Bressers, Hans

Governance for Drought Resilience

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Nanny Bressers, Hans Bressers, Corinne Larrue

2. European Drought and Water Scarcity Policies
Ulf Stein, Gül Özerol, Jenny Tröltzsch, Ruta Landgrebe, Anna Szendrenyi, Rodrigo Vidaurre

3. The Governance Assessment Tool and Its Use
Hans Bressers, Nanny Bressers, Stefan Kuks, Corinne Larrue

4. Eifel-Rur: Old Water Rights and Fixed Frameworks for Action
Rodrigo Vidaurre, Ulf Stein, Alison Browne, Maia Lordkipanidze, Carina Furusho, Antje Goedeking, Herbert Polczyk, Christof Homann

5. Governing for Drought and Water Scarcity in the Context of Flood Disaster Recovery: The Curious Case of Somerset, United Kingdom
Alison L. Browne, Steve Dury, Cheryl Boer, Isabelle Jeunesse, Ulf Stein

6. The Governance Context of Drought Policy and Pilot Measures for the Arzal Dam and Reservoir, Vilaine Catchment, Brittany, France
Isabelle Jeunesse, Corinne Larrue, Carina Furusho, Maria-Helena Ramos, Alison Browne, Cheryl Boer, Rodrigo Vidaurre, Louise Crochemore, Jean-Pierre Arrondeau, Aldo Penasso

7. Flanders: Regional Organization of Water and Drought and Using Data as Driver for Change
Jenny Tröltzsch, Rodrigo Vidaurre, Hans Bressers, Alison Browne, Isabelle Jeunesse, Maia Lordkipanidze, Willem Defloor, Willem Maetens, Kris Cauwenberghs

8. Drought Awareness Through Agricultural Policy: Multi-level Action in Salland, The Netherlands
Gül Özerol, Jenny Troeltzsch, Corinne Larrue, Maia Lordkipanidze, Alison L. Browne, Cheryl Boer, Pieter Lems

9. The Fragmentation-Coherence Paradox in Twente
Hans Bressers, Koen Bleumink, Nanny Bressers, Alison Browne, Corinne Larrue, Susan Lijzenga, Maia Lordkipanidze, Gül Özerol, Ulf Stein

10. Cross-cutting Perspective on Agriculture
Gül Özerol, Jenny Troeltzsch

11. Cross-cutting Perspective Freshwater
Carina Furusho, Rodrigo Vidaurre, Isabelle Jeunesse, Maria-Helena Ramos

12. Cross-cutting Perspective on Nature
Hans Bressers, Ulf Stein

13. Towards a Drought Policy in North-West European Regions?
Corinne Larrue, Nanny Bressers, Hans Bressers

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Climate Change Management and Policy, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management

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Natural Sciences
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