Ionescu, Constantin

The 1940 Vrancea Earthquake. Issues, Insights and Lessons Learnt

Ionescu, Constantin - The 1940 Vrancea Earthquake. Issues, Insights and Lessons Learnt, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Effects and Lessons from November 10th, 1940 Vrancea Earthquake

1. Overview of Part I
Alexandru Aldea, Mircea Radulian

2. The Strong Romanian Earthquakes of 10.11.1940 and 4.03.1977. Lessons Learned and Forgotten?
Andrei Bala, Dragos Toma-Danila

3. Before and After November 10th, 1940 Earthquake
Ileana Calotescu, Cristian Neagu, Dan Lungu

4. The Collapse of Carlton Building in Bucharest at November 10, 1940 Earthquake: An Analysis Based on Recovered Images
Emil-Sever Georgescu

5. Main Characteristics of November 10, 1940 Strong Vrancea Earthquake in Seismological and Physics of Earthquake Terms
Gheorghe Marmureanu, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Alexandru Marmureanu, Elena Florinela Manea

6. The 10 November 1940—The First Moment of Truth for Modern Constructions in Romania
Radu Petrovici

7. Macroseismic Effect of the November 10, 1940 Earthquake in the Territory of Moldova, Ukraine and Russia
Nila Stepanenco, Vladlen Cardanet

8. Causes and Effects of the November 10, 1940 Earthquake
Ion Vlad

Part II. Seismicity of Romania. Seismic Hazard Assessment; Local Soil Conditions Effect

9. Overview of Part II: Seismicity of Romania. Seismic Hazard Assessment; Local Soil Conditions Effects
Mihaela Popa, Florin Pavel

10. Use of Various Discrimination Techniques to Separate Small Magnitude Events Occurred in the Northern Part of Romania
Felix Borleanu, Bogdan Grecu, Mihaela Popa, Mircea Radulian

11. Prediction of Site Characterization Based on Field Investigations and Empirical Correlations
Elena-Andreea Călăraşu, Cristian Arion, Cristian Neagu

12. Spectral Displacement Demands for Strong Ground Motions Recorded During Vrancea Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes
Ionut Craciun, Radu Vacareanu, Florin Pavel

13. Analysis of the Seismic Activity in the Vrancea Intermediate-Depth Source Region During the Period 2010–2015
Andreea Craiu, Mihail Diaconescu, Marius Craiu, Alexandru Marmureanu, Constantin Ionescu

14. A Contemporary View to the Impact of the Strong Vrancea Earthquakes on Bulgaria
Mihaela Kouteva-Guentcheva, Krasimir Boshnakov

15. Site Dependent Seismic Hazard Assessment for Bucharest Based on Stochastic Simulations
Florin Pavel, Daniel Ciuiu, Radu Vacareanu

16. Scaling Properties for the Vrancea Subcrustal Earthquakes: An Overview
Emilia Popescu, Mircea Radulian, Anica Otilia Placinta

17. The 2013 Earthquake Swarm in the Galati Area: First Results for a Seismotectonic Interpretation
Mihaela Popa, Eugen Oros, Corneliu Dinu, Mircea Radulian, Felix Borleanu, Maria Rogozea, Ioan Munteanu, Cristian Neagoe

18. Comparison of Three Major Historical Earthquakes with Three Recent Earthquakes
Maria Rogozea, Mircea Radulian, Mihaela Popa, Daniel Nistor Paulescu, Eugen Oros, Cristian Neagoe

19. An Attempt to Bridge the Gap Between the Traditional Concept of Seismic Intensity and the Need of Accuracy Required by Engineering Activities
Horea Sandi, Ioan Sorin Borcia

20. Earthquake Precursors Assessment in Vrancea Region Through Satellite and In Situ Monitoring Data
Maria Zoran, Dan Savastru, Doru Mateciuc

Part III. Structural Design in Seismic Areas; Performance-Based Design

21. Overview of Part III: Structural Design in Seismic Areas; Performance Based Design
Viorel Popa

22. Influence of the Infill Panels Masonry Type on the Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures
Mircea Bârnaure, Ana Maria Ghiţă, Daniel Nicolae Stoica

23. A Time-Domain Approach for the Performance-Based Analysis of Tall Buildings in Bucharest
Mihail Iancovici, George Vezeanu

24. Unidirectional Cyclic Behavior of Old Masonry Walls in Romania
Eugen Lozincă, Viorel Popa, Dragoș Coțofană, Alexandru Basarab Cheșcă

25. Viscous Damper Distribution Using Genetic Algorithms and Pattern Search Optimization
Andrei Pricopie, Alin Costache

26. Selecting and Scaling Strong Ground Motion Records Based on Conditional Mean Spectra. Case Study for Iasi City in Romania
Radu Vacareanu, Mihail Iancovici, Florin Pavel

Part IV. Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation. Seismic Risk Assessment

27. Overview of Part IV: Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation. Seismic Risk Assessment
Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Mihail Iancovici

28. Estimation of Damage-Loss from Scenario Earthquake Analogous to November 10, 1940 in Republic of Moldova
Vasile Alcaz, Eugen Isicico, Victoria Ghinsari, Sergiu Troian

29. Some Remarks Regarding Seismic Vulnerability for Orthodox Churches
Mihai Budescu, Lucian Soveja, Ioana Olteanu

30. Seismic Loss Estimates for Scenarios of the 1940 Vrancea Earthquake
Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Dragos Toma-Danila, Elena Florinela Manea

31. Rapid Earthquake Early Warning (REWS) in Romania: Application in Real Time for Governmental Authority and Critical Infrastructures
Constantin Ionescu, Alexandru Marmureanu, Gheorghe Marmureanu

32. Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Constructions after the 10th November 1940 and 4th March 1977 Earthquakes in Romania
Mircea Mironescu, Adrian Mircea Stănescu, Teodor Brotea, Radu Florin Comănescu, Daniel Dumitru Purdea, Mircea V. Stănescu

33. Analytical Seismic Fragility Functions for Dual RC Structures in Bucharest
Paul Olteanu, Veronica Coliba, Radu Vacareanu, Florin Pavel, Daniel Ciuiu

34. Conceptual Framework for the Seismic Risk Evaluation of Transportation Networks in Romania
Dragos Toma-Danila, Iuliana Armas, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Structural Geology, Building Construction

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Springer Natural Hazards
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12 pages
Natural Sciences
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