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Dynamics of Coupled Structures, Volume 4

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Table of contents

1. Verification of Experimental Component Mode Synthesis in the Sierra Analysis Framework
Brian C. Owens, Randall L. Mayes

2. Multi-DoF Interface Synchronization of Real-Time-Hybrid-Tests Using a Recursive-Least-Squares Adaption Law: A Numerical Evaluation
Andreas Bartl, Johannes Mayet, Morteza Karamooz Mahdiabadi, Daniel J. Rixen

3. Controls Based Hybrid Sub-Structuring Approach to Transfer Path Analysis
Joseph A. Franco, Rui M. Botelho, Richard E. Christenson

4. Force Identification Based on Subspace Identification Algorithms and Homotopy Method
Zhenguo Zhang, Xiuchang Huang, Zhiyi Zhang, Hongxing Hua

5. Response DOF Selection for Mapping Experimental Normal Modes-2016 Update
Robert N. Coppolino

6. Experimental Modal Substructuring with Nonlinear Modal Iwan Models to Capture Nonlinear Subcomponent Damping
Matthew S. Allen, Daniel Roettgen, Daniel Kammer, Randy Mayes

7. A Modal Model to Simulate Typical Structural Dynamic Nonlinearity
Randall L. Mayes, Benjamin R. Pacini, Daniel R. Roettgen

8. Optimal Replacement of Coupling DoFs in Substructure Decoupling
Walter D’Ambrogio, Annalisa Fregolent

9. State-Space Substructuring with Transmission Simulator
Maren Scheel, Anders T. Johansson

10. Applying the Transmission Simulator Techniques to the Ampair 600 Wind Turbine Testbed
Johann Gross, Benjamin Seeger, Simon Peter, Pascal Reuss

11. Effect of Interface Substitute When Applying Frequency Based Substructuring to the Ampair 600 Wind Turbine Rotor Assembly
Morteza Karamooz Mahdiabadi, Andreas Bartl, Daniel J. Rixen

12. Improving Floor Vibration Performance Using Interstitial Columns
Michael J. Wesolowsky, J. Shayne Love, Todd A. Busch, Fernando J. Tallavo, John C. Swallow

13. Probabilistic Model Updating of Controller Models for Groups of People in a Standing Position
Albert R. Ortiz, Juan M. Caicedo

14. Fundamental Frequency of Lightweight Cold-Formed Steel Floor Systems
S. Zhang, L. Xu

15. Fundamental Studies of AVC with Actuator Dynamics
E. J. Hudson, P. Reynolds, D. S. Nyawako

16. Mitigating Existing Floor Vibration Issues in a School Renovation
Linda M. Hanagan

17. Vibration Serviceability Assessment of an In-Service Pedestrian Bridge Under Human-Induced Excitations
Amir Gheitasi, Salman Usmani, Mohamad Alipour, Osman E. Ozbulut, Devin K. Harris

18. Numerical and Experimental Studies on Scale Models of Lightweight Building Structures
Ola Flodén, Kent Persson, Göran Sandberg

19. A Wavelet-Based Approach for Generating Individual Jumping Loads
Guo Li, Jun Chen

20. A Numerical Round Robin for the Prediction of the Dynamics of Jointed Structures
J. Gross, J. Armand, R. M. Lacayo, P. Reuss, L. Salles, C. W. Schwingshackl, M. R. W. Brake, R. J. Kuether

21. A Method to Capture Macroslip at Bolted Interfaces
Ronald N. Hopkins, Lili A. A. Heitman

22. A Reduced Iwan Model that Includes Pinning for Bolted Joint Mechanics
M. R. W. Brake

23. Nonlinear Vibration Phenomena in Aero-Engine Measurements
Ibrahim A. Sever

24. Instantaneous Frequency and Damping from Transient Ring-Down Data
Robert J. Kuether, Matthew R. W. Brake

25. Explicit Modelling of Microslip Behaviour in Dry Friction Contact
C. W. Schwingshackl, A. Natoli

26. Modal Testing Through Forced Sine Vibrations of a Timber Footbridge
Giacomo Bernagozzi, Luca Landi, Pier Paolo Diotallevi

