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Nonlinear Dynamics, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Nonlinear Vibrations of a Beam with a Breathing Edge Crack Using Multiple Trial Functions
Ali C. Batihan, Ender Cigeroglu

2. Enforcing Linear Dynamics Through the Addition of Nonlinearity
G. Habib, C. Grappasonni, G. Kerschen

3. Experimental Analysis of a Softening-Hardening Nonlinear Oscillator Using Control-Based Continuation
L. Renson, D. A. W. Barton, S. S. Neild

4. Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics of Laminated Quasi-Isotropic Thin Composite Plates
H. G. Kim, R. Wiebe

5. Experimental Identification of a Structure with Internal Resonance
Alexander D. Shaw, Tom L. Hill, Simon A. Neild, Michael I. Friswell

6. Shock Response of an Antenna Structure Considering Geometric Nonlinearity
Yunus Emre Ozcelik, Ender Cigeroglu, Mehmet Caliskan

7. Investigation on Friction-Excited Vibration of Flexibly Supported Shafting System
Wenyuan Qin, Zhenguo Zhang, Suining Hu, Zhiyi Zhang

8. Resonant Analysis of Systems Equipped with Nonlinear Displacement-Dependent (NDD) Dampers
Javad Jahanpour, Shahab Ilbeigi, Mojtaba Porghoveh

9. Performance Comparison Between a Nonlinear Energy Sink and a Linear Tuned Vibration Absorber for Broadband Control
Etienne Gourc, Lamberto Dell Elce, Gaetan Kerschen, Guilhem Michon, Gwenaelle Aridon, Aurelien Hot

10. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Nonlinear Bending-Torsion Coupling of a Clamped-Clamped Beam with Centre Masses
David A. Ehrhardt, Simon A. Neild, Jonathan E. Cooper

11. Tracking of Backbone Curves of Nonlinear Systems Using Phase-Locked-Loops
Simon Peter, Robin Riethmüller, Remco I. Leine

12. The Importance of Phase-Locking in Nonlinear Modal Interactions
T. L. Hill, A. Cammarano, S. A. Neild, D. J. Wagg

13. A Study of the Modal Interaction Amongst Three Nonlinear Normal Modes Using a Backbone Curve Approach
X. Liu, A. Cammarano, D. J. Wagg, S. A. Neild

14. Investigating Nonlinear Modal Energy Transfer in a Random Load Environment
Joseph D. Schoneman, Matthew S. Allen

15. Nonlinear Modal Testing Performed by Pulsed-Air Jet Excitation System
M. Piraccini, D. Maio, R. Sante

16. EMA-FEA Correlation and Updating for Nonlinear Behaviour of an Automotive Heat-Shield
Elvio Bonisoli, Marco Brino, Giuseppe Credo

17. Tutorial on Nonlinear System Identification
G. Kerschen

18. Higher-Order Frequency Response Functions for Hysteretic Systems
G. Manson, K. Worden

19. Model Upgrading T0 Augment Linear Model Capabilities into Nonlinear Regions
S. B. Cooper, A. delli Carri, D. Maio

20. Obtaining Nonlinear Frequency Responses from Broadband Testing
Etienne Gourc, Chiara Grappasonni, Jean-Philippe Noël, Thibaut Detroux, Gaëtan Kerschen

21. Experimental Study of Isolated Response Curves in a Two-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear System
T. Detroux, J. P. Noël, G. Kerschen, L. N. Virgin

22. Nonlinear Response of a Thin Panel in a Multi-Discipline Environment: Part I—Experimental Results
T. J. Beberniss, S. M. Spottswood, R. A. Perez, T. G. Eason

23. Nonlinear Dynamic Response Prediction of a Thin Panel in a Multi-Discipline Environment: Part II—Numerical Predictions
R. A. Perez, S. M. Spottswood, T. J. Beberniss, G. W. Bartram, T. G. Eason

24. Stability Analysis of Curved Panels
Ilinca Stanciulescu, Yang Zhou, Mihaela Nistor

25. Optimal Representation of a Varying Temperature Field for Coupling with a Structural Reduced Order Model
Raghavendra Murthy, Andrew K. Matney, X. Q. Wang, Marc P. Mignolet

26. Basis Identification for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Sparse Coding
Rohit Deshmukh, Zongxian Liang, Jack J. McNamara

27. Interaction Between Aerothermally Compliant Structures and Boundary Layer Transition
Zachary B. Riley, Jack J. McNamara

28. Simultaneous Vibration Isolation and Energy Harvesting: Simulation and Experiment
R. Benjamin Davis, Matthew D. McDowell

29. Nonlinear Dynamic Interaction in a Coupled Electro-Magneto-Mechanical System: Experimental Study
I. T. Georgiou, F. Romeo

30. Hysteresis Identification Using Nonlinear State-Space Models
J. P. Noël, A. F. Esfahani, G. Kerschen, J. Schoukens

31. Nonholonomically Constrained Dynamics of Rolling Isolation Systems
Karah C. Kelly, Henri P. Gavin

32. Parameter Estimation on Nonlinear Systems Using Orthogonal and Algebraic Techniques
L. G. Trujillo-Franco, G. Silva-Navarro, F. Beltrán-Carbajal

33. Online State and Parameter Estimation of a Nonlinear Gear Transmission System
Dimitrios Giagopoulos, Vasilis Dertimanis, Eleni Chatzi, Minas Spiridonakos

34. Model Updating of a Nonlinear System: Gun Barrel of a Battle Tank
Güvenç Canbaloğlu, H. Nevzat Özgüven

35. Experimental Passive Flutter Mitigation Using a Linear Tuned Vibrations Absorber
E. Verstraelen, G. Habib, G. Kerschen, G. Dimitriadis

36. Adaptive Harmonic Balance Analysis of Dry Friction Damped Systems
Dominik Süß, Martin Jerschl, Kai Willner

37. Dynamics of an MDOF Rotor Stator Contact System
Alexander D. Shaw, David A. W. Barton, Alan R. Champneys, Michael I. Friswell

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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