out-of-Home Advertising
Thérèse Roux, De la Rey Waldt

88. Assessing the Impact of Internal Marketing Orientation on an Organization’s Performance
Mujahid Mohiuddin Babu, Jikyeong Kang

89. The Effect of Congruence on the Attention and Sponsorship Processing: An Application of Neuromarketing by Electroencephalogram
M. Alonso Dos Santos, S. Baeza

90. The Mediating Role of Integrated Corporate Communication on the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Market Performance
Lucia Porcu, Salvador Barrio-García, Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar, Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros

91. Beyond Negative Liberties: The Role of the Brand as Value Facilitator
Silvia Biraghi, Rossella C. Gambetti, Guendalina Graffigna, Don E. Schultz

92. Is IMC “Marketing Oriented”?
Philip J. Kitchen

Part X. Innovation and Creativity

93. Predictable Patterns of Prescribing Innovation
Philip Stern, Malcolm Wright, Margaret Faulkner, Roman Konopka

94. Customer Interaction as a Source for Innovation? Evidence from Hybrid Offerings
Mario Schaarschmidt, Gianfranco Walsh

95. Using fMRI Analysis to Unpack a Portion of Prospect Theory for Advertising/Marketing Understanding
Vijay Viswanathan, Don Schultz, Martin Block, Anne J. Blood, Hans C. Breiter, Bobby Calder, Laura Chamberlain, Nick Lee, Sherri Livengood, Frank J. Mulhern, Kalyan Raman, Daniel B. Stern, Fengqing (Zoe) Zhang

96. Don’t Pester Me! Unwanted Upgrade Innovation
Yazhen Xiao, Jelena Spanjol

Part XI. International Marketing

97. Country Reputation, Brand Reputation and Company Reputation: Their Importance in Business-to-Business Industries
Elena Cedrola, Loretta Battaglia, Anna Grazia Quaranta

98. Marketing Capabilities and the “Salmon Run” Toward Adaptation
Yoel Asseraf, Aviv Shoham

99. Is Preference for Global Brands in Emerging Markets Determined by “True” Globalness or “Mere” Foreignness?
Fernando Fastoso, Nina Reynolds

100. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Direct vs. Indirect Comparative Advertising: The Role of Consumer Motivation and Perceived Manipulative Intent
Dan Petrovici, Christian Dianoux, John Ford, Jean-Luc Herrmann, Jeryl Whitelock

101. Ethnic Minority Consumers as Brand Ambassadors: Culture, Adaptation, and Global Brand Advocacy of Chinese Migrants in Canada and France
Boris Bartikowski, Mark Cleveland

102. The Inconsistency of Ethnocentric Bias in the Dual-Attitude Model
Ting-hsiang Tseng, George Balabanis, T. Matthew Liu

103. A Knowledge Perspective on the Uppsala and Born Global Internationalization Models
Daniel Gulanowski, Llynne Plante, Nicolas Papadopoulos

104. Fifty Years of Empirical Research on Country-of-Origin Effects on Consumer Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Saeed Samiee, Leonidas C. Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Barbara Stöttinger, Paul Christodoulides

105. International Performance: The Role of Inertia, Stability, and Multinational Flexibility
Tsipora Ehrlich, Aviv Shoham, Yoel Asseraf

Part XII. Luxury, Fashion and Wine Marketing

106. Development and Validation of a Fashion Readiness Scale: A Preliminary Report
Cheng-Chieh Hsiao, Fang-Mei Liu

107. Terroir in a Bottle: Segmenting Consumer Choices in Generation Y
Roberta Capitello, Lara Agnoli, Steve Charters, Diego Begalli

108. How to Make Better Consumers in Luxury: The Role of Shame and Empathy
Cesare Amatulli, Matteo Angelis, Alessandro M. Peluso, Isabella Soscia, Richard P. Bagozzi, Gianluigi Guido

109. Customer’s Higher Willingness to Pay in Accordance with Mass Customization
Saeedeh Rezaee Vessal, Pierre Valette-Florence, Haithem Guizani

Part XIII. Marketing Strategy

110. Organizational Antecedents of External Orientation: An Empirical Analysis of Customer and Competitor Orientations
Dahan Gavriel, Shoham Aviv

111. Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention in a Competitive Industry
Gerasimos Lianos, Igor Sloev

112. Internal Marketing of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives: CSR Portfolio Effects on Employee Perceptions of Corporate Hypocrisy, Attitudes, and Turnover
Sabrina Scheidler, Laura Marie Schons, Jelena Spanjol

