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Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. Damage Assessment of Steel Structures Using Multi-Autoregressive Model
Chin-Hsiung Loh, Chun-Kai Chan

2. Damage Detection with Symplectic Geometry Spectrum Analysis in Changing Environment
Dong-Sheng Li, Xiao-Hai Li

3. Compressive Sensing Strategies for Multiple Damage Detection and Localization
S. Golnaz Shahidi, Nur Sila Gulgec, Shamim N. Pakzad

4. Structural Damage Detection Through Vibrational Feature Analysis with Missing Data
Matthew Horner, Shamim N. Pakzad

5. Structural Assessment of a School Building in Sankhu, Nepal Damaged Due to Torsional Response During the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
Supratik Bose, Amin Nozari, Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi, Andreas Stavridis, Moaveni Babak, Richard Wood, Dan Gillins, Andre Barbosa

6. Damage Detection Optimization Using Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis and Genetic Algorithm
S. A. Ravanfar, H. Abdul Razak, Z. Ismail, S. J. S. Hakim

7. A Novel Acoustoelastic-Based Technique for Stress Measurement in Structural Components
Mohammad I. Albakri, Pablo A. Tarazaga

8. A Machine Learning Framework for Automated Functionality Monitoring of Movable Bridges
Masoud Malekzadeh, F. Necati Catbas

9. Non-Model-Based Damage Identification of Plates Using Curvature Mode Shapes
Y. F. Xu, W. D. Zhu

10. Ambient Vibration Testing of Two Highly Irregular Tall Buildings in Shanghai
Xiang Li, Carlos E. Ventura, Yu Feng, Yuxin Pan, Yavuz Kaya, Haibei Xiong, Fengliang Zhang, Jixing Cao, Minghui Zhou

11. Development of an Acoustic Sensing Based SHM Technique for Wind Turbine Blades
Rukiye Canturk, Murat Inalpolat

12. Damage Location by Maximum Entropy Method on a Civil Structure
Pastor Villalpando, Viviana Meruane, Rubén Boroschek, Marcos Orchard

13. Making Structural Condition Diagnostics Robust to Environmental Variability
Harry Edwards, Kyle Neal, Jack Reilly, Kendra Buren, François Hemez

14. Experimental Dynamic Characterization of Operating Wind Turbines with Anisotropic Rotor
Dmitri Tcherniak, Matthew S. Allen

15. Exploring Environmental and Operational Variations in SHM Data Using Heteroscedastic Gaussian Processes
N. Dervilis, H. Shi, K. Worden, E. J. Cross

16. Ambient Vibration Testing of a Super Tall Building in Shanghai
Yuxin Pan, Carlos E. Ventura, Yu Feng, Xiang Li, Yavuz Kaya, Haibei Xiong, Fengliang Zhang, Jixing Cao, Minghui Zhou

17. Inelastic Base Shear Reconstruction from Sparse Acceleration Measurements of Buildings
Boya Yin, Henri Gavin

18. Vibration Testing for Bridge Load Rating
Mohamad Alipour, Devin K. Harris, Osman E. Ozbulut

19. Finite Element Model Updating of French Creek Bridge
Xiang Li, Yavuz Kaya, Carlos Ventura

20. Damage Detection of a Bridge Model After Simulated Ground Motion
C. Rainieri, D. Gargaro, G. Fabbrocino, L. Sarno, A. Prota

21. Bridge Assessment Using Weigh-in-Motion and Acoustic Emission Methods
L. Dieng, C. Girardeau, L. Gaillet, Y. Falaise, A. Žnidarič, M. Ralbovsky

22. Model-Based Estimation of Hydrodynamic Forces on the Bergsoysund Bridge
Øyvind Wiig Petersen, Ole Øiseth, Torodd S. Nord, Eliz-Mari Lourens

23. Operational Modal Analysis and Model Updating of Riveted Steel Bridge
Gunnstein T. Frøseth, Anders Rönnquist, Ole Øiseth

24. Full-Scale Measurements on the Hardanger Bridge During Strong Winds
Aksel Fenerci, Ole Øiseth

25. Finite Element Model Updating of Portage Creek Bridge
Yu Feng, Yavuz Kaya, Carlos Ventura

26. Seismic Behavior of Partially Prestressed Concrete Structures
Milad Hafezolghorani Esfahani, Farzad Hejazi, Keyhan Karimzadeh, Tan Kok Siang

27. Estimating Effective Viscous Damping and Restoring Force in Reinforced Concrete Buildings
P. Hesam, A. Irfanoglu, T. J. Hacker

28. Design of Metamaterials for Seismic Isolation
P.-R. Wagner, V. K. Dertimanis, E. N. Chatzi, I. A. Antoniadis

29. Genetic Algorithm use for Internally Resonating Lattice Optimization: Case of a Beam-Like Metastructure
Osama Abdeljaber, Onur Avci, Daniel J. Inman

30. Vibration Transmission Through Non-Structural Partitions Between Building Floor Levels
P. J. Fanning, A. Devin

31. Hybrid Time/Frequency Domain Identification of Real Base-Isolated Structure
Patrick Brewick, Wael M. Elhaddad, Erik A. Johnson, Thomas Abrahamsson, Eiji Sato, Tomohiro Sasaki

32. The Use of OMA for the Validation of the Design of the Allianz Tower in Milan
Elena Mola, Franco Mola, Georgios Stefopoulos, Carlo Segato, Chiara Pozzuoli

33. Transfer Length Probabilistic Model Updating in High Performance Concrete
Albert R. Ortiz, Ramin Madarshahian, Juan M. Caicedo, Dimitris Rizos

34. Multi-Shaker Modal Testing and Modal Identification of Hollow-Core Floor System
Atheer F. Hameed, Aleksandar Pavic

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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