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Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3

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Table of contents

1. Bayesian Treatment of Spatially-Varying Parameter Estimation Problems via Canonical BUS
Sadegh Rahrovani, Siu-Kiu Au, Thomas Abrahamsson

2. Bayesian Modelling of Offshore Platforms
P. L. Green, U. T. Tygesen, N. Stevanovic

3. Bayesian Inference and RJMCMC in Structural Dynamics: On Experimental Data
D. Tiboaca, P. L. Green, R. J. Barthorpe, I. Antoniadou, K. Worden

4. Approximate Bayesian Computation by Subset Simulation for Parameter Inference of Dynamical Models
Majid K. Vakilzadeh, Yong Huang, James L. Beck, Thomas Abrahamsson

5. Determining Model Form Uncertainty of Reduced Order Models
Matthew S. Bonney, Daniel C. Kammer, Matthew R. W. Brake

6. Uncertainty Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials
E. García-Macías, R. Castro-Triguero, Michael I. Friswell, A. Sáez-Pérez, R. Gallego

7. Interval Uncertainty Analysis Using CANDECOMP/PARAFAC Decomposition
Jinchun Lan, Zhike Peng

8. Uncertainty Quantification for Nonlinear Reduced-Order Elasto-Dynamics Computational Models
E. Capiez-Lernout, C. Soize, M. Mbaye

9. Estimating Noise Spectra for Data from an Instrumented Building
Bryan S. Joyce, Pablo A. Tarazaga

10. Uncertainties in an Application of Operational Modal Analysis
Lorenzo Banfi, Luigi Carassale

11. Stochastic Finite Element Model Updating by Bootstrapping
Vahid Yaghoubi, Majid K. Vakilzadeh, Anders T. Johansson, Thomas Abrahamsson

12. Dynamic Identification of Classically Damped Uncertain Structures
E. Lofrano, A. Paolone, M. Vasta

13. Interval Finite Element Approach for Modal Analysis of Linear Elastic Structures Under Uncertainty
Naijia Xiao, Francesco Fedele, Rafi Muhanna

14. Model-Based Effects Screening of Stringed Instruments
R. Viala, V. Placet, S. Cogan, E. Foltête

15. Innovation Dilemmas, Design Optimization, and Info-Gaps
Yakov Ben-Haim

16. Approach to Evaluate and to Compare Basic Structural Design Concepts of Landing Gears in Early Stage of Development Under Uncertainty
Roland Platz, Benedict Götz, Tobias Melz

17. Robust Sensor and Exciter Design for Linear Structures
Fabien Maugan, Scott Cogan, Emmanuel Foltête, Aurélien Hot

18. Robust Model Calibration Using Determinist and Stochastic Performance Metrics
P. Lépine, S. Cogan, E. Foltête, M.-O. Parent

19. Designing a Mechanical Latch for Robust Performance
François Hemez, Kendra Buren

20. From Model Calibration and Validation to Reliable Extrapolations
Gabriel Terejanu

21. Application of PCA-SVD Validation Metric to Develop Calibrated and Validated Structural Dynamic Models
Hasan G. Pasha, Randall J. Allemang, Manish Agarkar

22. An Enhanced Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm Based on Gaussian Processes
Asif Chowdhury, Gabriel Terejanu

23. The Challenge of Dynamic Similarity Assessment
Adam C. Moya, Julie M. Harvie, Mike J. Starr

24. Model Based Robust Balancing Approach for Rotating Machines
Arinan Dourado Guerra Silva, Aldemir Ap Cavalini, Valder Steffen

25. Statistical Modeling of Wavelet-Transform-Based Features in Structural Health Monitoring
Aral Sarrafi, Zhu Mao

26. A Bayesian Framework for Optimal Experimental Design in Structural Dynamics
Costas Argyris, Costas Papadimitriou

27. Towards the Diagnosis and Simulation of Discrepancies in Dynamical Models
P. L. Green

28. Effects of Prediction Error Bias on Model Calibration and Response Prediction of a 10-Story Building
Iman Behmanesh, Seyedsina Yousefianmoghadam, Amin Nozari, Babak Moaveni, Andreas Stavridis

29. Finite Element Model Updating Techniques of Complex Assemblies with Linear and Nonlinear Components
Alexandros Arailopoulos, Dimitrios Giagopoulos

30. Metamodeling of Model Evidence
Ramin Madarshahian, Juan M. Caicedo

31. Calibration, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Nominally Identical Car Subframes
Mladen Gibanica, Thomas J. S. Abrahamsson, Magnus Olsson

32. Modeling and Experimental Test Study of a Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator
ZhongZhe Dong, Cassio T. Faria, Wim Desmet, Martin Hromcik

33. Study of Correlation Criteria for Spacecraft-Launch Vehicle Coupled Loads Analysis
J. F. Mercer, G. S. Aglietti, M. Remedia, A. M. Kiley

34. Full-Field Strain Prediction Applied to an Offshore Wind Turbine
Alexandros Iliopoulos, Wout Weijtjens, Danny Hemelrijck, Christof Devriendt

35. A State-Input Estimation Approach for Force Identification on an Automotive Suspension Component
E. Risaliti, B. Cornelis, T. Tamarozzi, W. Desmet

36. A Pretest Planning Method for Model Calibration for Nonlinear Systems
Yousheng Chen, Andreas Linderholt, Thomas Abrahamsson, Yuying Xia, Michael I. Friswell

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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