Part XIV. Pricing and Price-Related Issues

113. Effects of Price Promotions on Consumers’ Reference Prices: The Role of Contextual Factors and Price Claims
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Laura Massera

114. Consumer Preferences for Bundles and Bundle Components with Odd and Even Price Endings
Bernhard Baumgartner, Anjulie Hähnchen

115. From Product Manufacturer to System Provider: Revenue Models for Product Service Systems
Marija Radic, Robert M. Liebtrau, Dubravko Radic

116. Latitude of Quantity Acceptance: Conceptualization and Empirical Validation
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Gordhan K. Saini, Arvind Sahay

Part XV. Product and Branding Strategies

117. Managing Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Through Brand Knowledge Management
Manqoosh ur Rehman, A. Rashid Kausar

118. Celebrity Branding Advertising Processing: A Conceptual Model
António Azevedo

119. Origin Labelling as a Differentiation Strategy for Wood Products
Vincent Chamberland, François Robichaud, Nancy Gélinas

120. Virtual Brand Communities: Pathways to Brand Trust?
Sahar Mousavi, Stuart Roper, Kathy Keeling

121. Concurrent Sponsors’ Entitativity and Purchase Intentions: An Empirical Study Within a Sporting Context
Peter Dickenson, Anne Souchon

122. The Impact of Digital Corporate Branding on Consumer-Company Identification
Jaywant Singh, Cláudia Simões

123. Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Franchisee Brand Benefits
Nabil Ghantous, Ferry Jaolis

124. Can We See a Difference? The Influence of Consumer Characteristics on Regular and Premium Store Brand Usage
Foula Kopanidis, Linda Robinson, Mike Reid, Cherrymae Uy

125. Product Complexity in Consumer Research: Literature Review and Implications for Future Research
Lisa Monika Anna Mützel, Thomas Kilian

126. My Brand? Your Brand? Or Our Brand? Integrating Front-Line Employees Post an Acquisition
Keith Glanfield, Leslie Chernatony, Yannis Suvatjis

127. Growing Without Getting Bigger: A Structured Abstract
Adrian Peretz, Lars Erling Olsen

128. Does a Short Brand Story on the Package Affect Consumers’ Brand Responses?
Eeva Solja, Veronica Liljander, Magnus Söderlund

129. Saving the Planet or Saving the Brand? How Brand Strength Influences Consumers’ Perceptions of Brand Sustainability
Patricia Rossi, Diego Costa Pinto, Marcia Herter, Dilney Gonçalves

130. The Impact of Corporate Brand Transgression on Punishing Corporate Transgressor: Moderating Role of Religious Orientation
Elif Karaosmanoglu, Didem Gamze Isiksal

131. A Distinct Impact of the Brand Management System on Brand Performance Across Service and Product Business Sectors
Mathieu Dunes

132. The Effect of Negative Electronic Word of Mouth on Switching Intentions: A Social Interaction Utility Approach
Carla Ruiz-Mafé, Joaquin Aldas-Manzano, Cleopatra Veloutsou

133. Towards an Enhanced Model for Customer Patronage: A Structured Abstract
Irini Rigopoulou, John Kehagias

134. Animosity, Affinity, and Purchase Intentions Among Ethnic Consumers
Alia Banna, Nicolas Papadopoulos, Steven A. Murphy, José Rojas-Méndez, Michel Rod

Part XVI. Relationship Marketing

135. The Linkages Between Customer Satisfaction and Four Loyalty Behaviors in the Presence of Moderators
Birgit Leisen Pollack

136. Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Privacy Services
Frauke Mattison Thompson, Kirk Plangger

137. Achieving Relationship Termination Quality: A Conceptual Model
Ting Yu, Christopher White

138. The Emotional and Professional Costs of Pleasing Customers
Hana Medler-Liraz, Dana Yagil

139. Forgiveness in Buyer–Seller Relationships Gone Bad
Nina Stuebiger, Jasmin Baumann, Alexander Haas, Kenneth Meunier-FitzHugh

140. Relationship Communication and Relationship Quality as Predictors of Relationship Continuity
Walfried M. Lassar, Sanjit Roy, Sathyaprakash Balaji Makam

141. Predicting Customer Churn in the Insurance Industry: A Data Mining Case Study
Francesco Schena

Part XVII. Retailing

142. Examining Reactive Customer Engagement Strategies in Online Shopping Cart Abandonment: A Regulatory Fit Perspective
Jessica Ogilvie, Kris Lindsey, Kristy Reynolds, William Magnus Northington