27. Damping Characteristics of a Footbridge: Mysteries and Truths
Reto Cantieni, Anela Bajrić, Rune Brincker

28. A Critical Analysis of Simplified Procedures for Footbridges’ Serviceability Assessment
Federica Tubino, Giuseppe Piccardo

29. Human-Induced Vibrations of Footbridges: The Effect of Vertical Human-Structure Interaction
Katrien Nimmen, Geert Lombaert, Guido Roeck, Peter Broeck

30. Nonlinear Time-Varying Dynamic Analysis of a Multi-Mesh Spur Gear Train
Siar Deniz Yavuz, Zihni Burcay Saribay, Ender Cigeroglu

31. Energy Dissipation of a System with Foam to Metal Interfaces
Laura D. Jacobs, Robert J. Kuether, John H. Hofer

32. Nonlinear System Identification of Mechanical Interfaces Based on Wave Scattering
Keegan J. Moore, Mehmet Kurt, Melih Eriten, D. Michael McFarland, Lawrence A. Bergman, Alexander F. Vakakis

33. Studies of a Geometrical Nonlinear Friction Damped System Using NNMs
Martin Jerschl, Dominik Süß, Kai Willner

34. Scale-Dependent Modeling of Joint Behavior
Kai Willner

35. Robust Occupant Detection Through Step-Induced Floor Vibration by Incorporating Structural Characteristics
Mike Lam, Mostafa Mirshekari, Shijia Pan, Pei Zhang, Hae Young Noh

36. Assessment of Large Error Time-Differences for Localization in a Plate Simulation
Americo G. Woolard, Austin A. Phoenix, Pablo A. Tarazaga

37. Gender Classification Using Under Floor Vibration Measurements
Dustin Bales, Pablo Tarazaga, Mary Kasarda, Dhruv Batra

38. Human-Structure Interaction and Implications
Lars Pedersen

39. Study of Human-Structure Dynamic Interactions
Mehdi Setareh, Shiqi Gan

40. Characterisation of Transient Actions Induced by Spectators on Sport Stadia
A. Quattrone, M. Bocian, V. Racic, J. M. W. Brownjohn, E. J. Hudson, D. Hester, J. Davies

41. Recent Issues on Stadium Monitoring and Serviceability: A Review
Ozan Celik, Ngoan Tien Do, Osama Abdeljaber, Mustafa Gul, Onur Avci, F. Necati Catbas

42. Characterising Randomness in Human Actions on Civil Engineering Structures
S. Živanović, M. G. McDonald, H. V. Dang

43. Optimal Restraint Conditions for the SID-IIs Dummy with Different Objective Functions
Yibing Shi, Jianping Wu, Guy S. Nusholtz

44. A Comparison of Common Model Updating Approaches
D. Xu, M. Karamooz Mahdiabadi, A. Bartl, D. J. Rixen

45. Experimental Coupling and Decoupling of Engineering Structures Using Frequency-Based Substructuring
S. Manzato, C. Napoli, G. Coppotelli, A. Fregolent, W. D’Ambrogio, B. Peeters

46. New FRF Based Methods for Substructure Decoupling
Taner Kalaycıoğlu, H. Nevzat Özgüven

47. Experimental Determination of Frictional Interface Models
Matthew S. Bonney, Brett A. Robertson, Marc Mignolet, Fabian Schempp, Matthew R. Brake

48. Effects of Experimental Methods on the Measurements of a Nonlinear Structure
S. Catalfamo, S. A. Smith, F. Morlock, M. R. W. Brake, P. Reuß, C. W. Schwingshackl, W. D. Zhu

49. Stress Waves Propagating Through Bolted Joints
R. C. Flicek, K. J. Moore, G. M. Castelluccio, M. R. W. Brake, T. Truster, C. I. Hammetter

50. A Comparison of Reduced Order Modeling Techniques Used in Dynamic Substructuring
Daniel Roettgen, Benjamin Seeger, Wei Che Tai, Seunghun Baek, Tilán Dossogne, Matthew Allen, Robert Kuether, Matthew R. W. Brake, Randall Mayes

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics, Machinery and Machine Elements, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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