143. Antecedents of Peripheral Services Cross-Buying Behavior
Heiner Evanschitzky, Neeru Malhotra, Florian v. Wangenheim, Katherine N. Lemon

144. Emotional and Behavioral Consequences of Cross-Border Shopping
Liane Nagengast, Marc Linzmajer, Tim Boettger, Thomas Rudolph

145. Linking Initial Beliefs, Trust, Perceived Value and Purchase Intentions in the Context of Second-Hand Goods Sold by Unknown Online Retailers
Laura Salciuviene, Ahmad Daryanto

146. Modeling and Measuring Home Brands Ability to Capture Customer Loyalty to Nonfood Retailers
Gonzalo Moreno Warleta, María Puelles Gallo, Mónica Díaz-Bustamante Ventisca

Part XVIII. Selling and Sales Management

147. Industrial Lifestyles from the Perspective of B2B Sales
Ann-Kathrin Bossler, Kristina Kovac, Marc Kuhn, Vanessa Reit

148. Sales and Marketing, and Customer Relationships: A Structured Abstract
Kenneth Meunier-FitzHugh, Leslie Caroline Meunier-FitzHugh

149. Changes to Sales Force Control Systems in Times of Crisis: What Do Salespeople Feel? How Do They Respond? A Structured Abstract
Laure Lavorata, Madeleine Besson

150. How Do Firms Value Their Sales Organizations?
Alireza Keshavarz, Dominique Rouziès

151. Toward a Global Perspective of Sales Strategy Components
Xavier C. Martin

Part XIX. Sensory Marketing

152. The Halo Effect in Fragrance Perception: The Relevance of the “Natural Ingredients” Claim
Vanessa Apaolaza, Patrick Hartmann, Cristina M. López, Carmen Echebarria, Jose M. Barrutia

153. Assessing the Role of Haptic Imagery in Print Advertising: An Empirical Investigation
Giovanni Pino, Gianluigi Guido, Carla Tomacelli, Mauro Capestro

154. Communication in Relief: Should We Embosse the Brand or the Product?
Sonia Capelli, Bruno Ferreira, Fanny Thomas

155. The Conceptual Chain From Event Activities to Emotions to Atmosphere, and Sponsor Awareness and Patronage
T. Bettina Cornwell, Steffen Jahn, Wang Suk Suh

Part XX. Services Marketing

156. The Impact of Didactic Resources’ Quality and the Instructor’s Attitude: E-Learning Continuance Explained by Flow and Presence Experiences
Inma Rodríguez-Ardura, Antoni Meseguer-Artola, Gisela Ammetller

157. The Antecedents of Service Innovation: The Roles of Explorative and Exploitative Marketing Capabilities
Hui-Ling Huang, Yue-Yang Chen

158. Why B2B Firms Measure Service Productivity
Gianfranco Walsh, Heiner Evanschitzky, Mario Schaarschmidt, Peter Walgenbach, Sharon E. Beatty

159. The Role of Marketing in Achieving and Maintaining Financial Health of Nonprofit Arts Organizations: The Case of the Symphony Orchestra Sector
Theresa A. Kirchner, Edward P. Markowski, John B. Ford

160. Customer Coping Behaviour During Service Failures: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Failure Severity
Jaywant Singh, Benedetta Crisafulli, Sanjit Kumar Roy

161. How Does Frontline Employees’ Perceived External Reputation Affect Service Innovation Implementation? A Dual-Path Model
Mario Schaarschmidt, Gianfranco Walsh

162. Insights from Coworking Spaces as Unique Service Organizations: The Role of Physical and Social Elements
Bamini K. P. D. Balakrishnan, Siva Muthaly, Mark Leenders

163. The Role of Online Reviews in Services Sector and Implications for Services Firms
Nitin Sanghavi, Claudio Mattos, Mary McGuffog, Jain Kumar, Laura Salciuviene

164. Interactive Effects of Service Attributes on Customer Satisfaction
Yan Li (Eliane), Matthew Tingchi Liu, James L. Brock

165. Participation Behaviour Among International Students: The Role of Satisfaction with Service Augmentation and Brand Choice Attainment
Tamer H. Elsharnouby

166. Do We Click at the First Sight? Exploring the Customer–Employee Instant Rapport in the First Service Encounter
Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin, Chih-Ying Chu, Haw-Yi Liang

167. Satisfying Customers Through Satisfied Employees: Exploring the Emotional Mechanism Linking Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction
Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin, Haw-Yi Liang, Chih-Ying Chu

168. Projecting the Outcomes of Consumer–Brand Value Congruence: The Mediating Role of Relationship Quality
Tamer H. Elsharnouby, Mohamed Elsharnouby, Chanaka Jayawardhena, Alaa M. Elbedweihy

169. “I’m Not Old Enough!” Why Older Single Women Are Not Engaging in Retirement Planning Services
Foula Kopanidis, Linda Robinson, Michael Shaw

170. Does Incivility Cost? Examining the Effects of Incivility in Service Settings
Mehmet Okan, A. Banu Elmadağ Baş, Selime Sezgin

171. Knocking Opportunities: The Impact of Damage Values on Opportunistic Customer Claiming Behavior After Service Failure
Sören Köcher, Sarah Küsgen, Hartmut H. Holzmüller

172. Nostalgic Consumption: Does It Also Work for Services?
Tali Seger-Guttmann, Iris Vilnai-Yavetz

173. Does CSR Mean Performance for Consumers? An Implicit Study in the Field of Banking
Charlotte Lécuyer, Sonia Capelli, William Sabadie

174. Examining Customer Referral Reward Programs: Does Reward Fairness Matter?
David Dose, Gianfranco Walsh

175. An Empirical Examination of Antecedent and Consequence of Service-Intensive Quality Evaluation Within Bridal Retail Setting
Sasikarn Chatvijit Cook, Kittichai Watchravesringkan

176. Prosumption and Value-in-Use: The Complementary Role of Transaction Cost in S-D Logic
J. Joseph Cronin, Duane M. Nagel, Brian L. Bourdeau

177. Consumer Co-production in Prolonged and Complex Services: The Case of Medication Adherence in Chronically Ill Individuals
Jelena Spanjol, Anna S. Cui, Cheryl Nakata, Lisa Sharp, Stephanie Y. Crawford, Yazhen Xiao, Mary Beth Watson-Manheim

178. Customers’ Attribution of Blame When Other Customers Enhance or Destroy the Service Offering
Alastair Tombs, Jörg Finsterwalder

179. Financial Services for the Poor: The Case for a Catholic Bank
P. Sergius Koku

Part XXI. Tourism and Hospitality

180. Political Tourism/Tourist Revisited: Extending the Concept in a Developing Country’s Point of View: A Thought-Provoking Case from Turkey
Nihat Kamil Anil, Gregor Pfajfar, E. Tugba Kocabiyik

181. Happiness, Willingness-to-Share and Materialism in the Experiential Purchase
I-Ling Ling, Yi-Fen Liu, Edwin Rajah

182. Do Customers Prefer Casinos with CSR? An Empirical Study
Matthew Tingchi Liu, Guicheng Shi, Ting-Hsiang Tseng

183. Innovativeness and Market Orientation as Forerunners of the New Service Added Value and Performance in the Hotel Industry
Primitiva Pascual-Fernández, José Ángel López-Sánchez, Javier Reynoso, María Leticia Santos-Vijande

184. Technology and Cultural Heritage Management: Can Technology Have an Impact on Word-of-Mouth and Territorial Attractiveness?
Laura Pietro, Roberta Guglielmetti Mugion, Maria Francesca Renzi, Martina Toni

185. A Holistic Approach to the Effects of Fandom: An Application of Self-Expansion Theory
Lanlung Chiang, Aikaterini Manthiou, Cindy Yunhsin Chou

186. The Role of Wine Tourism in Italian SMEs’ Internationalization: Eight Cases
Barbara Francioni, Tiia Vissak, Fabio Musso

187. Community Destination Branding: Potential and Paradox
Samantha Murdy, Matthew Alexander

188. Tempest in a Tea-Pot or a Crisis on the Sea: An Analysis of the Effect of Spectacular Cruise Failures
P. Sergius Koku

189. Exploring Resident Versus Visiting Nationalities’ Perceptions on Airport Service Quality
Angelos Pantouvakis, Maria Karakasnaki, Maria Francesca Renzi

190. Hedonic Ethics: Understanding Tourists’ Self-Defined Ethical Experiences
Sheila Malone

191. A Proposed Benchmark Analysis of the Connection Between Wine Production and Destination Perception
Alessandro Bigi, Michelle Bonera

192. Exploring the Importance of Basic Hotel Attributes: A Focus on Senior Wellness Tourists
Vania Vigolo, Angelo Bonfanti

193. The Moderating Role of Attention on Country-of-Origin (COO) Effects: A Structured Abstract
Renaud Frazer

Keywords: Business and Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Online Marketing/Social Media

Publication year
Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science
Page amount
33 pages
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